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Warning to Parents Keep an Eye On Your Little Girls Cell Phones and talk to your children about sex.

DES MOINES, Iowa – When the truth came out, Planned Parenthood had to abandon their controversial Teenwire.com website pushing teenagers to pursue anal sex, “fingering,” multiple partners, and the use of sex toys and pornography.

WARNING: Some may find the content of this article very graphic and offensive. But we want you to know the truth about what Planned Parenthood is peddling to kids.

pp sex appBut don’t think that offensive content or Planned Parenthood’s mission to sexualize your children has gone away. Now it’s going direct to their cell phones.

Planned Parenthood has been pushing free “Apps for Teens” that they can read on their cell phones. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has been pushing it on their Facebook page with this message: “Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens: Once a week, we’ll be featuring a free app that can help you learn all about sex, relationships, birth control and more. Want a sneak peek? Take a look at all of them here.”

The apps feature quizzes and games with seductive topics like, “What’s Your Love Personality?”

Sounds harmeless so far, right? Good, clean fun. We decided to take the quiz and see.

The Love Personality quiz offers a series of questions where readers answer, “Agree” or “Disagree.” It also asks for your age, race, sex, and location. (Remember, this is the era of Big Data, so Planned Parenthood collects this information.)

I choose “12 or under,” because I was curious what Planned Parenthood would say to a child that young.

What’s Your Love Personality Question 1: “When I like someone I’m more likely to tell him directly than have a friend do it for me.”

If I get into a situation where I’m being pressured to have sex, I’ll know what to say.
The best way to deal with pressure? Avoid the situation in the first place. If someone pressures you, say something like “This is making me uncomfortable. Let‘s do something else.” That can work, without making a big deal about it.
Everybody is having sex. I feel left out.
Actually, most teens your age aren't having sex. The average age teens first have sex is 17. That means very few teens your age have ever had sex. So, really, you're not left out at all!

Makes one wonder wouldn't you say? Israel Health-Care Deals Almost Doubled in 2013, PwC Says (1)

Israel’s life-science industry posted a record year in total deal size as companies benefited from a boom in U.S. investment, PricewaterhouseCoopers Israel said in a report.

U.S. Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Health-care companies, with $2.5 billion in transactions, grabbed the biggest share of $7.6 billion in Israeli technology deals worldwide this year, PwC Israel said. That was up 92 percent from $1.3 billion in 2012, according to the report.
Israeli companies, which stayed on the sidelines following the 2008 global financial crisis, experienced a major thaw in the IPO market in 2013. In June, Kadimastem Ltd. (KDST), a developer of stem-cell therapies, became the first company to list on the Israeli bourse since the end of 2011 after a record 56 IPOs in 2007, exchange data show.

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Canadian Jewish Supremacists Demand “Open Borders” for Canada

Canadian Jewish Supremacists Demand “Open Borders” for Canada

Chicago public schools won’t share new African studies curriculum

CHICAGO – On Friday, the NAACP touted the decision by the Chicago Public School (CPS) to integrate “African American history in the curriculum” on Twitter.
cps confidentialBut there is much more to the story. It is one thing to ignore the many contributions black Americans have made in America’s culture, but this curriculum change does not seem to be about that.
Earlier this month, a press release from CPS “announced the inclusion of a new interdisciplinary African and African-American studies program across all core disciplines and in all schools and starting in January 2014.”
All disciplines truly means “all disciplines,” and even includes “Physical Education and Health.”

