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PARENTS WATCH YOUR KIDS! The (APA) Pedophilia Now Classified as Sexual Orientation or Preference

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Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children

 *WARNING*   The Article you are about to read contains disturbing content, and may be offensive to some.

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The American Psychological Association (APA) has changed the classification of pedophilia from a disorder to a sexual orientation or preference in its latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).
Neon Tommy is reporting that the APA is drawing “a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder.”
For instance, pedophilia is defined in the new edition as referring “to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality,” the report states.
This is not a total surprise as the classification of pedophilia in the DSM has been steadily evolving over the years. The previous edition categorized pedophilia as a disorder only if the fantasies or urges involve children under the age of 13, if they last at least six months, if the individual has acted upon them, or if they cause distress such as legal problems.
Paul Christiano, a registered sex offender and spokesperson for B4U-ACT, a pedophila advocacy group that offers support for “minor-attracted persons”, wants to see the system changed because of its one-size-fits-all approach that treats a man who committed 20 consecutive rapes and a 19-year-old boy who had sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend the same way.
There is some basis for wanting a change, writes Hannah Maluyao for Neon Tommy, but the grounds for this change are “murky” with B4U-ACT.
For example, when questioned about the most responsible way in which a pedophile should manage his sexual desires, Christiano said they encourage their members to keep their preferences as a purely mental exercise that is never acted upon.
“B4U-ACT does not condone illegal activity,” Christiano insisted.
“Yet how can we be assured that such behavior remains entirely in the mind and not carried out in the bedroom?” Maluyao asks. “Answer: we can’t.”- See more at: 
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Public school teacher: Why is my daughter’s fourth-grade class studying pro-union, Common Core material?

By Steve Gunn
MUSKEGON, Mich. – It’s time for the question to be asked out loud: Are the new Common Core math and English standards a masked attempt by the education establishment to indoctrinate K-12 students in left-wing political philosophy?

solidarity cropThree times in the past few weeks we’ve come across Common Core-aligned lesson plans – supposedly for reading and vocabulary – that incorporate stories supportive of organized labor. And these are lessons for elementary children, who traditionally aren’t exposed to political instruction, simply because they’re too young.
But the people who shaped the Common Core standards obviously don’t believe that. They’re serving up big doses of radical political philosophy in seemingly innocent vocabulary lessons.
The latest example comes from Andrew Buikema, a high school band instructor for Grant Public Schools in western Michigan. His fourth-grade daughter attends Mona Shores Public Schools in nearby Muskegon, and last week she was given a vocabulary lesson published by McGraw-Hill which read like a manifesto from the AFL-CIO.

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SUBJECT: Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement, from the Cointelpro reading room COINTELPRO Reading Room
NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL MEMORANDUM-46MARCH 17, 1978Presidential Review Memorandum NSCM/46TO: The Secretary of State The Secretary of Defense The Director of Central Intelligence 

 Objective of our policy toward Black Africa is to prevent social upheavals which could radically change the political situation throughout the area. The success or failure of our policy in the region depends on the solution international
and internal issues whose importance of the United States is on the increase.


A multiplicity of interests influences the U.S. attitude toward black Africa. The most important of these interests can be summarized as follows: 

If black African states assume attitudes hostile to the U.S. national interest, our policy toward the white regimes; which is a key element in our relations with the black states, may be subjected by the latter to great pressure for fundamental change. Thus the West may face a real danger of being deprived of access to the enormous raw material resources of southern Africa which are vital for our defense needs as well as losing control over the Cape sea routes by which approximately 65% of Middle Eastern oil is supplied to Western Europe. 

Moreover, such a development may bring about internal political difficulties by intensifying the activity of the black movement in the United States itself.

It should also be borne in mind that black Africa is an integral part of a continent where tribal and regional discord, economic backwardness, inadequate infrastructures, drought, and famine, are constant features of the scene. In conjunction with the artificial borders imposed by the former colonial powers, guerilla warfare in Rhodesia and widespread indignation against apartheid in South Africa, the above factors provide the communist states with ample opportunities for furthering their aims. This must necessarily redound to the detriment of U.S. political interests. 

Black Africa is increasingly becoming an outlet for U.S. exports and investment. The mineral resources of the area continue to be of great value for the normal functioning of industry in the United States and allied countries. In 1977, U.S. direct investment in black Africa totaled about $1.8 billion and exports $2.2 billion. New prospect of substantial profits would continue to develop in the countries concerned. 


