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Rise of Neo Nazis In Russia Brings Ban

Already outlawed by Germany and Austria in the aftermath of World War II, the autobiography-cum-manifesto has in recent years become required reading for some Russian ultranationalist groups, despite the fact that it insults Slavs and calls for the colonization of their motherland.
['Mein Kampf'] sets out ideas of national socialism, conveys a militaristic worldview, excuses discrimination and the eradication of non-Aryan people, and reflects ideas which resulted in the start of World War II,” said the office of the prosecutor general, in its announcement that the book had been added to its list of prohibited extremist literature.
But a steep and widely publicized escalation in attacks on migrant workers and foreign students has caused the country considerable international embarrassment. According to the Moscow-based human rights group Sova, extreme-right militants killed 71 people in Russia last year — almost twice as many as in 2004. And so far this year, at least seven…

Requiem for Detroit?

thanks for the tip Battleskin
Julien Temple’s new film is a vivid evocation of an apocalyptic vision: a slow-motion Katrina that has had many more victims. Detroit was once America’s fourth largest city.
Built by the car for the car, with its groundbreaking suburbs, freeways and shopping centres, it was the embodiment of the American dream.
But its intense race riots brought the army into the city. With violent union struggles against the fierce resistance of Henry Ford and the Big Three, it was also the scene of American nightmares.more

The numbers just don’t seem to justify the murders

Death toll: 3,149 (since 1987)
What is Genocide?
The term “genocide” was coined by legal scholar Raphael Lemkin in 1943, writing:
‘Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.
Names of people notified as murdered in rural and peri-urban areas of South Africa – dates, sources
updated March 19 2010

At an early morning prayer meeting in Sharpeville’s Roman Catholic Church, an impassioned congregation raised their voices in song in the stained glass dawn light.
“All we could see were people falling down. It was like a storm … bullets tearing their clothes,” the Rev. Mary Senkhane recalled of her own experience on that day 50 years ago.
Police officers killed 69 …

Civil Rights Denied!!!

The Traditionalist
American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were denied a permit to have a BBQ at
Fort davidson State Historic Site. Why??? I don't know they did not give a
coherent answer. I am sure that Delecia Huitt Field Operations
Supervisor, Southern Missouri Historic District, Division of State Parks
knows. Her phone number is 636-931-5200. I have the letter of denial
posted below:

ARN, SPLC, ARA groups to counter march on March 21 WPWW

More Proof That Whites Are Forbidden To Have Pride In Their Race, Culture or Trying To Preserve and Celebrate it.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—International Day for the Elimination of Racism coming up on March 21 could see a clash between protesters as neo-Nazis plan to rally in Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria.
According to the Anti Racist Network (ARN), white-supremacist demonstrations are planned for B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Victoria on Sunday. What is traditionally the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, the neo-Nazis have declared White Pride Worldwide Day.

ARN, the activist group No One Is Illegal (NOII), and others are preparing a counter-rally to confront white supremacist groups such as Blood and Honour Canada, and Advocates for White Civil Rights.
ARN says it expects hundreds to show up in support of multiculturalism.
In Calgary, the neo-Nazi/white pride groups Aryan Guard and White European Bloodlines are also expected to rally. At last year’s event in Calg…

Walmart announcement tells black people to leave store in N.J.

A male voice came over the public-address system Sunday evening at a store in Washington Township, in southern New Jersey, and announced: “Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now.”
Shoppers in the store said a manager quickly got on the public-address system and apologized. It was unclear whether a rogue patron or an employee was responsible for the comment, but many customers expressed their anger to store management.
“I want to know why such statements are being made, because it flies in the face of what we teach our children about tolerance for all,” said Sheila Ellington who was shopping with a friend.
Ellington, of Monroe, and her friend Patricia Covington said they plan to boycott the retailer until they’re assured the issue has been addressed.
Officials with Wal-Mart Stores, based in Bentonville, Ark., said the announcement was “unacceptable” and they’re trying to determine who made it and how it happened.
Bill Mitchell, a former Walmart employ…

Skulls And Spears: Vikings Found In Dorset

Fifty skulls found in a burial pit in Dorset probably belonged to Vikings who had been slaughtered by our Anglo-Saxon ancestors, archaeologists have revealed. The decapitated warriors were discovered last year on Ridgeway Hill in Weymouth during escavations for a new road.

The mass war grave astonished archaeologists who have spent the last year carefully removing and analysing the remains.
They are thought to date from between 910 and 1030 AD, when England was ruled by Saxon kings and Vikings from Denmark had begun a second wave of raids on the South Coast.
"Any mass grave is a relatively rare find, but to find one on this scale from this period of history is extremely unusual.
"(It) presents an incredible opportunity to learn more about what is happening in Dorset at this time."
Mr Score said it was possible to make a "strong inference" that the bodies were all Vikings.

