Monday, July 4, 2022

Heer to Serve

Heer to Serve We are a mutual aid group that provides basic, necessary, and emergency items to those experiencing houselessness in our community, once a week, on the south side of Columbus, Ohio
6 · Hey y’all! We have been a bit quiet for a while as we all grieved the violent eviction by the city of Columbus.
With that said, we are still committed to serving our friends and will continue to serve as normal. All items are barrier free and always include : hygiene, first aide, menstrual products, nonperishable food, hot meal, and harm reduction supplies. 💕 The following items are critical needs: Coolers (any shape, size etc) Tents (we need 8 this week) Bug spray/sunscreen Pallets Totes with lids (for pet food and other food wanted to keep away from critters) Rain ponchos Reusable Water bottles This is a *COMMUNITY SERVE* brought to you by the community! 💕
Critical needs list Sleeping bags/blankets Emergency radios Flashlights/lanterns AA/AAA batteries Tarps/tents Waterproof bags Tuna packets (tear ones easiest) Fruit cups/Pudding Water bottles Flavored water packets Gatorade Tennis Shoes/dark socks Toilet paper Bandaids/peroxide/gauze Lotion Sunscreen/Bug repellant Men’s boxers sizes M,L,Xl-used but washed is absolutely fine * Boxer briefs in smaller sizes Women’s underwear small and medium. Dark colored wash cloths 5 gallon buckets with lids Here’s our Amazon wishlist No items to donate and low on $? No worries! Comment, share, keep engaging so we can get the post to the top of the algorithm. 💓 Download the Brave Co-op, it creates a virtual overdose prevention site and allows anonymity while using. No smart phone? No worries! Call +1 (833) 567-9500 or use Never Use Alone. They’ll stay on the line with you. 🎉 Start low, go slow. You’re loved. You’re valid. And you matter!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Slight Overkill all so AEP could cut down trees 06/14/2022 behind Great Southern Shopping Center video taken by James Stephens They sat there from 9am to 4pm Camp Sweeps Heer Park

What I'm about to write, tell and show is your Tax Dollar displacing the Houseless instead of dealing with real police issues like protecting the city from Real Crime s Columbus plans to clear homeless camp near closed Heer Park on Far South Side Mark Ferenchik Zaria Johnson The Columbus Dispatch ' Some residents in the camps not threatened with eviction also expressed frustration over poor treatment from local authorities and some staff members at the nearby Walmart, Kroger and National Storage Centers. ' Jay Chindavong, 37, said campers often are stereotyped and blamed for issues in the area, like illegal dumping that he says is the fault of locals. ' It gets easier when local organizations and residents stop by with food and supplies to help out the campers, Holbrook said, but even that is short-lived. Business owners have called the police on churches and other organizers who visit the camp to get them off the property, Holbrook said. Other times, owners or city officials will "provoke us so they have a reason to kick us out." "They think we're all drug addicts," he said. "Not all homeless people are on drugs. There's so much talent out here." '
CAMP SWEEP at Heer Park

Friday, June 3, 2022

8 yr old Girl KRUSHES "Freak on a Leash" by Korn (v2/2) / O'Keefe Music ...

OMF is a non-profit music organization based in Ohio, USA, with a mission to provide high quality music education to any child in the world for FREE! Why? Because art gives voice to our dreams and live music performance is becoming a dying art. Since 2006, OMF has helped over 1000 students make countless music videos… with over 80 million combined YouTube views! You can read more about us on our website, view other great music vids, and even apply to be an OMF rockstar (as long as you are 18 or under)! You can also buy some cool merch, or support us in recording more great songs and videos in the future. Special Thanks Goes Out To: To all our donors for their continued support! And to the OMF parents, students and crew!

Heer to Serve