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Sponsor Tells White Dance Team it Must Share First Place

Five days after taking first place in the Sprite Step Off Finals in Atlanta last weekend, the women of Zeta Tau Alpha’s Epsilon Chapter from the University of Arkansas learned they would be sharing the spotlight. On Thursday, Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Company, which sponsors the college step dancing competition, announced that because of a scoring discrepancy in the sorority results, the second-place winners, the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa, Inc. from Indiana University, would be recognized as co-winners and awarded the same $100,000 prize as Zeta Tau alpha. The change was revealed in a Facebook statement. It did not offer insight into the exact problem with the scoring or how it was discovered. ARTICLE
The Crowd Boo's the Zetas for winning, Whats wrong afraid of a little competition?

Racism Problem At Marysville High School?

“We moved here in 2004 in March. A little boy walked up to my daughter and said, ‘I’m going to hang you from a tree,‘“ Taylor said. Taylor is African-American. Her daughter DaNeshia Isbell has been suspended twice this year after getting into fights and shouting matches with white students who call her all types of names. The latest happened this week after a white male student called her a silver-backed monkey and an ape and told her she should go back to Africa. “Me and him were going back and forth again, like cussing each other out, so he lifted up his shirt and showed this tattoo of a swastika—like this big red swastika,“ she said. Isbell admitted that she used foul language during the altercation and the school said she was also using racial slurs. The male student also had disciplinary action taken against him and police were called because of the swastika. Isbell also has a phone message she received in January. more

Student Tattoo Violates Dress Code, Students Punished Marys…

Holocaust denial in the USA

Throughout the history of the world, countless honorable men and women have questioned, warned, and given their opinions on the Jewish religion, and its people. Some with their lives long before Hitler, and the countless others.
Worldwide the Jewish/Zionists, and other groups criminalize and sneer at any question, or even documented fact that is shown to them.  Their answer other then bullying and destroying the lives of the person that questions is being violent and ridiculing. Destroying lives and shouting Racist Pig, anti-Semite, then taking them on the grand tour of the POW camps.  Why isn’t there coverage of the countless tragedies of the Irish, English, the citizens of Dresden,50 million deaths at the hands of Stalin, ‘Death camps’ in Japan, etc?  Why must we always hear of the tragedy “suffered” by the Jews and Africans that always want more, more and even more, neither group has a ‘monopoly on sorrow’   shera~
Whereas African-Americans and Jewish-Americans have a long and proud …

Home Office covered up immigration risk [11/08/09]

Whitehall seems to have a pretty good history at the Immigration game and what they like to hide and bring to the UK and in really messing things up your thoughts? Labour's “open door” immigration policy knowingly risked allowing dangerous people to settle in Britain unchecked, according to documents seen by The Sunday Times. The Whitehall correspondence, which was illegally withheld by the Home Office for four years, shows how ministers were told by the country’s most senior immigration official that his staff were to be “encouraged to take risks” when granting visas, work permits and extended residency to hundreds of thousands of new migrants. The cover-up of this policy of risk-taking was so concerted that Richard Thomas, the then information commissioner, sent a team of investigators into the Home Office to trawl all the relevant papers. Earlier this year he rebuked the department for breaking the law and ordered it to release the material under the freedom of information (F…

We Heard You UK & We Don’t CARE

Labour encouraged mass immigration even though it knew that voters opposed it, Whitehall documents confirmed yesterday.
The Government said the public disagreed with immigration because of ‘racism’ and ministers were told to try to alter public attitudes.
The thinking on immigration among Labour leaders was set down in 2000 in a document prepared for the Cabinet Office and the Home Office, but the key passages were suppressed before it was published.
The paper was finally disclosed under freedom of information rules yesterday.
They were also told that large-scale immigration would bring increases in crime, but they concealed these concerns from the public.
Sections of the paper, which underpinned Labour policies that admitted between two and three million immigrants to Britain in less than a decade, have already been made public.
These have showed that Labour aimed to use immigration not only for economic reasons but also to change the social make-up of the country.
Fuller details re…

Free Speech or Something Like That

Ky. man, New Saxon, Free Speech, Obama
Although speech is freer in the United States than in many societies, federal and state laws do restrict many kinds of expression. Some kinds of speech regarded as damaging to individual interests (e.g., libel and slander) are limited primarily by the threat of tort action; other forms of speech (e.g., obscenity) are restricted by law because they are regarded as damaging to society as a whole. Speech that is regarded as disruptive of public order has long been beyond protection (e.g., fighting words that cause a breach of the peace or false statements that cause general panic). more

From US Code: Title 18,871 – Threats against the President and Successors to the Presidency:
(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in
the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter
carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document
containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict
bodily harm upon …

