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Putin’s new economic (pipeline) design for Europe

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is in Germany once again, for a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. His working visit will last two days: November 25-26. The entire European Union (EU) and the rest of Europe are watching this visit particularly closely. This is always the case when Moscow and Berlin are planning to redesign the architecture of Europe.

Russian Oil and Gas Challenges

The agenda for their talks is interesting indeed. Putin and Frau Chancellor will discuss construction work on Nord Stream (half the gas pipeline – 699 km – has been laid to date), the volume of gas supplies to Germany and the EU (France, Denmark and the Netherlands are already discussing an increase), Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), a new EU-Russia partnership treaty and bringing the introduction of visa-free travel forward. Finally, the two leaders need to shed light on relations between the German energy giant, E.ON Ruhrgas and Russia’s Gazprom. E.ON Ruhrgas h…

The TSA is out of control Thru VIPER Follow-Up By Jim Kirwan

Why are families made to live this way in the Once great USA.

Hulu - Harlan County USA - Watch the full feature film now.

Here we are in the United States of America and we have hard working families slaving to provide for their families and help provide for all of  us in many ways.

The United States can give money hand over fist to lets say Haiti which looks basically the same as it always has or even Hurricane Katrina and these hard working white families are made to live like this.  It's completely unforgivable.  The video below is just part of what these as many greedy people will or would call them 'white trash', which they aren't.

California Leads in Hate Crimes, Crimes against Whites not mentioned.

Funny how when a lone white is attacked by lets say a group of Latinos or blacks that is not called a ‘hate crime’ basically with all the alphabet groups and the Government it’s like Whites aren’t considered an Ethnic Group or race.

In fact when a white is attacked or killed by said group etc, notice the ethnicity of the attacker is not mentioned or it’s not ‘head line news’ such as the mentioned stories had. Why is that? Whatever the answer is it’s not right.  Shera~

California, New York and New Jersey continue to lead other states in hate crime statistics. According to figures from the annual FBI report released Monday, hate crimes have declined nationally, decreasing by 13 percent in 2009, but these three states continue to have the highest rates.

Fatal hate crime cases such as the beating of Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, Pa., gained national attention. Ramirez, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was walking with his white girlfriend when he was at…

Asylum seekers harm Zimbabwe’s image

by Wadzanai Mhombera

FOR the last 10 or so years, many Zimbabweans have sought asylum in the United Kingdom.
Reasons put forward being that their lives were in danger, politically that is. That Zanu-PF and Robert Mugabe were persecuting them. That if they return to Zimbabwe they will be maimed, tortured, raped, persecuted, killed and murdered by the Zanu-PF government.

Some have even appeared on international news agencies like CNN, BBC and Sky News claiming that Zimbabwe, their motherland where their relatives remained, was a no-go area for them.
I remember one former ZBC sports journalist who was quoted saying there was genocide in Zimbabwe. Some even went to the extent of engaging lawyers to ensure they got asylum status in the UK.

The right of asylum or political asylum, is an ancient judicial notion, under which a person persecuted for political opinions or religious beliefs in his or her own country may be protected by another sovereign authority, a foreign country …

“I am a racist,” Kuaygong yelled. “I hate white people,”

“I am a racist,” Kuaygong yelled. “I hate white people,” A man accused of declaring himself a racist and punching a neighbor was charged Tuesday with committing a hate crime — more than three weeks after he was arrested.
Thod T. Kuaygong surrendered early Oct. 23 after screaming anti-white sentiments from behind a locked door for 30 minutes, according to a police report.

He continued his tirade on the drive to jail and while being booked.
Officers at the time cited Kuaygong on suspicion of committing a hate crime on top of the assault — turning what would have been a misdemeanor into a felony.
But the hate crime accusation disappeared when he was formally charged Oct. 25.
It reappeared Tuesday.