Apart from the above-mentioned factors adverse to U.S. strategic interests, the nationalist liberation movement in black Africa can act as a catalyst with far reaching effects on the American black community by stimulating its organizational consolidation and by inducing radical actions. Such a result would be likely as Zaire went the way of Angola and Mozambique

Parent's Nationwide BEWARE OF 'Chippie' the RFID cartoon mascot, that will make unaware kids want one, let them know CHIPPIE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND~

RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children’s Fears Of Implantation - See more at: 

In an effort to separate myth from truth regarding the federally mandated Obamacare RFID chip implantation program, a public awareness campaign has been launched to tour in a number of public schools across our nation. implantation
The operation features a jovial animated mascot, a cartoon RFID chip named “Chippie”. They use the character to demonstrate to their young audience the benefits of having the RFID implanted under your skin.

After a whimsical 30 minute cartoon following Chippie during one of his many adventures, there is a puppet show where children are encouraged to ask Chippie any questions they may have relating to the RFID chip or the implantation process. Each child leaves the exhibition with a “Chippie” stuffed doll, coloring book and several informative pamphlets for their parents to read that may assuage any lingering fears to their children receiving the device.

Many of them were eager to get implanted with the chip on the spot. “It felt like a pinch”, explained Doug Walker who attended a recent Chippie seminar a Carbon County, Wyoming school.  Holding up his slightly swollen left hand bearing the tiny hole where the needle had been inserted he said. “Now I can get free candy every time me and mommy go to the bank or the grocery store!”, he beamed proudly. “Chippie is my new best friend who lives inside of me!”

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- Mandatory tracking Of Kentucky’s Gun Owners

In a controversial move today, Kentucky law makers slipped a bill through the senate making the installation of a tracking device or “Weapon RFID System” in firearms mandatory by state law.

The program’s preliminary launch will be in Clark County, Kentucky, specifically in the city of Winchester.

Winchester is probably best known for spawning the late Helen Thomas and their 1998 contribution to the Guinness Book Of World Records for most underage tobacco users per capita in the United States.

Nestled in the eastern portion of the blue state, the city of Winchester also is home to several academies of higher learning and is thought to be more intelligent and liberal than the rest of the state.

Kentucky itself boasts one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country.

The legislature seems to be inspired by Chicago Official, Alderman Willie Cochran, who approached his own city’s Committee On Public Safety back in January of this year with a similar idea. Cochran proposed it would be:

By the beginning of next year it will be mandatory that all registered firearms within the state of Kentucky be implanted with a Weapon RFID System. Those who are found to be non-compliant by the deadline will face steep fines, jail time or even the loss of the firearm.

Gun owners will be required to show up at a predesignated location where they’ll pay a small fee and hand over their firearms to be implanted.

Pennsylvania Representative Rick Saccone Proposes Bill Requiring Schools To Display "In God We Trust" Slogan

“In God We Trust” has always been a divisive slogan for the United States of America. In a country built upon the principles of religious freedom and founded in part by Benjamin Franklin, a man who insisted that there be a separation between church and state, the phrase is stamped across coins and dollar bills that circulate throughout the country every day. 
A new bill proposed by Pennsylvanian Rep. Rick Saccone would require schools throughout the state to display the phrase in classrooms and other public areas, the Morning Call reports. 
Although Saccone has a history of supporting legislation with religious motives (the representative also proposed and helped pass a bill declaring 2012 “The Year of the Bible”), the phrase “In God We Trust” does have some connection to the state of Pennsylvania. Gov. James Pollock, the leader of the state during the U.S. Civil war, began printing the phrase on U.S. currency during the war when he was running the U.S. Mint. 
Saccone cited a way to interest students in state history as his reason for proposing the bill. 
“When Lincoln became president, he appointed Pollock director of the United States Mint. Pollock suggested the motto ‘In God We Trust’ be featured on all United States currency,” a portion of the bill reads. 
Saccone claims that the word “God” is used by Christians, Jews and Muslims, so the phrase should not cause religious issues when displayed in public schools. Instead, the representative believes displaying the phrase is a way to get students interested in learning the history of the state, and its former Gov. Pollock. 
Many other representatives do not find Saccone’s bill useful, as it doesn’t clearly explain how or why the phrase should be displayed. 