Wiped Clean Law limiting release of gun-trace data

As a candidate, Barack Obama promised to get rid of a law – quietly passed by Congress – that hides information from the public about guns used in crimes and the stores that sell them.
Instead, President Obama has embraced most of the law and added even more rules that could make it harder for law enforcement to crack down on dealers and stores selling guns to criminals.
While supporters of the secrecy law say shielding crime-gun data and dealer violations protects police officers, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn labels that notion “a crock.”
Before the law passed, it was easier to see such trends and Badger Outdoors ranked at the top, according to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. In 2005 alone, the store sold 537 crime guns – most in the nation.
As public pressure mounted on gun dealers, a little-known congressman from Kansas slipped sweeping secrecy rules into a giant federal budget bill, protecting law-breaking gun stores from scrutiny and m…

Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Squatters Allowed To Stay In UK “indefinite leave to remain”

The Telegraph reports that thousands of illegal immigrants have been granted what the paper describes as “squatters’ rights” to remain in Britain permanently after proving they have lived here for 14 years.
A little-known rule, introduced in 2003, allows illegal immigrants to claim “indefinite leave to remain” if they manage to live in Britain’s black economy for long enough or are failed asylum seekers who manage to avoid deportation.
After 14 years they can apply to the Home Office which considers factors such as “compassionate circumstances, strength of connection to the UK and previous criminal record”, before deciding whether an illegal immigrant will be allowed to stay.
If successful, the immigrant will then be allowed full access to the welfare state and be eligible to apply for a British passport.
Since rules changed in April 2003, 7,245 illegals have won the right to live here permanently – more than 1,000 a year on average. It is likely that many paid no income tax during…

Geert Wilders PC Kangaroo Court

At a certain level, the trial of Geert Wilders for the crime of “group insult” of Islam is déjà vu all over again. For as the spokesperson for the Openbaar Ministerie put it, “It is irrelevant whether Wilders’s witnesses might prove Wilders’s observations to be correct. What’s relevant is that his observations are illegal.”
Ah, yes, in the Netherlands, as in Canada, the truth is no defence. My Dutch is a little rusty but I believe the “Openbaar Ministerie” translates in English to the Ministry for Openly Barring People. Whoops, my mistake. It’s the prosecution service of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. But it shares with Canada’s “human rights” commissions an institutional contempt for the truth.
As for “Wilders’s witnesses,” he submitted a list of 18, and the Amsterdam court rejected no fewer than 15 of them. As with Commissar MacNaughton and her troika of pseudo-judges presiding over the Maclean’s trial in British Columbia, it’s easier to make the rules up as you go along.
It’s re…

Ky. man, New Saxon, Free Speech, Obama, Informant

– A Kentucky man has been charged with posting a poem threatening President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama on a white supremacist Web site.
U.S. Secret ServiceSpecial Agent Stephan M. Pazenzia said Johnny Logan Spencer Jr., 27, of Louisville wrote and posted the poem, titled “The Sniper,” on a page called The site is described as an “Online Community for Whites by Whites.” The poem was posted in August 2007, according to an arrest affidavit.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Dave Whalin on Friday ordered Spencer released on $25,000 bond, but kept under house arrest at a family member’s home. He’s charged with making threats against the president and threatening to kill or injure a major candidate for the office of the president.
The poem describes a gunman shooting and killing a “tyrant” later identified as the president, setting off panic in the wake of the fatal shot being fired.


As the tyrant enters his cross hairs the breath he take…

Czech Court Bans Far-Right Party

PRAGUE — A Czech court has banned the far-right Workers’ Party, the first time a political party has been outlawed since the Czech Republic was founded in 1993.
The court described the party as xenophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic and said it shared the ideology of Hitler’s Nazi party and maintained links to openly white-supremacist and racist groups.
“This ruling needs to be understood as a preventive one, to maintain the constitutional and democratic order in the future,” Judge Vojtech Simicek said in issuing the ruling. Noting that the party held up an uncomfortable mirror to Czech society, he added: “Society must realize that the causes for the Workers’ Party lie deeply within itself. The Workers’ Party is not an external enemy to society, but one of its faces.”
The party’s chairman, Tomas Vandas, said he would appeal. He insisted that the ruling would not stop him or other members from running in elections this May through a party that is closely connected to the dissolved …

Sex Charges Face Israeli Cult Leader

Some men dream of having a harem. According to police, Goel Ratzon fulfilled this dream.
Ratzon, 60, was indicted Sunday on multiple charges including rape, sodomy, enslavement and sexual abuse within the family. Ratzon, who lived with 21 “wives” and had 49 children was the leader of a cult for many years.
According to the prosecutor, the indictment describes a life “that will rattle the mind, the imagination and question human morality,” the prosecutor said. The women lived in several squalid apartments in Tel Aviv and most of them had pictures of Ratzon’s face and his name tattooed on their bodies.
According to the charges laid out in the indictment and published in the Israeli press, Ratzon kept his “wives” and children on a tight leash. There was a long list of rules and stiff penalties for breaking them.
Here are a few examples. (Note: 3.7 Israeli shekels = $1 US)
No woman shall marry nor shall any woman attack another, either verbally or physically. Fine: 2,000 shekels, to be…

What Is Wrong With Loving Your White Race?

