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Another sad aspect of Child Abuse that ruins innocent lives Being Falsely Accused

 I'm all for informing, warning,  stopping sexual predators/abusers in or near schools, homes, day cares, parks and support to victims, concerned parents,  and their families by them with counseling,  safe house, shelters, etc,. in ways to help in protecting the lives of innocent victims of Child Abuse in all it's forms and helping to make sure the nightmares that children that grow up to be adults that are scared by such abuses, but it's also a crime for innocent parents, alleged abusers to be labeled with that scarlet letter of Child Abuser and the police, teachers, social workers, some of the medical community that go along with them,   for themselves for whatever reason to a spoiled child that doesn't get there way about something for whatever reason, threatening to call the police or Childrens Service to report abuses that aren't there. 

Having this label on your record is & would be the same as being labeled Jeffery Dahmer or worse.

Rules for the Falsely Ac…

Collaterally Damaged - ( Children of sex offenders )

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