 If one enlarges the image on the ninth page, some links can be viewed:
five pillars zoom
Some of these links are quite revealing.
In the first one, for example, one can find the following phrase buried in the text:
“Students need to have an understanding of the emergence of racism and why European science was used to justify slavery and imperialism.”
This phrase implies that only Europeans can be racist. Now remember, this is just an example of the curriculum for sixth graders.
Another link for “quarter 3″ discusses the “Multiple Trajectories of Islam in Africa.” There may be a Christian equivalent, but it it hard to determine, since the curriculum is not available to the public.
According to the description, students will learn,
“The study of intellectual thought of the Muslims and their effect on Christianity, on Africa, and subsequently Africa and Islam on Europe.”
Yet another link takes one to Professor Martin Bernal’s documentary, “Black Athena – The Fabrication of Ancient Greece.” The claims made in that particular documentary are typically coupled with the word “controversial.” The entire work was criticized in a book by History Prof. Ronald Fritze.
According to StrideMagazine, it was described by Fritze as
“an academic work using pseudohistory to assert the Afrocentric origins of Western Classical civilisation, a trendy toxic cocktail of race, ‘culture’ and Occidentalist propaganda.”
It would be interesting to see the rest of the curriculum.
One thing that keeps nagging at the author is the conspicuous lack of other groups that are notincorporated into PhysEd and all other core studies.
Additionally, how about the vast differences in cultures among Europeans? Italy, England, Ireland, Germany — these are all different groups with vastly different cultures. Why are “white people” all lumped in together? Why not Hispanic and Asian studies?

[WATCH] Hundreds of Teenagers Close Down Kings Plaza Mall:Violent Game of Knockout Played on Upper Level

“I’m so scared.  I know they will come back.”
“I was begging them to stop. There were a lot of kids hundreds of kids… [Security] would chase them out one door and they would come back in another door.”
Hundreds of Teens Shut Down Brooklyn Mall After Planning Mass Looting on Facebook and Twitter
Hundreds of Teens Shut Down Brooklyn Mall After Planning Mass Looting on Facebook and Twitter
After the attack, some of the teens took to social media to brag about the attack and the beating of the mall security officers.”
Hundreds of teens descended upon the King’s Plaza Mall in Brooklyn, the site of a racial beat down of a white couple back in October. 
The mob used Twitter and Facebook to plan the invasion, where they planned to loot, planning on putting the mall on tilt.  More than 400 teenagers showed up, smashing candy jars, stealing cheap items and beating up security guards for two hours in the evening on Thursday.  Other sources said a violent game of Knockout took place on the upper level of the mall.  Here are some scenes from Thursday’s violence:  MORE


Kings Plaza Mall steps up security after teens run wild

Security measures are being increased at a Brooklyn mall after a group of out of control teenagers ran wild through stores. Cell phone video shows dozens of teens running through Kings Plaza Mall on Thursday, as police worked to break up the chaos.

Stores closed their gates to keep workers and shoppers safe.

Security officers at the mall are now checking IDs not letting anyone in under the age of 18 without a permit. Workers say the mall needs to increase security permanently.

On Saturday, shoppers said everything was peaceful and there were a lot of extra security officers. In the afternoon, mall management finally released a statement saying simply, "at this time we're requesting minor children have an adult escort when they shop King's Plaza. " "One security guy asked us how old we were, and said we had to leave, but then others ignored it, paid us no mind," said 18-year-old shopper Julia Peklushenko. The cell phone video shows cops trying to break up the melee, at one point we see an officer take down a girl.
"Nothing but kids. Dangerous if you had bags, all they were doing was taking it and running," said Tyshanda Watson, a Victoria's Secret employee.

Tyshanda Watson was working at the Victoria's Secret where employees quickly pulled down the store's gate to protect everyone inside from the out of control teens.

"They were scared, cops everywhere, they pushed people, there was a lot of people," Watson said.
Sources say the incident may have been sparked by a girl wearing a shirt with a picture and derogatory comment about another girl.

The problem then escalated on social media with the girls agreeing to meet up at the mall.

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Instead of look at the Monkey or Twerker, it was can you watch and whistle like a Duck!?!

 Posted: Oct. 26, 2001

President Bush Signs Anti-Terrorism Bill

The following is the full text of President Bush's remarks at the White House signing of the of USA Patriot Act of 2001, that allows sweeping anti-terrorism legislation.