Kuaygong is the second suspect to face a hate crime charge in 2010, despite more than 30 reported hate crimes recorded by Lincoln police so far this year.He faces a felony punishable by as many as five years in prison.

Lancaster County Chief Deputy Attorney Joe Kelly said his off…

With a tear in the Hunters eye they are searching for those that helped build Americas science and technology

The subjects of their life’s work — people with Nazi ties who lied on citizenship forms to enter the United States after World War II — are dead or dying. Current and former OSI employees say the unit is racing to extradite the few elderly Nazis still residing on American soil. Jonathan Drimmer, the lead trial lawyer in the government’s case against Demjanjuk, said that Demjanjuk’s expulsion is “a coda on a generation of work to bring major Nazi war criminals to justice.”

Since the OSI began operations in 1979, it has won deportation orders against 107 people and prevented 180 more from entering the United States through its watch list. Yet it remains to be seen how the close-knit group of lawyers and historians, accustomed to combing document-rich archives in the Eastern Bloc for clues, will recast its mission from capturing Nazis to catching criminals who fled murderous conflicts in such diverse places as Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. The OSI focuses on revoking the…

Alleged ringleader in horrific racially motivated torture/slayings gets only 18 years.

Christian and Newsom murders are one of the most gruesome slayings in US history. The young white couple was abducted by a group of black thugs. They were both gang raped and tortured. The female victim was kept alive for days so she could be gang raped over and over. One initial report on the local Knoxville news even stated that the perps took viagra so the gang rapes would last longer.

The mutilated bodies were found barely recognizable. One had been set on fire and one mutilated. The so-called “mainstream” media initially tried to censor the story. However, it gained major traction on websites like,, and sites that picked it up from the local Knoxville news. Then the “mainstream” media claimed that “racist websites” were lying about the details of the case. Many “mainstream” media sources insulted the victims of the crime by claiming it was a “carjacking gone bad.” Some “mainstream” sources even blamed the victims for “being in a bad …

US funds Israels circumcision plan to fight AIDS in Zimbabwe

US funds Israels circumcision plan to fight AIDS in Zimbabwe
Muslims are not isolated from the rest of the non-Muslim societies. Notably, however, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in predominantly Muslim countries is significantly less than among the countries where Christians or Jews are in majority. For example, in Morocco with a 98% Muslim population three out of 10,000 people have HIV/AIDS. On the other hand, in Botswana with 2% Muslim population, 3,580 out of 10,000 have HIV/AIDS, while in Zionist-state with 80% Jewish population 858 out of 10,000 people have HIV/AIDS. Last year, over 2.4 million Africans died from AIDS related illnesses. more
The U.S. ranks high on President Robert Mugabe’s enemies list, but at ground level it is leading a war on AIDS that may help save the life of 32-year-old Tineyi Marokwe and hundreds of thousands of other Zimbabweans.
The weapon is cheap and simple: male circumcision, considered a significant reducer of AIDS transmission.
In a 10-min…

TN Rep. Curry Todd Likens Illegal Immigrants To Rats

Tennessee legislator likened the boom in illegal immigrant births to that of rats multiplying out of control.
Rep. Curry Todd, who represents part of Shelby County, was asking why a state funded medical program called had Cover Kids required proof of citizenship before enrolling children.
Rep. Todd was told the program isn’t allowed to check because any child born in the U.S. is a citizen.
Todd told WREG-TV, “It Probably wasn’t the most perfect choice of words that come out of my mouth at that time. But to say the least I was frustrated with our state system in healthcare, the Tenncare system. Folks coming in to our state knowing they can get free healthcare, not only with our Tenncare system but also when they go in to have a baby…”

There are many who say illegal immigrants purposely come to the United States already pregnant or get pregnant to get instant citizenship for their children and to assure the parents will not be deported. It’s rare for illegal parents…

