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The fairytale castle of

Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany's fairytale castle.
Neuschwanstein is known all over the world as a symbol of idealised romantic architecture and for the tragic story of its owner. After losing sovereignty in his own kingdom, Ludwig II withdrew into his own world of myths, legend and fairytales.

Translated from German to English
The fairytale castle of 
words and music by Claudia Mitscha-Eibl

Outside my window, there's a fairy-tale castle, its towers schau'n into the country.
At the entrance blow Spielleut 'on horseback to receive the fanfare.
stairs know The proud of victories,
you climb up and hope for rich rewards.
Yet the walls is not safe,
whoever enters it is not ungeschor'n it,
because in the throne room in it, because the Queen reigns,
and to have everything from you!
And the princess holds the frog in her lap
and throws the Prince against the wall. In this castle, its towers schau'n into the country, waiting for a fairy tale world.
The good fairy friendly hands you …

The Legal Fiction – How They Control Us

Throughout the ages mankind’s ingenuity has allowed one group of people to control others. The creation of the ‘legal fiction’ is a superb example – it is the very foundation of how we are controlled today and yet the knowledge of its existence eludes all but a tiny few of us. Judges know how the ‘legal fiction’ applies to each of us, but barristers, solicitors, Magistrates and politicians mostly do not – it is a closely guarded secret. Our courts impose their will on us using the ‘legal fiction’ and it is through this imposition that governments are able to control every facet of our lives. Without the ‘legal fiction’ governments and an array of authorities have no power over us whatsoever and with this in mind it is perfectly clear that understanding the ‘legal fiction’ is a prerequisite to understanding how the world around us really works as distinct from how we think it does. Knowledge and understanding of the legal fiction is the first step on the road of freedom. So What Is Th…

U.S. judge: All Michigan juvenile lifers eligible for parole

DETROIT ( - A federal district court judge ruled that the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Miller v. Alabama/Jackson v. Hobbs, which made mandatory juvenile life without parole sentences unconstitutional in June of 2012, is retroactive and applies to all of Michigan’s juvenile lifers, those sentenced to death in prison while they were under the age of 18. The decision means all juvenile lifers are now eligible for parole, says Deborah LaBelle, attorney for the plaintiffs, calling it a significant victory. According to varying sources, there are from 362 to 371 juvenile lifers in Michigan’s prison system, 70 percent of them prisoners of color. Many have spent decades behind bars. Michigan has the second highest number of juvenile lifers among the states. Before the Miller decision, the U.S. was the only country in the world that allowed juvenile life without parole. “Indeed, if ever there was a legal rule that should—as a matter of law and morality—be given retroactive effect…

Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers’ Heads by 2020; leading to Smart phone will be implanted within 75 years

If the idea of turning consumers into true cyborgs sounds creepy, don’t tell Intel researchers. Intel’s Pittsburgh lab aims to develop brain implants that can control all sorts of gadgets directly via brain waves by 2020.The scientists anticipate that consumers will adapt quickly to the idea, and indeed crave the freedom of not requiring a keyboard, mouse, or remote control for surfing the Web or changing channels. They also predict that people will tire of multi-touch devices such as our precious iPhones, Android smart phones and even Microsoft’s wacky Surface Table.Turning brain waves into real-world tech action still requires some heavy decoding of brain activity. The Intel team has already made use of fMRI brain scans to match brain patterns with similar thoughts across many test subjects.more
The government lacks a regulator who can ensure that the laws for ethical review and informed consent for research on humans with brain implants followed. The shortage means that the Governme…

WSU To Conduct Nighttime Patrols On College Campus

I’m also posting the top comment from this story and there are many that are pretty much the same.  Funny she doesn’t think the countless other ‘ethnic groups’  are just fine and dandy and there are tons of them I’ve found.   Where is the Irish Student Union, or German Student Union.  Heaven forbid, a lone White group celebrating their European hertiage would want to carry on nighttime patrols to stop innocent students from becoming victims of crime.  Keep doing what your doing WSU!  shera~Stephanie Brookhart-Beedle ·  Top Commenter · Eastern Oregon By allowing this group to use university facilities, Towson is basically supporting it. Towson is a public university using public monies to survive. If I understand correctly – any institution as this should not be allowed to receive federal/state money if they support hate groups such as this. Founded last year, the White Student Union has stirred significant controversy already. The organization has been labeled a hate groupby the South…

“Nazis are not f—ing welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show!”