I came across an article stating"Black Children Are An Endangered Species' while checking out the various sites I belong to, and I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to write about a HUGE RACIAL DOUBLE STANDARD as many others have done before, so here is something I put together. Everyone needs to take notice of this and if you don't see it as just that, STOP READING THIS because you will never ever understand what I am talking about. 

Why is this allowed to be posted on 65 BILLBOARDS in Atlanta, Georgia and who knows where else, or something similar to it.  It's not being labeled as 'HATE' 
Yet, if a flyer, sticker stating "Born White",  "LOVE YOUR RACE" or "Children of Tomorrow"  is distributed or found anywhere let alone mentioned it's deemed as threatening or labeled a Hate Crime. Give me the answer to that please. Birth rate (most recent) by country  CDC:Publications and Information ProductsCDC= Provisional num…

Working Class Now A Threatening Word!?!

Since when was 'White Minority' or 'Working Class' Threatening words?
I saw this tonight on the news and got me thinking as it always does when this kind of thing happens anywhere.  I think it disturbs me most when this is made out to be Horrific(but of course we knew if would bc 'blacks' were involved) Typical ZOG like behavior.  Anyway, on to the other part OK Columbus also has MS13, Latin Kings, Crips, Bloods, Folk and Somali Refugees that attack WHITES, (but they are from another country/culture so they are forgiven ) BULL...and who knows what else we have.  They leave grafetti it's maybe mentioned on the news or not.  Not sure if this is the real deal or another Hoax involved hate thing, like so many in the past. 

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Central Ohio homes have been vandalized with threats and racist words.
Ohio averages approximately 300 hate crimes each year. Many more go unreported and it looks like a Clintonville neighborhood is another victim of the crime.

Think about it? You've got to be kidding me!

It is getting colder now in Jerusalem and throughout Israel which, too, has been impacted by the economic crisis. Tragically, in times like these the forgotten elderly are the first to suffer.

This need has broken my heart. I was the first U.S. Christian minister in the early 80s to organize a national campaign to encourage these people to leave Russia and go home to Israel. I flew many times to Russia to meet with them in their tiny apartments and in the woods. To see them so very alone and in such need in the Bible Land is breaking my heart.

When I took Bibles into Russia, I had to call them “soap.” It was against the law to take Bibles into the country. I had three suitcases that were opened by a solder who said, “These are big bars of soap.” I said, “Yes,” knowing I would go to prison when he opened the packages. He closed the suitcases and whispered, “Praise the Lord, brother.”

I awoke this morning praying for them and their needs. We want so much to meet the goal of having 5,…

West Africans Scream Discrimination because Wal-Mart wants to hire U.S. Citizens

SILVERTHORNE, Colo. — A small group of West African men who came to the Rockies in search of economic opportunity are embroiled in a dispute with Wal-Mart, accusing it of a raft of discriminatory actions. Most say they were dismissed because supervisors wanted to give their jobs to local people in need of work. A spokesman, Greg Rossiter, said most of the men who had filed the complaints were part of a larger group of 90 employees of all different backgrounds dismissed last year after a management change at a store in Avon, Colo. “These allegations just don’t accurately reflect the working environment at these stores,” Mr. Rossiter said. “We have a diverse group of associates, including many from West Africa, who are finding good career opportunities.” In complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the 10 men said they had all worked for Wal-Mart for a few years, mostly without incident, at a variety of jobs at three stores in Avon, Glenwood Springs and Rifle…

Earth Religions Get Worship Area at Colorado AF Base

Pagans, Wiccans, Druids and other Earth-centered believers,
A double circle of stones atop a hill on the campus near Colorado Springs has been designated for the group, which previously met indoors.
“Being with nature and connecting with it is kind of the whole point,” said Tech. Sgt. Brandon Longcrier, who sponsors the group and describes himself as a Pagan. “It will dramatically improve that atmosphere, the mindset and the actual connection.”
The stones were moved to the hilltop last year because erosion threatened to make them unstable in their previous location near the visitors center. Crews arranged them in two concentric circles because they thought it would be a pleasant place for cadets to relax, Longcrier said.
When Longcrier and academy chaplains were looking for an outdoor worship space, they discovered one already existed in the form of the circles.
Lt. Col. William Ziegler, one of the academy’s chaplains, said designating the space is part of the school’s effort to foste…

North Carolina Schools Cutting or Re-Writing History?

Isn’t this just lovely? NOT, I mean I can see them changing, adding more of the truths of American History and taking away part of the lies that have been hammered into students heads from elementary school on. Add more parts of the truth and eliminate the same old same old they brainwash you with. Just another Jew tactic to dumb down America and a way keep students away from what and where they came from and what our forefathers fought for. Another reason for Home Schooling! He may be the president who governed during the Civil War, freeing the slaves, but under a new curriculum proposal for North Carolina high schools, U.S. history would begin years after President Lincoln, with the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877. State education leaders say this may help students learn about more recent history in greater depth. “We are certainly not trying to go away from American history,” Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, tol…