Teeth samples from 10 of the men showed they grew up in countries where the cl…

Land Reform and the lingering Zimbabwe food crisis

Land reform in Zimbabwe Land reform in Zimbabwe officially began in 1979 with the signing of the Lancaster House Agreement, an effort to more equitably distribute land between the historically disenfranchised blacks and the minority-whites who ruled Zimbabwe from 1890 to 1979.  Zimbabwean whites, although making up less than 1% of the population, owned more than 70% of the arable land, including most of the best. With no allocation of property rights, communal lands were characterised by slash-and-burn agriculture, resulting in a tragedy of the commons. Since the implementation of the most recent land reforms, only 300 of 4,500 commercial farmers remain on farms. The eviction of the mostly white farmers has been partly blamed by critics and aid agencies for Zimbabwe’s worst famine in living memory, more
Zimbabwe food crisis ‘looms’
The International Red Cross has warned that Zimbabwe could be facing a very severe food crisis. The charity says that more than 2.7 million people, a qua…

$2,250 US will get you Quick Visa to Canada

RCMP investigates immigration website The RCMP has launched an investigation into a website guaranteeing immigrants easy access to Canada and advising them to use false pretexts in order to take advantage of the countrys free health care and social programs.
On its website, which was taken offline on Thursday, Quick Visa Canada offered clients “a cheap, quick and effective way to come to Canada.”
For $2,250 US, the company said, it would help potential immigrants come to Canada as tourists and then assist them in filing a claim for refugee status.
“We will provide you with a listing of different motives so that you can choose the one that best suits you,” the companys website said.
“The motives that we will present to you are very easy to explain to the immigration officials. For example many of our clients choose the type of motives in which they claim that there were part of an organization (anti abortion, human rights, Gay or Lesbian movement, etc, etc) back in their home coun…

Offended By Yard Art. . .

“Say no to the ghetto. White Power. Mt. Greenwood, the next Englewood.” He also hung a white noose next to the sign. When confronted by a reporter with Fox-TV, Corrigan claimed the display was “yard art.”

Apparently, Corrigan has not broken any laws, even though plenty of people will see his sign as offensive and racist. Although the City of Chicago’s Commission on Human Relations has contacted Corrigan with the hope of persuading him to remove the racist sign, the agency has no authority to impose any fine.
Since the story broke Tuesday night, Corrigan’s house in the 9900 block of South Fairfield has been picketed by angry black protesters.
On Wednesday afternoon, Corrigan covered the sign with a tarp.
Frankly, I’m more outraged by Corrigan’s white noose than I am his racist sign. Corrigan’s ugly words were meant to insult prospective home buyers.
But hanging a white noose, along with the racist speech, can only be interpreted as an act of aggression and intimidation.
Because t…

‘We are proud of eating pork, this is our land!’

PARIS (Reuters) – A French fast food chain’s decision to serve only halal meat in eight restaurants with a strong Muslim clientele has sparked a wave of criticism from politicians decrying the step as unacceptable. A far-right leader said the 350-branch Quick chain was imposing “an Islamic tax” on its customers. A Socialist mayor has threatened a law suit for discrimination against customers who do not want to eat according to Muslim dietary laws.More

We have here, in France and Belgium a fast food called “Quick”. It has recently been decided that some of these restaurants will no longer have pork meat in their burgers and will only offer Hallal meat to their customers.  “Les identitaires” which is a nationalist group fighting islamisation as well as many other things decided to first order a burger with bacon (girl at the very beginning) at a Quick restaurant in Lyon but were told off and expelled from that restaurant. That’s why, they decided to go and protest within the restaurant…

Quebec woman barred from course for second time. . .

The Egyptian immigrant made headlines last week when it was revealed provincial Immigration Department officials expelled her from a government-sponsored French class several months ago after she refused to take off her niqab.
Known only as Naema in Quebec media, she had since enrolled in another government-sponsored French class, this time at a community centre for immigrants in Montreal.  But almost as soon as the Quebec government got word she was attending class in her niqab, it confronted her again, forcing her to make the same decision she made in November.
As she did then, Naema chose her religion instead of learning French on the Quebec government’s terms.
“It is a copy and paste of what happened last week,” said Samer Majzoub, who heads the Canadian Muslim Forum, a non-profit organization that has been providing support for Naema.
“Why is the government doing this? I wonder if they have other things to do in life other than following this woman.”
Quebec Immigration Mini…