The Murphys loss, I know they will loose a lot of fans now?
You can mosh, rush the stage, shout and stomp at a Dropkick Murphys concert, but the Boston rockers draw the line at flashing a Nazi salute. Near the end of its March 13 show at Terminal 5 in Midtown Manhattan, the veteran Celtic punk band invited fans onstage — as per tradition — to participate in an encore rendition of “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced.” Fans continued to pour onto the stage as the group transitioned to another classic, the anti-white supremecist ditty “Skinhead on the MBTA,” then a cover of AC/DC’s “TNT.” That’s when things got a little ugly. According to severalblogs – and caught on video from the scene — a large man with a shaved head began to flash the Nazi salute, with a bent arm shooting straight out from the chest. Founding bassist-singer Ken Casey moved toward the guy, shoved him aside and began a pile-on that ended half a minute later with a torn shirt and one less skinhead onstage. He took back the microphon…

Juan de Herat: Buscando un "nuevo" enemigo (interior). "Texas border security: A strategic military assessment"

Juan de Herat: Buscando un "nuevo" enemigo (interior). "Texas border security: A strategic military assessment"

Texas border security: A strategic military assessment (PDF, en inglés, 182 páginas).
Copio de Herschel Smith, The Captain´s Journal, Texas border security: A strategic military assessment:
Two very important individuals in the military (and now consulting) community, Barry McCaffrey and Robert Scales, have penned a much-anticipated study entitled Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment.
The state on the ground in the war with the Mexican cartels is remarkable. We’ve already discussed how the Mexican cartels have adopted military-style tactics, techniques and procedures.
Mexican drug cartels are using military weapons and tactics while also recruiting Texas teenagers to carry out their operations, which are evolving into full-blown criminal enterprises, experts said.
Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven C. McCraw said last week i…

What!?! You Have to be kidding me! NBPP heads to South Africa after hearing about White Genocide. . .they want to know about killing them Whites.

Amid Genocide Alert, Racist New Black Panthers Hit South Africa Even as the world’s most prominent expert on genocidewarns that South Africa’s European-descent Afrikaner population is on the verge of government-linked extermination, the virulently racist U.S.-based “New Black Panther Party” has a delegation visiting the so-called “Rainbow nation” — a country now ruled by a president whoopenly sings about murdering whites. The NBPP and its leadership have regularly called for genocide against white South Africans as well, so critics of the visit are expressing alarm, concerned that the officially recognized hate group is agitating for further ethnic cleansing while collaborating with genocidal elements within the regimes ruling South Africa and Zimbabwe.
On the NBPP’s official website, the New Black Panthers boast about their “historic” trip to Marxist-ruled Zimbabwe and South Africa, which the anti-white and anti-Semitic organization refers to as “Azania.” During broadcasted conference…

US school district bans hugs, party invitations and birthday cake; while on the otherside of the pond there will be NO BFF making allowed.

First Grade Student Hug Teacher . . . Maryland school district is taking it to the extreme, banning everything from hugs to birthday cake.  St. Mary’s County adopted the new security measures in its 17 public schools in the aftermath of the shooting in Newtown, Conn. that left 20 school children dead as well as six adults. The new policy is meant to protect against a number of potential threats to children’s safety, including food allergies, inappropriate contact between adults and minors, and even hurt feelings. Specifically, the rules ban hugs between children and adults who aren’t their parents, limit sibling visits during the school day, and prohibit kids from sharing baked goods or giving out birthday invitations at school.  Impromptu teacher-parent conferences are also banned in the new policy. Referring to the rule regarding party invitations, Hall said, ‘If there are 20 individuals in the class and someone brings in seven birthday invitations, it was creating an academic disruption…

Senate gun bill won’t include assault weapons ban

It was unclear when the full package of bills will be released, but they are expected to be voted on as early as April.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he hopes have a bill to address gun violence on the Senate floor soon after the Easter break, but confirmed that measure will not include the assault weapons ban. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told reporters Tuesday she is disappointed that her assault weapons ban will not be part of a larger bill, but acknowledged it will likely make it easier to pass gun-related legislation through the Senate. Feinstein said Reid told her Monday afternoon that the ban on certain types of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would not be part of package of bills that would make up the Senate legislation. Reid, D-Nev., said Feinstein’s measure simply did not have the support necessary to clear the floor and could not pass the 60-vote threshold needed in order to be considered by the full Senate. “Right now, her am…