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Nazi Ally Axis Sally Buried in Franklin County Ohio

The Columbus Dispatch : Mike Harden commentary: Infamous Nazi ally rests amid area vets

Very interesting article I came across while reading the paper this morning. It made me smile when I first started to read it Knowing that such an important Nazi Ally was buried in the same County I live in. After reading further into this article, I was quite pissed to know that this woman "AXIS SALLY" had been convicted of treason. Excuse my wording for a minute but WTF is that. She was convicted for Treason over this? Telling the truth......... This should Piss one and all off as to the Treasonous Behavior That Goes on in this Country all the time by "elected" officals.

Defense counsel Laughlin argued that treason must be something more than the spoken word: ‘Things have come to a pretty pass if a person cannot make an anti-Semitic speech without being charged with treason. Being against President Ro…

57 Illegals Busted at Military Parachute Plant : Diggers Realm

57 Illegals Busted at Military Parachute Plant : Diggers Realm

"The press release also said: “Illegal aliens employed at sensitive facilities -- such as military bases, nuclear plants, chemical plants, airports and Department of Defense contractors -- pose a homeland security threat.”

You think?! This is insane and the person in H.R. should be Fined, Refined and deemed a Terroristic Threats as well as far as I'm concerned. Then again this isn't the first and I'm certain won't be the last time an illegal is employed in sensitive areas. Hell look at that one story of that one restaurant chain in Dearborne MI. Not only where American Tax payers left holding the bag of Taxes not paid by a "person of suspicion of being a terrorist by Homeland Security but his wife also worked for the FBI/CIA......... Makes one wonder

La Shish restaurants shut doors for good

Restaurant closed, but look at the rest of the mess~

I want to thank Bikerman J for showing me this article …

All Immigration Votes of Representative Pat Tiberi