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Can someone please tell me how well this will work or how much faith we should have in GPS-enabled ankle bracelets?

OK, so I came across this news article in my feed about how the DHS is going to start giving illegals that cross the border illegally from Mexico GPS monitored ankle bracelets so they can keep an eye on the illegals entering the country due to lack of jail space.  As noted in this article below:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department is experimenting with a new way to track immigrant families caught crossing the border illegally and then released into the U.S.: GPS-enabled ankle bracelets. Immigration and Customs Enforcement earlier this month launched a program to give GPS devices to some parents caught crossing the Mexican border illegally with their children in Texas' Rio Grande Valley. They were given the devices after being released from custody with notices to report back to immigration officials, according to a confidential ICE document obtained by The Associated Press.
OK, I don't know if any of you have ever known a person mainly juvenile offenders  that I ca…

Indoctrination: Faceless Sharia compliant girl doll launched for British Muslim children |

Indoctrination: Faceless Sharia compliant girl doll launched for British Muslim children

‘Islamic doll’ for children launched in Britain with no FACE in line with strict Sharia rules on depiction of prophet and his contemporaries Featureless doll with no eyes, nose or lips produced for Muslim children It complies with Muslim teachings that living things should not be created Doll took 4 years to design and is aimed at children in strict Muslim homesHas been designed by Ridhwana B, a former Lancashire school teacher ‘Deeni doll’ is being sold for £25 and is marketed as ‘Shariah compliant’But academic said it was ‘foolish’ as Muslims are not ‘frozen’ in history By Claire Carter for MailOnline Published: 09:59, 15 December 2014 |
A doll with no facial features has been launched for Muslim children in line with Islamic rules about avoiding the depiction of faces. The featureless toy comes dressed in a hijab and red dress but has no eyes, nose or mouth. It has been designed to comply with s…

Dec 11, 2014 — Many thanks to everyone who signed the Petition to Deny Parole to Vanessa Coleman.

After a lengthy hearing the Tennessee Parole Board voted unanimously to deny parole to Vanessa Coleman, Offender #473393. They also disallowed her from any further hearings until December 2020!
This is incredible news for such a tragedy. Thank you to all who signed this! I'm so happy that 322,936 people where able to come together in support of the Christian and Newsom famlies. Just think of that many random strangers came together what other things could be changed with written and spoken words~ just sayin I was so anxious to hear the outcome of this, before they even had anything in I called the Parole Board to hear what the verdict was, I was told they where still in trial, and when I first saw that she was Denied I was so happy to hear that especially for the familes and for the memory of Channon and Chris! Bless everyone that signed this. ~~~~~ I copied this off the update I got on the petition and it's from Daniel Frye who started the petion and like I said the the post bel…

Inside the Mind of a Predator

Inside the Mind of a PredatorTo write this, I had to think of all the bad things a potential predator could do or say, based on my experiences with friends and loved ones who have encountered such types. Just writing this took me to a very dark place, even having to imagine someone being this way, but I believe it's necessary for many people to read. I'm sure there are more examples, more stories, and more possibilities for predation, but frankly, I had my fill after writing this. This does not reflect my thoughts or viewpoints, but seeks to provide a different point of view from which people might be able to get information without going through the typical RED FLAGS writings, which are generally very helpful. Inside the Mind of a Predator Dear New Person, I will purposely choose you because you are younger, new and/or uneducated in the lifestyle. I will use my age, experience (although it may be falsely created), and purported wisdom to earn your trust, through whatever means n…