NAACP urges Frankel to take action over racist videos

The president of the local chapter of the NAACP is urging Mayor Lois Frankel to take swift and strong action against those who posted a racist video on the Internet, lampooning a city firefighter who has spent years trying to prove he’s been overlooked for promotions because he’s black.
Even if the city can’t identify who posted the video on, it should decry it, said NAACP president Lia Gaines.
“It certainly should be strongly condemned,” she said Tuesday. “The city should send a clear message that it won’t tolerate things like that.”
The obscenity-laced video was posted last month after Capt. Rick Curtis was charged with DUI. He is contesting it.
In the animated video, a not-very-thinly veiled caricature of Curtis repeatedly throws the race card when stopped by a white officer.
“You are a cracker ass racist cop. I am a captain at the fire department,” the Curtis character, dressed in gold chains, repeatedly tells the cop.
The cop who looks like a Lego character r…

Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen

Wait One Cotton Picking Moment! This Is Insane

University of Missouri police yesterday arrested two white male students suspected of dropping cotton balls in front of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on campus.
Zachary Tucker, 21, and Sean Fitzgerald, 19, were arrested about 7:30 p.m., each on suspicion of one count of tampering in the second degree, a Class D felony enhanced because of the hate crime classification. They each posted $4,500 bond and were released from the Boone County Jail, with a date to return to court set for March 29.
Tucker is listed as a senior psychology major in an MU directory and is from St. Louis. Fitzgerald is a freshman political science major,
Fitzgerald Chancellor Brady Deaton has temporarily suspended the students, saying he “determined it is in the best interest of the university community.”
MU police were called to the black culture center Friday morning after students and staff awoke to find cotton balls strewn across the lawn. The racist act, an overt reminder of slavery, came on one of …

How much money a day do you spend per person/child?

Dispossessed: Mother of 11 lives on just £7 a day per child The movies? Have I ever taken my kids to the movies?” Barbara Harriott repeats my question with a sense of incredulity and by way of reply flings open the door of her musty living room where six of her youngest children sleep. “Three of them share this double bunk, two are on single beds and one uses that pull-out settee,” she says, beginning the grand tour, her baby on her hip.
“The two older boys sleep up here” — she heads up the uncarpeted wooden stairway — “and I sleep with the baby across the hall from my oldest girl. Can you imagine,” she says, “how much it would cost if I took all of my kids to the movies? I'd have to save for a year!”

Ms Harriott, 44, has 11 children, nine boys and two girls, ranging in age from 25 years to six months. They all live, bar the oldest, in an overcrowded house in Lewisham with four bedrooms, two lavatories, one bath and a small kitchen where they eat in shifts. Their home is a pictu…

3 White Teachers Removed From Class Over Black Hero Choices

Three Los Angeles elementary school teachers accused of giving children portraits of O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman and RuPaul to carry in a Black History Month parade have been removed from their classrooms,
Children from other classes at the school displayed photos of more appropriate black role models, such as Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman and President Barack Obama,
District Superintendent Ramon Cortines placed the teachers — all white men who teach first, second and fourth grades — on administrative leave on Tuesday while an investigation is conducted, Pollard-Terry said.
“The superintendent will not let anyone make a mockery out of Black History Month,” she said.
The issue was brought to district officials’ attention by the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP after the organization received a complaint early Monday, chapter President Leon Jenkins said.
Jenkins said he felt the teachers acted in concert to mock black heroes and children’s innocence.
“These are not the people we w…

Que. Government Boots Niqab Wearing Woman From Classroom

thank you Jeff

MONTREAL – After months of balancing a woman’s religious beliefs with her desire to learn French, the Quebec government stepped into her classroom to offer an ultimatum: take off the niqab or drop the course.
The woman opted to keep her Islamic face-covering and has filed a human-rights complaint against the government.
In a province where the government frequently faces accusations of doing too much to accommodate minorities, these actions have prompted a fair bit of praise.
The woman began taking a French course designed for immigrants at a Montreal college in February but she refused to remove her niqab while men were present.
The college was initially willing to accommodate her, but eventually balked as her demands escalated.  The breaking point occurred when the woman again refused to take off the niqab, though teachers had stressed it was essential they see her face to correct her enunciation and facial expressions.
In what appears to be a highly unusual move,…

Put The Phone Down! Keep Your Eyes On The Road!

 CBS/AP   Nearly 6,000 people were killed and a half-million injured last year in U.S. auto accidents due to drivers being distracted, particularly by mobile phones, the government said Wednesday.

The Transportation Department brought together experts for a two-day "distracted driving summit" on highway hazards caused by drivers talking on cell phones or texting from behind the wheel. Secretary Ray LaHood was expected Thursday to offer recommendations that could lead to new restrictions on using the devices while driving. 

