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What, This is insane! 65-year-old Holocaust scammer nailed; gets nearly two years in jail; and made to pay $135,000 back for bilking German gov’t out of more than $57M.

A female forger from the former Soviet Union was slapped with nearly two years in prison today for creating phony identity papers that helped a fraud ring scam more than $57 million in Holocaust reparations from the German government. 

A weeping Dora Grande bowed her head in shame and let out a whimper after Manhattan federal Judge Thomas Griesa said she deserved a “meaningful penalty” for forging about 300 documents at $100 a pop while working as a translator and notary public in Brooklyn. 

In addition to the 21 months prison time — just three months shy of the maximum under her plea deal — Griesa ordered Grande to forfeit the $30,000 she pocketed through the scam, and also pay $75,000 in restitution. 

Defense lawyer Glenn Morak argued that Grande, 65, had no idea that her fake birth certificates would be used in a massive scheme to rip off the Manhattan-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. >>more<< 
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Germany to pay $1 billion for home health care of ageing 56,000 Holocaust victims. Does this mean when those 56,000 die we can drop the whole thing?

Germany will pay around 800 million euros ($1.03 billion) over a four-year period for homecare for the ageing survivors of the Holocaust, a Jewish organization said on Wednesday.
Worldwide Compensation ProgramsBelow is a list of compensation programs available to Holocaust survivors worldwide. This list is for informational purposes only. For programs that are not administered by the Claims Conference, please contact the program directly for information on how to apply. >>more<<
The Jewish Claims Conference, which represents Jews in negotiations on compensation for Nazi victims and their descendants, said some 56,000 Holocaust victims worldwide, over a third of them living in Israel, would benefit from the aid. “We are seeing Germany’s continued commitment to fulfill its historic obligation to Nazi victims,”Stuart Eizenstat, the Claims Conference special negotiator, said in a statement on the organization’s website. “This ensures that Holocaust survivors, now in their fin…

Needing Pork, China Is to Buy a U.S. Supplier; ‘Smithfield’

China’s pig dumping scandal puts spotlight on illegal pork tradeBy Peter Ford, Staff writer / March 14, 2013 On Wednesday, 46 men were jailed for selling meat from sick pigs near where farmers were believed to dump some 6,000 diseased pigs into a river that supplies drinking water to Shanghai. BEIJING The 6,000 rotting pigs floating toward Shanghai may pose a public health problem, but at least they are not part of a much greater threat. If they had not been thrown into the Huangpu River, it is emerging, they might well have ended up on dinner plates. The discovery of the dead pigs has thrown a spotlight on a little-known practice that insiders say is not uncommon inChina: Farmers sell pigs that have died from disease to underground traders, who then sell the pork illegally to consumers and food processing firms. In the past two years at least six other similar cases have come to court in different parts of China, suggesting that the practice is widespread.  “The pig mortality rate is high …

Video: Is Obama the Next Fidel Castro? Here are some of the gruesome photos.

thank you Robert Duvall for posting the above video
CUBA: Castro v. the Church Monday, Aug. 22, 1960
Fidel Castro last week lashed out at the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Cuba as “scribes and Pharisees,” “peons of the American embassy” and “Franco Fascists.” Castro’s rage was aroused by a pastoral letter* condemning “the growing advance of Communism in our country.” He shouted that whoever “condemns the revolution betrays Christ” and is “capable of crucifying Christ again.”The Infamous Firing Squad  (see complete from the real cuba) Thousands of Cubans have died in front of Castro’s infamous firing squad. There was no discrimination, as far as the firing squad was concerned. Young and old, black and white, rich and poor were sent to ‘el paredón’ (the wall). Many of those who helped Castro gain power, like Comandantes Ernesto Sori Marin and William Morgan, an American, were among the thousands who were shot.
Here are some of the gruesome photos. Fidel Castro questioning a Cuban …

U.S. Arab population up more than 75 percent since 1990, census report shows. As the Government is more tran$parent with citizen$ information but not their own!

The Arab population in the United States has grown more than 75 percent since 1990, more than triple the rate nation’s overall growth, a Census Bureau report released Wednesday shows. Yet Arabs represent a tiny fraction of the entire population in the United States, estimated at just 0.5 percent. The Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey ending in 2010 places the U.S. Arab population at 1.5 million, up from 850,000 in 1990.
The biggest groups are: Lebanese, estimated at 485,917Egyptian, 179,853Syrian, 147,426Palestinian, 83,241Moroccan, 74,908Iraqi, 73,896Jordanian, 60,056Yemeni, 29,358 People of Arab ancestry have higher median household incomes than the overall population – $56,433 to $51,914 – with the highest incomes being Lebanese ($67,264) and Egyptian ($62,812). Arabs also tend to be from larger households, with 2.93 people per household vs. 2.59 for the U.S. population as a whole. Yemeni households average 4.34 people, the census report shows (pdf).  See source fo…

USJD; fines Wal-Mart $110m over dumping hazardous waste

WASHINGTON: Wal-Mart was hit with US$110 million in US federal and state fines Tuesday after pleading guilty to criminal charges of mishandling hazardous waste and pesticides at its retail stores. The world’s largest retailer was fined for dumping hazardous chemicals in city trash bins and sewer systems in cases filed by the Los Angeles and San Francisco municipalities. In addition, the US Justice Department said Wal-Mart Stores had mishandled pesticides it had sent as damaged products to a Missouri recycling facility that resulted in them being mixed together and put on sale again in a process that violated federal laws regulating pesticide processing. Wal-Mart pleaded guilty to six misdemeanour counts of violating the Clean Water Act in the California cases, and, in the Missouri case, one charge of violating the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. Prosecutors in San Francisco said that through January 2006, the company did not have any program or training in place to…