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Sunday, August 1, 2010

It didn’t start with Hitler, expose and see them all

The Jews do not have a monopoly on Genocide, Eugenic Cleansing/holocaust, extermination or annihilation of their Race or Religion. 

When society as a whole doesn't want to take their blinders off to see the harsh realities of history and not learn it they will see that it does repeat it self.  First off I'd like to tell the Jewish that you don't hold a monopoly on the words mentioned above, because through out history whole civilizations, religions and races of humans have suffered and wiped clean off this earth.

 Genocideholocaust  democide

Yehuda Bauer contends that the Holocaust should include only Jews because it was the intent of the Nazis to exterminate all Jews, while the other groups were not to be totally annihilated.[25] Inclusion of non-Jewish victims of the Nazis in the Holocaust is objected to by many persons including Elie Wiesel, and by organizations such as Yad Vashem established to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.[26] They say that the word was originally meant to describe the extermination of the Jews, and that the Jewish Holocaust was a crime on such a scale, and of such totality and specificity, as the culmination of the long history of European antisemitism, that it should not be subsumed into a general category with the other crimes of the Nazis.[26]

sstorch Says:'eugenics has to do with breeding and genetic selection for superior human characteristics…
genocide has to do with murder of the non-select class and race of peoples…'

As a social movement, eugenics reached its height of popularity in the early decades of the 20th century. By the end of World War II eugenics had been largely abandoned.[2] Although current trends in genetics have raised questions amongst critical academics concerning parallels between pre-war attitudes about eugenics and current "utilitarian" and social theories allegedly related to Darwinism,[3] they are, in fact, only superficially related and somewhat contradictory to one another.[4] At its pre-war height, the movement often pursued pseudoscientific notions of racial supremacy and purity.[5]
Eugenics was practiced around the world and was promoted by governments, and influential individuals and institutions. Its advocates regarded it as a social philosophy for the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of certain people and traits, and the reduction of reproduction of certain people and traits.[6]MORE
American eugenicists boosted “Anglo-Saxon” and “Nordic” types as the engine of modern society and promoted policies of apartheid to protect the “well born” from contamination by impoverished and mentally ill “degenerates.” Believing that social failure and success could be traced to “racial temperament,” its leaders advocated “positive eugenics” to increase the birthrate of privileged, white families, and “negative eugenics” to reduce the birthrate of groups considered a burden on civilization.More

New exhibition exposes Nazi eugenics program

It comes along well into the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center's new traveling exhibition, "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race." But in its own way, this lonely crib seen against sterile white tiles is as chilling as any of the other exhibition displays -- a resonant reminder of the youngest victims of Nazi Germany's ghastly pediatric eugenics program.more

The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

By Edwin Black

Mr. Black is the author of IBM and the Holocaust and the just released War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race, from which the following article is drawn.
Hitler and his henchmen victimized an entire continent and exterminated millions in his quest for a co-called "Master Race."
But the concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played an important, although little known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing.
Eugenics was the racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all human beings deemed "unfit," preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. Elements of the philosophy were enshrined as national policy by forced sterilization and segregation laws,more hnn


Anonymous said...

National Socialism is the truth, get over the Jewish lies, move forward.

beautifulnightmare said...

That is very true NS is the truth, but you know as well as I do that they want to blame Hitler 100% of the time while glossing over the rest of atrocites history, always and it must stop, so I will keep bring this up when I see something were they are blaming just Hilter and the Nazis