"You see people texting and driving and using cell phones and driving everywhere you go, even in places where it's outlawed, like Washington, D.C. We feel a very strong obligation to point to incidents where people have been killed or where serious injury has occurred," LaHood said.

Hours before the start of the meeting, Transportation officials said in a report that 5,870 people were killed and 515,000 were injured last year in crashes wher…

Voluntary, Involuntary is the choice really yours?

London, England ( — A British “ethicist” says doctors in England are already killing patients even though the British House of Lords defeated a bill that would legalize assisted suicide. Len Doyal, ex-member of the British Medical Association’s ethics committee, says British law should go even further and allow involuntary euthanasia.
British law should make the practice legal. He wants the British parliament to allow physicians to kill patients who can’t provide consent to withdrawing medical treatment.  Lord Joffe, a member of the House of Lords, put together a bill that would legalize assisted suicide but not euthanasia. Doyal said the bill doesn’t go far enough. “Some supporters of euthanasia remain silent about non-voluntary euthanasia, presumably because they believe that focusing on voluntary euthanasia offers a better chance of legalization,” he saidmore

Parents say doctors hastened death for dying kids Now a small but provocative study suggests that do…

Gangs expand as Diversity comes to Dixie.

Gangs expand their criminal business into TN suburbs Armed with drugs, guns and cash, gangs are expanding their criminal business from city neighborhoods to suburbs and small towns.

Diversity comes to Dixie.

Middle Tennessee's gangs are no longer just graffiti-spraying juvenile delinquents.
They are armed and dangerous criminal enterprises that recruit young people with the allure of fast money, street status and a sense of belonging — even if the group they join may get them killed or sent to prison.

"People don't understand there are drive-by shootings going on in Murfreesboro," said Ed Yarbrough, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee. "There are witness-elimination killings happening at (the) Hickory Hollow Mall (area). We've got this mindset that suburban areas don't have a gang problem, but we need to wake up to the fact that they do and drive them out."As in Tennessee, gang activity has spiked nationwide.

Nearly 800,000 gang membe…

UCSD-Jiggaboo Jones vs Prof. Widener

People have Called Jiggaboo Jones a Sell Out, Jiggaboo Jones gets to challenge the Professor who started the incident into a race riot. The truth is let free when the Professor denies making the incident as large as it was. The Professor is caught red handed in a political grab for power over control of the Black Students.

The administration continued its Mike Nifong-like prosecution of anyone white who may have attended the event. The truth was finally revealed on my radio show last night when the true organizer, a self-described “black, crime comedian” named Jiggaboo Jones claimed responsibility for the event. In fact, Mr. Jones disclosed that similar parties have been held in past years going back as far as 2005. Mr. Jones further stated that he recently hosted a similar event with an even raunchier title at UNLV just a few days ago.
Many have cited, with outrage, the Facebook Compton Cookout invitation urging males to wear “straight up jerseys” or a “White T (size XXXL smallest …

NAACP Condemns Off-Campus ‘Compton Cookout’

The University of California, San Diego’s student-run television station was shut down over racially offensive language, which was used on a program in which an off-campus party held by fraternity members mocking Black History Month was being discussed,  UCSD students who operate an alternative newspaper known as The Koala used the racially offensive language on Thursday night.The Koala staff also allegedly left a racially inflammatory note inside the television station,
The note on the studio floor read “Compton lynching,” according to a local TV station.Video: Noose Discovery

Monday’s party, allegedly organized by some members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, was themed “Compton Cookout” and urged attendees to dress and act in a manner perpetuating racist stereotypes.
Black student leaders attended an emotionally charged forum at UCSD Friday where they handed Chancellor Marye Anne Fox a list of 32 demands, according to KPBS. Those demands ranged from creating a safe, central spa…

‘beewolves’ used and found antibiotics first, study shows

A humble wasp learned how to use sophisticated antibiotics millions of years before the invention of penicillin, research has shown.Digger wasps of the family Philanthus, also known as “beewolves”, harness beneficial bacteria to manufacture a cocktail of drugs that protect its larvae from infection.

Scientists who made the discovery believe it could assist the development of new agents to combat human “superbugs”.The era of antibiotics began in 1928 when Alexander Fleming spotted how penicillin produced by green mould killed bacteria.
But long before, Philanthus wasps were coating their cocoons with antibiotics to fight off harmful microbes.
The insects not only evolved a method of manufacturing antibiotics, they used them in a highly effective way, said the scientists writing in the journal Nature Chemical Biology.
Just as human experts have learned to do, The German researchers found that beewolves teamed up with a type of bacteria called Streptomyces in a symbiotic relationship t…