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Feds investagating Fire At Mosque Building Site in Murfreesboro, Tenn.:

Remember the 'Not welcome' sign on the future mosque building site earlier this year in Murfreesboro?  There were also protests and counter-protests among the 207 give or take churches of various faiths in this Tennessee town, as seen in the video below, demonstrating over the building of this mosque and showing their religious freedoms and other amendment rights.  Now the Feds are investigating this second act of vandalism.

A spokesman for federal arson investigators said Sunday a fire that damaged construction equipment at the site of an Islamic center in suburban Nashville remained under investigation.  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spokesman Eric Kehn said his department was working with the FBI and the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office to determine what happened at the site early Saturday morning.
"At this point, it's still an onging investigation," Kehn said. He declined to characterize the fire, which a spokeswoman for the…

Anyone that has been convicted of driving under the influence knows it's more then desk duty.

A longtime friend and a resident of Indiana where this crime took place  asked me to write something about it due to the fact he was in complete outrage of the special treatment officer David Bisard received. My friend from Indiana has one DUI on his record.He served 2 days in jail and lost driving privileges and his license for 15 months and he didn't register anywhere near this.

This also reminds me of Two lifetime friends that where pulled over, did the walk of shame, and blew into the Breathalyzer.(they both blew clean and both were charged, fined, served jail time and lost driving privileges. 

After much thought and finding a few other articles to compare this to, I will.

#1 An investigation into a fatal crash involving officer David Bisard.
Motorcyclist Eric Wells, 30, died in the Aug. 6 crash at 56th Street and Brendon Way South Drive on the city's Northeastside. Two other riders, Mary Mills, 47, and Kurt Weekly, 44, remain hospitalized.Police officials initially did n…

Is It Science Or Are They Drawing Out The Big Guns?

Is this another Jewish smear tactic?
Trying to draw some doubt so they can keep getting  sympathy and money to keep pouring into the Jewish pockets as their ways are being shown more?
I  think they drew out the ‘Big Guns’ to try to make it seem worse then it is since so many are waking up or opening their eyes and this was their last resort~

Adolf Hitler is likely to have had Jewish and African roots, DNA tests have shown. Saliva samples taken from 39 relatives of the Nazi leader show he may have had biological links to the “subhuman” races that he tried to exterminate during the Holocaust.
Jean-Paul Mulders, a Belgian journalist, and Marc Vermeeren, a historian, tracked down the Fuhrer’s relatives, including an Austrian farmer who was his cousin, earlier this year.
A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as amo…

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Supports Bilingual Ballots

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said on Tuesday that she supports the Department of Justice in its efforts to get a bilingual ballot in Cuyahoga County.
Brunner said the DOJ contacted county officials in July, telling them they would need to have ballots in English and Spanish,
The order came after studies showed the county was home to more than 6,300 Puerto Rican voters with limited English proficiency.
Brunner said the Voting Rights Act has special exceptions for certain groups of U.S. citizens.

“The act recognizes that there are groups of Americans who are educated in languages other than English, such as Native Americans or Eskimos or Puerto Ricans and, under that act, if there’s difficulty understanding English then they’re to be accommodated under federal law,” Brunner said on Tuesday.
“What’s difficult for people to understand is that the federal law recognizes that Puerto Rico, even though the schools are American schools, the children there are taught …

Communists Rally in Favor of Ground Zero Mosque In NYC

“All talk to the effect that historical conditions have not yet ‘ripened’ for socialism is the product of ignorance or conscious deception. The objective prerequisites for proletarian revolution have not only ‘ripened,’ they have begun to get somewhat rotten…. The historical crisis of mankind is reduced to the crisis of the revolutionary leadership.”
–Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Program
These were the counter protesters who showed up to defend the Ground Zero Mosque during today’s rally in Manhattan…Note the name written in red on the bottom of their signs, “Internationalist Group”
From their website:
Welcome! The Internationalist Group, section of the League for the Fourth International, fights for international socialist revolution, the conquest of power by the working class, led by its Leninist party, championing the cause of all the oppressed. After a decade and a half in which the ruling class trumpeted the supposed “death of communism,” the imperialists ar…

So,are they saying ‘Islamphobia’ is the new ‘N’ word? What about the 'A' word?

What I want to know is what high paid government official, alphabet organization  came up with the word or term ‘Islamophobia’ ?  Is that considered the new ‘N’ word now?
Alright maybe this should be looked at or used the next time, Me or any other White of European descent are discriminated against for being white we should file charges of racism based on other Ethnic groups who drop the Hate crime, prejudice thing on us stating that we are victims of Anglophobia.

 Why is it now alright for other countries to come into America/White Countries that our white ancestors designed and built with their blood, sweat, tears and vast knowledge,  being persecuted once again? Why are we allowing those that hate Anglo, Eurofolk into America giving them a chance to be able to live 'free without persecution of their religion and beliefs'  and supporting them as they are doing nothing but taking away not only our money, but our ways and outlawing them  to suit what they…

The ADL Deems The Swastika A Universial Symbol Of ‘Hate’, Then Again ‘It Depends’

The swastika now shows up so often as a generic symbol of hatred that the Anti-Defamation League, in its annual tally of hate crimes against Jews, will no longer automatically count its appearance as an act of anti-Semitism.

“The swastika has morphed into a universal symbol of hate,” said Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish advocacy organization. “Today it’s used as an epithet against African-Americans, Hispanics and gays, as well as Jews, because it is a symbol which frightens.”
Observing the trend, he said that his group had decided it would examine reports of scrawled swastikas for contextual clues. If it appears Jews were not the target, the incident will not be included in the league’s annual audit of anti-Semitic hate crimes.more

Instead, the new system shows a 10 percent decrease. But comparing the two surveys would be akin to comparing apples to oranges because of the varying qualifiers. William Helmreich, a so…

It didn’t start with Hitler, expose and see them all

The Jews do not have a monopoly on Genocide, Eugenic Cleansing/holocaust, extermination or annihilation of their Race or Religion. When society as a whole doesn't want to take their blinders off to see the harsh realities of history and not learn it they will see that it does repeat it self.  First off I'd like to tell the Jewish that you don't hold a monopoly on the words mentioned above, because through out history whole civilizations, religions and races of humans have suffered and wiped clean off this earth.Genocideholocaust democideYehuda Bauer contends that the Holocaust should include only Jews because it was the intent of the Nazis to exterminate all Jews, while the other groups were not to be totally annihilated.[25] Inclusion of non-Jewish victims of the Nazis in the Holocaust is objected to by many persons including Elie Wiesel, and by organizations such as Yad Vashem established to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.[26] They say that the word was …