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Generation of Sedation

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I don't see a thing wrong with this at all! Melania Trump To Move To WH In Summer

I don't see a thing wrong at all about Melania's  plans, why drag a little boy out of school so late into the year and make him start fresh all over again and also if they do sleep separately and have different bathrooms, who cares.  I know my grandparents did and they had an amazing Marriage and family.  I'm sure in the many decades they where together they heard each other pass wind or go potty but still.  I see nothing wrong with this at all.

Melania Trump To Move To WH In Summer
First lady Melania Trump is slated to move to the White House with son Barron this summer, the White House confirmed to Fox News Saturday. The Trumps will join the president after Barron’s school year ends. Even though President Donald Trump lived in Washington, D.C. since his Jan. 20 inauguration, the first lady remained at Trump…


We NEED TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Enough is enough! After this recent shooting in san bernadino, a poor child has died. This SHOILD NOT be taken lightly. THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN! We must take whatever action needed to ensure the safety of our children. Please sign and show your support.

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