CCTV images show moment evil race hate killer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid was left for dead in savage prison gym attack

By Derek Alexander

THE footage shows the moment Shahid, serving life for the brutal murder of schoolboy Kriss Donald, is battered over the head with a 15kg weight by convicted murderer William Crawford, who has since had an extra four years added to his life sentence for the attack.

Shahid and three other men abducted 15-year-old Kriss Donald from a street in Pollokshields, Glasgow, in 2004 and tortured him before killing him.

They stabbed the teenager 13 times and set fire to him while he was still alive.  
Shahid was the leader of a criminal Asian gang and went on the run to Pakistan before being arrested and brought back to Scotland to face justice.
He was caged for life in 2006 for the racially motivated murder and told he would serve a minimum of 25 years before he would be eligible for parole.
His brother Zeeshan was jailed for a minimum of 23 years and Faisal Mushtaq for at least 22 years. Daanish Zahid was ordered to serve at least 17 years.
Jail bosses yesterday said they weren’t planning to increase the number ofwardens supervising the gym.

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Bank of America ordered to pay Black job applicants $2.2 million for back pay at a job they never had to begin with!

What the hell, so does this mean I can sue companies for back wages at a job I never had to begin with now?

Probably NOT because I'm not Black, but holy shit this has to be one of the most retarded thing I've ever heard before. . . and do you want to bet alot of them are also collecting WELFARE?! 

I've worked with blacks that got their jobs because of Entry Level eoe employment..........and you don't want just anyone handling your money.   Not because of race, but I'll just label it the Intellgence Factor.          jlh~

A United States Department of Labor Administrative Law Judge has ordered Bank of America to pay $2.2 million in back wages to more than 1,100 African Americans who were rejected for jobs. The ruling ends a nearly two-decades old legal dispute.

Judge Linda S. Chapman ordered the Charlotte-based megabank to pay $964,033 to 1,034 applicants who were rejected for jobs in 1993. Bank officials also were ordered to pay approximately $1.3 million to individuals who were rejected for jobs between 2002 and 2008.

Judge Chapman issued her ruling after determining that bank officials applied unfair and inconsistent selection criteria resulting in the rejection of African Americans for jobs as tellers, entry-level clerical and administrative positions.
Bank officials also repeatedly challenged the authority of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regulates of BofA, a national bank based in Charlotte, N.C.

Bank of America is a federally insured financial institution that provides a variety of services and products, making it a federal contractor under the purview of OFCCP’s regulatory requirements.

The OFCCP began a routine investigation of BofA that revealed indications of systemic hiring discrimination affecting black-job applicants at the bank’s Charlotte facility.

After conciliation efforts failed, the Solicitor of Labor in 1997 filed an administrative complaint against the bank for violating Executive Order 11246, which prohibits federal contractors from discriminating in employment practices on the basis of race.

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by Art Gutman Ph.D., Professor, Florida Institute of Psychology

Jewish anti-miscegenation groups distribute racist, sexist flyers. Funny Jew's it's alright to stick with your own but persecute Whites World Wide for wanting to do the same.

I have recently reported on a few instances in which two Jewish anti-miscegenation groups  - Lehava and Yad L’Achim – have been actively operating to thwart contact between Jews and Arabs. Lehava, which runs a hotline encouraging callers to inform on Jewish-Arab couples, was reportedly behind a campaign to pressure Israel’s National Service Administration to stop allowing Israeli Jewish females to work night shifts in hospitals – presumably to make it more difficult for them to socialize with the Palestinian citizens of Israel with whom they work.
Yad L’Achim – whose mission is to fight “assimilation” (read: miscegenation) and whose slogan is, “We don’t give up on a single Jew” - claims to collect the identification cards of Jewish women seen socializing with Palestinians.
Both these organizations have posters circulating on the streets and in social media that are racist, sexist and offensive. Here is a flyer by Lehava spotted in Jerusalem that says in Hebrew and Arabic: “Don’t even dare to think about a Jewish woman!”

IDF soldier passes IDs of Jewish girls who socialize with Arabs to anti-assimilation NGO
A female IDF soldier who is often stationed at checkpoints is apparently very disturbed by the fact that some Jews and Palestinians actually hang out. The soldier turned anonymously (on Facebook) to Yad La’achim a religious organization whose mandate is to “save Jews from assimilation,” in the hopes they can help her prevent this from happening in the future by talking some sense into these young women. As she wrote to them:
Hi, I speak with true pain, as a soldier working at checkpoints and every Friday night Jewish girls pass through in minority cars [common euphemism for Arabs]. I would be glad if you could come and stand with me at the checkpoint for at least an hour and try to appeal to the hearts of these poor Jewish girls… Every time I see such Jewish girls, I try to hold up the vehicle and check the background of these Arabs [euphemism gone], and in between I take the Jewish girls aside for a short talk (which doesn’t always help). So perhaps you will succeed, because it’s really painful to see the daughters of Israel going with these Arabs.

