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Looking for some extra work? 'Vikings' need 8,000 extras for filming in Ireland - The Vintage News

The rusting relics of an eerie Hungarian train graveyard

These are the eerie images of an abandoned train yard in Hungary where visitors can see rotting carriages once used by the Nazis to transport hundreds of thousands of Jews to their deaths at Auschwitz concentration camp.
The pictures, taken at the Istvantelek train workshop near Budapest, are a snapshot of a bygone era, with huge locomotives standing in a crumbling shed that is slowly being reclaimed by nature reports the Daily Mail The repair shop opened in the early 1900s and has witnessed 80 years of tumultuous Hungarian history that included the fall of a monarchy, Nazi occupation and transformation into communist state loyal to the Soviet Union. Among the decaying carriages are trains that look identical to those used by the Nazis to transport nearly 440,000 Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz between May and July 1944.  more from source
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Defamation (english)


The TAO of the Shaman: MEGA-DEATH NUCLEAR RADIATION DISASTER STRIKES WEST...: The Pacific Coast of the Unites States of America is being hit with a massive natural disaster unlike any the World has ever seen. And one o...

9/01/2013 Obama "I'm ready to bomb Syria." 03/14/2015 U.S. State Department wants to fork over $70 M in non-leathal aid.

This tid bit found under the article  Flashback to 2013 # Zionist Western/Turkish Propaganda of War on Syria
  Meanwhile 3/14/2015 This headline appears!  
War Crimes Alert: “U.S. to send $70 million in ‘non-lethal’ aid to Syrian opposition”

The U.S. State Department said on Friday it was working with Congress to provide about $70 million in new non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

MTV Decade 1980-1989 (Full)

I am so glad I found this video, TONS OF HISTORY

The Birth of a Nation (1915) - Full Official Movie - Great Quality Film :)