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Chernobyl Tourism: Not for the Faint of Heart

Thrill seekers have tried some wacked-out stunts to get a glimpse of roads less traveled — many of them involving climbing steep things or jumping from great heights. But soon, a unique tourist opportunity in the Ukraine will offer up a new, perhaps scarier, type of risk.Radiation.

Yes, the Ukrainian government announced this week that they’ll open none other than Chernobyl — the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster — to tourists next year. Just in case your memory needs refreshing here, this is the former nuclear power plant where a reactor blew up in 1986. The explosion blew the lid off the reactor, releasing 400 times more radiation than the Hiroshima bomb and contaminating a huge area all around it.

In a statement that’s the opposite of confidence-inspiring, officials have said the radiation risks associated with visiting Chernobyl are “minimal.” Whether you buy that or not (the Christian Science Monitor reports that there’s still some hazardous radioactive material in the are…

Text of the US Federal Reserve's policy statement

WASHINGTON: Federal Reserve policy-makers on Wednesday said they will reduce the central bank's monthly bond-purchase program by another $10 billion to $65 billion a month, while holding their key interest rate near zero. 

Here is the full text of the Federal Open Market Committee's statement after the conclusion of a two-day policy meeting: 

Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in December indicates that growth in economic activity picked up in rece .. 

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UK 'terrorists' may lose passports, What you have to wait until they are naturalised before you can do anything?

The Home Secretary has slotted in a last-minute change to the Government's Immigration Bill so British terror suspects can be stripped of their citizenship even if it leaves them stateless. In an apparent effort to appease Conservative backbenchers calling for tougher measures in the new legislation, Theresa May has tabled an amendment which will allow the removal of a UK passport from any person whose conduct is deemed "seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK". The Home Secretary already has the power to take away British citizenship from those with dual nationality, however, this change would allow her to make people stateless if they have been naturalised as a British citizen. Human rights campaigners branded the move an "alarming development" giving the Home Secretary power to "tear up people's passports without any need for the kind of due process". But the Home Office insists powers to make British citizens stateless will be …

HSBC Bank refuses to give customers their money unless they can prove a good reason for needing it

International bank HSBC has been restricting its customers from withdrawing large sums of cash if they can’t provide a good enough reason for why they need it. The policy was brought in to effect in November 2013 , but customers were not notified of it. The rule was uncovered after the BBC’s “Money Box” program began investigating complaints by customers that they were being refused access to their accounts unless they could demonstrate a need for their money. One customer, Stephen Cotton, who wished to withdraw $11,000 to repay his mother said, “When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us the money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for what the money was for. They wanted a letter from the person involved.”

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Terms for African American English and vernaculars.

Terms for African American English The terms used by scholars to refer to the unique language variety of many African Americans reflects the changing terms used to refer to African Americans themselves across the decades. Early studies of AAE in the 1960s used the terms Negro speechNegro English, or Negro American dialect. Starting around 1970 and continuing throughout the decade, the preferred term was Black English or Black English Vernacular (BEV). In the mid-1980s African-American became the preferred term for black Americans, and by 1991 linguists were using the term African American Vernacular English(AAVE). Today African American English (AAE) is the generally accepted term, although AAVE is still used too. The term Ebonics (a blend of ebony and phonics) gained recognition in 1996 as a result of the Oakland School Board’s use of the term in its proposal to use African American English in teaching Standard English in the Oakland Schools. The term was coined by Robert Williams …

Jewish Leaders and U.S. Condemn Hungary for Statue of Nazi Ally Miklos Horthy; as Antifa Put Hungarian Neo-nazi Jobbik Party On The Run In London.

The United States on Thursday strongly condemned a far-right party for unveiling a statue of wartime leader Miklos Horthy, who allied Hungary with Nazi Germany, an event which stoked concerns about a wave of anti-Semitism in the country. The Jobbik party unveiled the statue on Sunday in Budapest.

Jobbik's 'Neo Nazi' Supporters Trapped In London's Holborn Station
Hungarian neo-Nazis were trapped in a tube station and had their rally moved by police after being confronted by anti-fascists.  Protesters waited at London's Holborn station for the arrival of Gabor Vona, leader of the Jobbik Party, who was due to address expats to rally support for his election campaign. Jobbik is accused of holding strong anti-semitic views and fuelling hatred against Jewish and Roma communities. more

Alright, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask the Anti Facists, instead of protesting and chasing down nationlists, why don't you take a look back into history and most likely s…

25 American Classics Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime vs The recommended list of reading in Russia.

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain Amazon Published in 1884

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Of course the PC version of Huck Finn  'South with a freed slave named Jim.'  they can't leave it as it was historicaly written with 'Nigger Jim,' because it might offend someone; but they would prefer to keep up with African American English, 'ebonics', instead of a part of history.    I'm really surprised they didn't change it to dat freed nigga slave Jim .  smh  :/  Talk about censorship.  To me by them doing this; I put it right on up there with book burning.

From CAL:African American English
African American English (AAE) is a dialect of American English used by many African Americans in certain settings and circumstances. Like other dialects of English, AAE is a regular, systematic language variety that contrasts with other dialects in terms of its grammar, pronun…

White terror and violence against minors

the post in this blog was taken from Russian History and is translated from Russian to English

White terror and violence against minorsDear Michael aka Nakonechniycorporatelie recently wrote a post , which argued that the Bolsheviks killed children.With this as an example for some reason led guerrilla leader A.Gromov story about how a family partisans killed their enemies with their families.Example, to put it mildly, bad.
According to common thinking, it was not hard to guess that during the brutal civil war killing of children and adolescents - is quite common.Typically, both sides were killed in fits of cruelty disloyal local population, cutting it with their families.During the battle, or even after it could easily be shot underage soldiers who participated in the mass of the opposing armies.From my own experience of studying the history of the Civil War can attest that the Gunners 15-17 years old at the time - absolutely common thing.Here, for example, an example of one of them .