‘Don’t even dare to think about a Jewish woman!’ -Lehava poster in Jerusalem (Courtesy, T.F.)
Yad L’Achim has a poster going around social media that reads: “In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?” And below that: “You know it’s not it, but having fun in the meantime? Don’t waste your time! You are wasting the most beautiful years. Your life is not a game! Turn to Yad L’Achim’s 24-hour hotline now.”
Yad L’Achim poster: ‘In a relationship with citizen belonging to an ethnic minority?’
The barcode in this flyer takes you to a video produced by Yad L’Achim which shows a Jewish Israeli woman telling other women about the dangers of dating an “Arab” – how they are obsessive, and take over your life, and she implies that all Arab men abuse Jewish women verbally and physically. The last message of the video is: “You deserve one of us.”  more from source

Huge Can of Non Citizen Voters!?! video I made in 2008, 'Somalis being bused in to Ohio polling place, are they citizens?' posted in 2012

This is a video I made in 2008, I know it's not the best film quailty but it's always had an Important Message, and now Refugee Resettlement is almost bragging about them doing this!?!  WTH
The Franklin County Board of Elections says when I called to question about this, there answer:

We have it covered! We have people, Go On The Trust Factor. 

I was told that I wasn't allowed to work the polls due to my questions!  Don't you just love the Democratic American Election Process.......  

Somalis being bused in to Ohio polling place, are they citizens?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 27, 2012
Update #2:  For the new readers searching for information on who resettles Somalis in Ohio, here is one list of the federal contractors.   However, keep in mind that many Somalis there might be the result of so-called “secondary migration,” that is that they were resettled elsewhere but gravitated to Ohio because others of their ethnic background told them it was a good place to live.
Update:  No sooner had I posted this than I noticed that this older post of mine about Columbus, Ohio Somalis wanting taxpayer funded stuff from those they elect to office has been getting lots of hits this afternoon.  Check it out.
The other day I mentioned that in Maryland, Help Save Maryland was making flyers available to prospective immigrant voters that tell them what the law is (and the consequences of breaking the law!) involving casting a vote as a  non-citizen,here.
Now I see on Drudge today that the story I heard about through the grapevine two days ago has been reported, here at Human Events by blogger Sara Marie Brenner.
This is the gist of the story (Sara Marie Brenner is a special correspondent for Human Events, is a member of the Powell, Ohio City Council and blogs about politics at theBrenner Brief.)

While it’s not unusual for get-out-the-vote groups to help voters get to the polls, the volunteers who talked to Human Events observed a number of troubling and questionable activities.
A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a volunteer outside the Morse Road polling center.  She has witnessed Somalis who cannot speak English come to the polling center. They are brought in groups, by van or bus. The Democrats hand them a slate card and say, “vote Brown all the way down.” Given that Sherrod Brown is the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio, one can assume that this is the reference.
Non-English speaking voters may use an interpreter. The interpreters are permitted by law to interpret for the individual voting; however, they are forbidden from influencing their vote in any way.  MORE

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Multiculturalisme et islam en France reportage de CBN

Wisconsin Democratic Candidate; Mary Burke, a millionaire leftist thinks: Government Can Raise Kids Better

Government “can do things better” than families and individuals, especially when it comes to educating children, says Mary Burke, a millionaire leftist who has announced she is running as a Democrat against Governor Scott Walker next year. Burke currently sits on the Madison School Board, her first elected office.
In comments to the State Journal newspaper in Madison, Burke explained her stance on a number of issues, including education. Burke launched her candidacy after a coalition of liberal organizations held 41 focus groups to identify what characteristics Democrats should look for in a candidate if they hope to win the governor’s race next year.
Burke, who has no children, emphasized to the paper that government has the responsibility to do things that are best not left up to parents or individuals.
According to the paper:
“If each individual family had to take on the role of educating their children, that would be much more difficult,” Burke said. “That’s the role of government, where it can do things better as an organization than individuals can do on their own.”
According to that quote then, Burke believes parents aren’t the ones best equipped to make choices about their children’s education, that’s the job of government who can apparently “do things better” than parents.  MORE

