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The fairytale castle of

Neuschwanstein is known all over the world as a symbol of idealised romantic architecture and for the tragic story of its owner. After losing sovereignty in his own kingdom, Ludwig II withdrew into his own world of myths, legend and fairytales.

Translated from German to English
The fairytale castle of 
words and music by Claudia Mitscha-Eibl

Outside my window, there's a fairy-tale castle, its towers schau'n into the country.
At the entrance blow Spielleut 'on horseback to receive the fanfare.
stairs know The proud of victories,
you climb up and hope for rich rewards.
Yet the walls is not safe,
whoever enters it is not ungeschor'n it,
because in the throne room in it, because the Queen reigns,
and to have everything from you!
And the princess holds the frog in her lap
and throws the Prince against the wall.
In this castle, its towers schau'n into the country, waiting for a fairy tale world.
The good fairy friendly hands you her hand when she joins you.
the best maid at the whole court
takes you discreetly into her room,
but before the door monitors the Valkyrie
and forbid your research step too.
Pull yourself merely in mind if the old witch laughs -
which puts Hansel in the oven!
And the princess throws the Prince against the wall
until it falls as a frog.
At this castle guests come for and how it's done so in the fairy tale.
Since coming entertainers, jugglers and cavalier, muggers and prophet.
And all storm equal to the towers
and compete for the hand of the Queen,
but up there, there's heavy samples,
who does not end up there, deep down in the dungeon!
wonder if a find't verwunschne the royal child,
crying, waiting for salvation? ...
And the princess is the prince in front of the door
. and takes the frog into bed
Outside my window, there is the fairy tale castle, its towers schau'n into the country.
Did I fill the tale, what am I doing then?
I'll take the mirror off the wall.
The prince and the princess is finally happening, has recognized a little self.
© 2004 Claudia Mitscha-Eibl, A-2100 Korneuburg


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