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Parents put blame on daughter for racist remarks

A young girl’s head was shaved, and her parents described themselves as a skinhead family, court was told on Day 2 of a child custody hearing in Winnipeg. The case involves a girl, now eight years old, who went to school with white supremacist symbols drawn on her skin. Her mother and stepfather, who are accused of racist teachings and failing to provide adequate care for their children, began a court battle for their children this week. The girl and her brother have been in the care of the government’s Child and Family Services agency since March 2008, when the girl showed up in school with a swastika on her arm. Her teacher scrubbed it off in the afternoon but the girl showed up again the next day with another one, along with other white supremacist symbols drawn on her body.
Neo-Nazi symbols and flags in family residence

Caseworkers were alerted and went to the family’s apartment, where they found neo-Nazi symbols and flags, and took custody of the couple’s two-year-old son. CFS offi…

Wake Up To The Real Deal

Wake Up to the Real Deal. from Phillip Marlowe on Vimeo.

The history they want you to believe is only half of the real story. Find out in this quick video some researchable facts that will cast today's world in a whole new light.

This video is not meant as hate speech -- only for the American people to truly understand the forces driving our foreign policies and politics.

The Israel Lobby (AIPAC) - A Danger To The World -

Americans, the stringpullers don't want you to see this documentary! The suppressed number ONE blockbuster of Google's 'Movers and Shakers' list.
(see ) This originally Dutch tv production features the Israel lobby (particularly AIPAC) in the USA. It contains interviews with John Mearsheimer, geo-strategist Lawrence Wilkerson, Richard Perle, historian and critic Tony Judt, John Hagee, former Congressman Earl Hilliard, Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, Michael Massing and Daniel Levy. (The footage of Mahathir Mohamad and some other things in the introduction are additions)

--RELATED INFORMATION-- -pdf- Harvard report 'THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY' Jewish newspaper Ynetnews article 'Stalin's Jews - We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish' -video- Zionist behind Dixie chicks film says he never had so much fun since produci…

Africa Addio/Farewell To Africa

'Africa Addio' / 'Farewell Africa' (shot in 1964; released in 1966) is a documentary film about the decolonization of Africa, made by the Italian film directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco E. Prosperi. It shows like no other documentary what blacks are capable of if they get the chance. It is a masterpiece with beautiful music, composed by the Italian composer Riz Ortolani. Probably 'Africa Addio' is the best and most exposing documentary ever made about what happened in several African countries directly after decolonization, but because of political correctness the masses never heard of it. In the USA a censored version called 'Africa Blood and Guts' was released, which was deliberately stripped from the original music and the powerful message of 'Africa Addio'