Westerville, Ohio School Teacher Reports: Muslim students say chained to wall , beaten with sticks for not memorizing Koran at Mosque

Another student at the madrasa “had his head stepped on for complaining of a headache.” Welcome to the new America. via Allegations Of Child Abuse At Religious School Of Mosque.
An investigation is underway after teachers at a Westerville school reported allegations of child abuse at a mosque.
Westerville police said the accusations came from children, who are 8, 9, and 10 years old.
A normal day of school at Mark Twain Elementary in Westerville took quite the turn, when several students in a class of mostly Somalis learning English, entered a discussion.
According to a Westerville Police report, the allegations were discovered afterchildren told their teachers about the alleged actions at their religious school, which is part of the Masjid As-Salaamah mosque on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus.
According to the police report, it all started when the teacher said how impressed she was with their knowledge of the Quran.
In response, one of the students told her that, at their religious school, “if they do not learn their religious passages as they are instructed,” they are sometimes “chained to a wall by their wrists and ankles and beaten with a long stick.”
10TV spoke with a founding board member of the mosque, who said they never knew about any of the allegations until Franklin County Children Services stepped in.
“We understand the seriousness of this,” said Mahdi Warsama, Masjid As-Salaamah Board Member.
After an internal investigation involving speaking to teachers and parents, Warsama said, “we couldn’t find anything to support these allegations.”
The police report states that another student told his teacher he witnessed beatings, was “beaten with a belt on his legs,” and saw another student, who “had his head stepped on for complaining of a headache.”
“We understand that these are innocent kids. These things cannot happen in our watch,” said Warsama. “If there is any merit to these allegations, I assure you, Masjid As-Salaamah will deal with it professionally, and swiftly, and responsibly.”
Westerville School says their policy is for teachers to report any allegations of child abuse. 10TV tried to speak with those teachers, but so far they have not responded to the requests.
Westerville School released the following statement: “Given the nature of the information shared by students with their teacher, school officials were obligated to immediately file a report with the authorities, which they did. Those authorities have determined that an investigation is merited.”
Columbus police said the investigation is ongoing.

A Citizen’s Guide to Islamist Curricula in Our Public Schools
International Academy of Columbus ( ) andWestsideAcademy ( ) are two public Charter schools recently started in Ohio . In this case, the radical affiliations are the Council on American Islamic Relations, which has been under investigation as an unindicted co-conspirator for terrorism financing. Ahmad Al-Akhras, CAIR national vice chairman, is one of the incorporators.

NSM's former Regional Leader;Jeff Halls', 13-year-old Boy who killed Nazi dad at age 10 to be sentenced

Boy who killed Nazi dad at age 10 to be sentenced

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — The boy was 10 when he put a gun to the head of his sleeping neo-Nazi father and pulled the trigger.
It was over in an instant for Jeff Hall, but sorting out the fate of his troubled son has been a 2 1/2-year journey that approaches its final stage Friday in a hearing to determine where he'll spend his teens and, possibly, his early adult years.
The judge hearing the case in a Riverside County courtroom must decide not how to punish a child for second-degree murder, but how to rehabilitate someone who grew up in an abusive home, attacked his elementary school teachers and was indoctrinated in the beliefs of white supremacy.
Attorneys have sparred for months over what is best for the boy.
He has been living in the county's juvenile hall since the killing but spent about three months at a state youth detention center where he was evaluated to see whether a placement there could serve his needs. Several people from the state are expected to testify at the hearing.
The small child who scribbled on a notepad and looked bored during his trial as prosecutors displayed photos of his father's blood-splattered body has grown into a gangly teenager who is more focused than ever before.
He attends class, gets regular therapy and has made progress in controlling the violent outbursts that got him kicked out of almost every school he attended. He has even, with time, won the affection of the prosecutor who got him convicted.
"I have grown attached to him in an odd way. I enjoy watching him grow and change but I am convinced he has done better in a quasi-military penal environment," said Riverside County Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Soccio. "He seems to like it, he knows what the rules are and what is expected and he is treated with dignity."
That's why Soccio believes the boy, now 13, would do best in the state's juvenile justice system.
Defense attorneys, however, say the teen has serious emotional disabilities that the state isn't equipped to handle. They want to see him placed in a residential treatment center, where security would be lighter and the therapy would be more intense.
Punam Patel Grewal, the boy's defense attorney, said he would also be at risk in a state facility because of his father's neo-Nazi beliefs.
"It is a very dangerous place for him. He's got a lot of vulnerability here," she said.
Murders by defendants as young as the one in Riverside are extremely rare and usually involve children who have mental health issues and have lived through extreme trauma, said Sarah Bryer, director of Washington, D.C.-based National Juvenile Justice Network.

