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Whats with the Homeless Holocaust Survivors, and their 'modest financial compensation', Every single Jewish Holocaust Survivor should be multi killzionairs by now! Just saying~

What makes just the Jewish so special and Why is so much money given to Just the JEWISH? Are any of the other survivor groups showered with money this way?  Why does it cost so much more money for the care of an elderly Jewish Holocaust Survivor, then anyone elses Non-Jewish Grandma or Grandpa?

Legit question is all I'm saying.  You do the math, and I'm only listing a little please forgive the mess!  I'm going to start this post with the latest headlines from Germany.  ~

Germany to Pay 772 Million Euros in Reparations to Holocaust Survivors German government has committed to pay nearly 800 million euros for the care of elderly Holocaust survivors as a result of negotiations in Israel between Berlin and a fund for Jewish victims of Nazi aggression. Nearly 60,000 people will benefit from the aid money.
'Open' Ghetto Survivors Now EligibleThe agreement also includes a notable shift regarding compensation for survivors of Nazi ghettos. Until now, regulations governing C…

Let's see Scabies; been here forever much like Lice; TB gone but brought back mainly by Somalians and MSM is just now making a stink. . . .

Scabies has been in this country forever while treatable much like Lice and they are freaking out bc of this why is it headlines, worry about bedbugs, TB and all the other dieases that are becoming antibiotic resistant; speaking of a friend of mines' elementary school daughter got lice from school, the problem was treated but the little girl kept bringing it home, when my friend asked her doctor about it when they went to see him, the doctor said that it was SUPER LICE .  or is this another form of population control of some sort,and it's not ours they are worried about and it's not just coming from south of the border. . . Refugees from over seas not theirs ours? Just sayin~
The Insecticide Resistant Louse 

What Ohio Thinks of US Immigrants…

From October 14, 1940: 8-foot Wall Holds 500,000 in Ghetto, U.S. Reporter Finds on Visit to Warsaw vs Population of NYC

October 14, 1940 NEW YORK (Oct. 13) Confirmation of reports that the Germans had constructed a concrete wall, eight feet high, around the central ghetto district in Warsaw and that typhus had broken out in this enclosed area was contained in a Warsaw dispatch today from Alvin J. Steinkopf, Associated Press correspondent. Steinkopf, who is attached to the Associated Press’ Berlin bureau, was the first and only non-German correspondent permitted to make an exhaustive inspection of the Government-General area of Poland. The correspondent toured the zone for a week accompanied by Dr. Jost Wallbaum, director of Health in the Government-General and Dr. Hans Klaevcke of the German Medical Chamber. The ghetto wall surrounds 100 or more city blocks and is “so tight a cat couldn’t get through it,” Steinkopf said. Eighteen streets leading into the ghetto are unobstructed but at a moment’s notice the Germans can put policemen at these entry points and effectively bottle up the 500,000 Jews and Pol…

This is in NO MEANS in DEFENSE of OBAMA or anyone else, but have you all forgot this?

I am writing and putting together this post not as a means of defending or supporting Obama, or anyone else but come on people; well many readers who are old enough to remember or those that pay close attention and have a good memory and care!  Not strictly listening to one party or the next, news source or radio personality or even your buddy that shared a link.

The various links  i'm adding to this just brings up topics for people to look into and learn something you didn't know before, perhaps?   Thats the way I try to look at everything as a learning experience!   While this post might appear sloppy and at times not well thought out or put together, which it isn't  but it's an outlet of dealing with WAKE UP IT's BEEN GOING ON FOR A LONG TIME, both parties are to blame, and they normally to always have Oil in there someplace.  Thank You for reading!

First off I want to say that I am horrified and disgusted by what is taking place in the United States, I truley lo…

MAKES ME SICK, and once again makes me say WTF. . . JEWS crying about the way they were treated in germany during WWII? just sayin

In Pictures: Israel breaks up migrant camp Israeli police re-arrest 1,000 African asylum seekers who were protesting their indefinite detention.

Hitler, Nazi Germany, and Native Americans
Israel-Egypt border - Israeli police have raided a protest camp near the Israeli-Egyptian border, arresting the 1,000 African asylum seekers protesting there, and injuring dozens. A group of asylum seekers, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, left Israel's Holot detention centre on Friday in a mass act of civil disobedience. Opened six months ago, the detention facility is referred to by the government as an "open prison". Detainees are forced to participate in a head count three times a day, can’t work or study, and live under harsh conditions. Since the detention facility was set up, Israeli immigration police have imprisoned more than 2,500 African asylum seekers under the country's so-called "Infiltrators Law", which allows Israel to detain, without charge or trial, migrants …