5 year-old killed over Halloween costume, in South L.A. over gang colors

I’m sure I’ll get plenty of static for saying this, but no child’s life should be taken over ‘gang colors’ in a costume. What a kid can’t be a kid trying to trick or treat without being killed over wearing a ‘Spider-man’ {red/blue}costume. LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Arms flexed in a muscleman pose, Aaron Shannon Jr. was getting ready for a Halloween party while his grandfather snapped photos of him in a Spiderman costume.
Suddenly, the click of the camera lens was replaced by the pop, pop of gunfire and the 5-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed.
The Oct. 31 attack — blamed on misdirected gunfire from suspected Crips gang members raiding Bloods turf — harkened back to the carnage of the 1980s and early ’90s when brazen young men patrolled the streets of the area once called South Central and gave little thought to living or dying.

Then, Aaron’s death likely would have flared the Crips-Blood rivalry even further and been followed by a retaliation shooting, then…

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama’s ‘big ticket’ Mumbai visit

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama’s ‘big ticket’ Mumbai visit Mumbai: The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama’s visit to the city. “The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit,” a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

Now here is the cost of let’s say a(U.S. Citizen) visitor/tourist to India:
Preparing for Your Trip to India
A Short Guide
If you are traveling with a group tour, they will often make arrangements for your currency exchange. They will probably provide arrangements for your travel from the airport to the hotel, so you wouldn’t need to have money for taxi or the hotel to start off with. However, if traveling alone or with a few friends, things will be different. So this is what I do.
When I arrive at the airport in Dehli, I will first stop at …

New Black Panther At Philly Polls Nothing Happening, NBPP In Houston, That Is Another Story.

New Black Panther At Philly Polls Nothing Happening, NBPP In Houston, That Is Another Story. A member of the New Black Panther Party was spotted by a local Fox station today at the same polling location at which he was videotaped two years ago. His presence at that facility in 2008, along with a nightstick-wielding colleague, led to a controversial voter intimidation case that has dogged the Obama administration for over a year and a half.
Fox provided a photo of the individual and reported that he was seen outside the polling place “wearing a pin that indicated his party affiliation, along with a black hat, sunglasses and leather coat.”

The individual appears to be Jerry Jackson, who had a poll-watching certificate back in 2008 and was originally named in the civil voter intimidation case bought in the waning days of the Bush administration. The Obama administration did not pursue the case against Jackson or the national party, but did obtain an injunction again…

Ohio Congressional Candidate, (R) Rich Iott, Loses To U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo)

So this is all coming down to Iott, being involved in WWII re-enactments. . . Voters want to use that as a reason for not voting for Iott.   I'd say the Democratic Party and Media made Mr. Iott's love and passion for History his downfall. 

'He claims it is just a pure love of history and amazement at the success of the Third Reich. “I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that here was a relatively small country that from a strictly military point of view accomplished incredible things. I mean, they took over most of Europe and Russia, and it really took the combined effort of the free world to defeat them. From a purely historical military point of view, that’s incredible,” said Iott. History is a great thing. Iott should not be criticized for his passion for it, but some people think his interest is misdirected.'
In a race that saw an Ohio businessman attempt to unseat long-time U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo), Republican Rich Iott failed in hi…

Fed. Appeals court talks of axing part of Arizona law

ICE Enforcement and Removal OperationsEnforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) enforces the nation’s immigration laws in a fair and effective manner. It identifies and apprehends removable aliens, detains these individuals when necessary and removes illegal aliens from the U.S. This unit prioritizes the apprehension, arrest and removal of convicted criminals, those who pose a threat to national security, fugitives and recent border entrants. – Arizona’s immigration law faced tough scrutiny from a federal appeals panel Monday as the state’s governor appeared in person to support the controversial provision on the day before the election in which she’s seeking her first full term.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals signaled it was ready to toss out the provision of Arizona’s law that criminalizes the failure to carry immigration papers showing lawful residency in the United States.
But the three-judge panel didn’t tip its hand over which way it was leanin…