Ohio Newspapers Swoon as Gov. Kasich Shreds Separation of Powers

Ohio’s newspapers have shown their enthusiasm for an unrestrained executive by cheering this week’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion maneuvering from Republican Governor John Kasich.
When the Ohio Controlling Board — led by a Kasich appointee — approved the Kasich Administration’s request to appropriate over $2.5 billion in Obamacare money, Ohio’s press praised the likely-illegal enactment of a policy they have promoted in news and opinion coverage all year.
The Cincinnati Enquirer and Columbus Dispatch extolled the state’s chief executive for having the “courage” to ram through the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, though Ohio’s 5 largest papers have all pounded Kasich’s critics for months while pointing to the “diverse” army of interest groups demanding more taxpayer money.
In the minds of the press, the “rigid intimidators” wrecking our political process are not the union bosses, Ohio Hospital Association, Chamber of Commerce, or any of the entrenched lobbyists on Capitol Square, but the limited-government Ohioans John Kasich insisted he spoke for when running for office in 2010.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, meanwhile, bashed “demagogic claims” that Gov. Kasich bypassed the Ohio General Assembly by expanding Medicaid eligibility unilaterally and then warning the Controlling Board the state’s Medicaid programwould go bankrupt without the Obamacare money.
The DispatchEnquirerAssociated Press, and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald have all acknowledged that Kasich’s Controlling Board move bypassed the General Assembly.
Cincinnati Enquirer“Kudos to Gov. John Kasich for having the courage to buck many of his party’s legislators and push ahead with an expansion of Ohio’s Medicaid health insurance program.”
“It wasn’t an ideal solution, as it may face a court challenge, but it was a bold and compassionate one.”
Kasich had courage on Medicaid, 10/22/2013 Cincinnati Enquirereditorial
Cleveland Plain Dealer“Gov. John Kasich deserves enormous credit not only for seeking to expand Medicaid but also for figuring out how to accomplish that in the face of a quailing legislature. The Ohio Controlling Board’s bipartisan 5-2 vote Monday means hundreds of thousands of Ohioans, many from the ranks of the working poor, some of them veterans, will be eligible for Medicaid.”
“Contrary to demagogic claims, Kasich didn’t ‘bypass’ the General Assembly by turning to the Controlling Board.”
Columbus Dispatch“On Monday, Gov. John Kasich got the right thing done for Ohio.”
“But a small number of right-wing ideologues oppose expanding Medicaid because the federal funds for it come as part of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act and because they oppose any further federal deficit spending. This, despite the fact that as state lawmakers, their fiduciary responsibility is to the state and its residents.”
“Their unthinking rejection would have hurt vulnerable Ohioans, turned aside potential savings of state tax dollars and left hospitals on the hook for more uncompensated care.”
Toledo Blade“Republican Gov, John Kasich brought the matter before the appointed seven-member board, which makes adjustments to the state budget, after the GOP-run General Assembly shamefully ignored for eight months his plea to enact Medicaid expansion.”
Akron Beacon Journal“With the 5-2 vote of the State Controlling Board on Monday, John Kasich finally has won the authorization needed to route federal funds into expanding Medicaid in Ohio. The decision amounts to an unqualified win for uninsured low-income residents and for the general health of the state and its economy.”
Medicaid majority, 10/22/2013 Akron Beacon Journal editorial
Even before Kasich announced on October 11 that he would unilaterally redefine Medicaid by expanding the program to hundreds of thousands of able-bodied childless adults, Ohio’s press was pushing for the executive branch to circumvent the legislature.
For weeks the press has celebrated Kasich’s decision to ask the Controlling Board to appropriate billions in new entitlement spending for a policy the legislature stripped from his budget and then expressly forbade in the budget passed by the House and Senate.
“On Friday, the governor ran out of patience, and appropriately so,” the Beacon Journal editorial board opined on October 15.
“It’s a creative way to achieve one of his policy goals that was previously unachievable because of a recalcitrant General Assembly,” the Enquirer editors cooed in an October 15 column titled “Deft move.”  MORE

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