A Decade of Patriot Act Abuses

This was a key moment in the history of America as told in terms of the battle between liberty and power, power often winning in the name of security. Attorney General John Ashcroft said, in the midst of criticism of the Bush administration’s power grabs conducted in the guise of combating terrorism:
Former Attorney General John Ashcroft
“To those who pit Americans against immigrants, citizens against non-citizens, to those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve. They give ammunition to America’s enemies and pause to America’s friends. They encourage people of good will to remain silent in the face of evil.”
Indeed, many defenders of the Patriot Act and all it symbolized stressed that the accusations of lost liberty were specious. Simultaneous to the argument that we needed to revolutionize federal anti-terror policy to deal with new threats came the paradoxical argument that government was not going to be doing anything it wasn’t essentially doing anyway.  more

 Harassment Through
                            Psychological Warfare

While boring from within, the FBI and police also attack dissident movements
from the outside. They openly mount propaganda campaigns through public
addresses, news releases, books, pamphlets, magazine articles, radio, and
television. They also use covert deception and manipulation. Documented
tactics of this kind include:

False Media Stories: COINTELPRO documents expose frequent collusion between
news media personnel and the FBI to publish false and distorted material at
the Bureau's behest. The FBI routinely leaked derogatory information to its
collaborators in the news media. It also created newspaper and magazine
articles and television "documentaries" which the media knowingly or
unknowingly carried as their own. Copies were sent anonymously or under
bogus letterhead to activists' financial backers, employers, business
associates, families, neighbors, church officials, school administrators,
landlords, and whomever else might cause them trouble.

One FBI media fabrication claimed that Jean Seberg, a white film star active
in anti-racist causes, was pregnant by a prominent Black leader. The Bureau
leaked the story anonymously to columnist Joyce Haber and also had it passed
to her by a "friendly" source in the Los Angeles Times editorial staff. The
item appeared without attribution in Haber's nationally syndicated column of
May 19, 1970. Seberg's husband has sued the FBI as responsible for her
resulting stillbirth, nervous breakdown, and suicide.

Bogus Leaflets, Pamphlets, and Other Publications: COINTELPRO documents show
that the FBI routinely put out phony leaflets, posters, pamphlets,
newspapers, and other publications in the name of movement groups. The
purpose was to discredit the groups and turn them against one another.

FBI cartoon leaflets were used to divide and disrupt the main national
anti-war coalition of the late 1960s. Similar fliers were circulated in 1968
and 1969 in the name of the Black Panthers and the United Slaves (US), a
rival Black nationalist group based in Southern California. The phony
Panther/US leaflets, together with other covert operations, were credited
with subverting a fragile truce between the two groups and igniting an
explosion of internecine violence that left four Panthers dead, many more
wounded, and a once-flourishing regional Black movement decimated.

Another major COINTELPRO operation involved a children's coloring book which
the Black Panther Party had rejected as anti-white and gratuitously violent.
The FBI revised the coloring book to make it even more offensive. Its field
offices then distributed thousands of copies anonymously or under phony
organizational letterheads. Many backers of the Party's program of free
breakfasts for children withdrew their support after the FBI conned them
into believing that the bogus coloring book was being used in the program.

Forged Correspondence: Former employees have confirmed that the FBI has the
capacity to produce state-of-the-art forgery. This capacity was used under
COINTELPRO to create snitch jackets and bogus communications that
exacerbated differences among activists and disrupted their work.

Duck Dyansty was the latest form of  Harassment Through  Psychological Warfare

Bill Text 113th Congress (2013-2014)

Islam versus Europe: Book recommendation: Generation Identity

Islam versus Europe: Book recommendation: Generation

The Generation Identity movement made headlines in France last year by occupying the mosque under construction in Poitiers. Since then, it has been spreading around Europe. I have seen evidence of its activity in Germany and the Netherlands. Perhaps it has reached other countries too. This book is a kind of manifesto for the movement, although they declared "This isn't a manifesto, it's a declaration of war."

Here is the preface to the book.

Europe is in a deep crisis. This crisis weighs more heavily than the division of Europe by the Iron Curtain, or the destruction of our continent during both world wars.

This crisis is fundamentally different from others that we have lived through. It is a crisis of the European spirit.

After the National Socialist reign of terror, our continent fell sick and lost its will to live.

The next generation, the ’68ers, hated and condemned everything that had been passed down to them: every tradition, every belief in their own kind, every will toward an authentic identity.

This belief that one’s own kind is worthless — that cultures, peoples, and families count for nothing and need to be rooted out — threatens to end Europe’s existence as a continent for Europeans.

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27 y/o White Texas Man Charged With Federal Hate Crime After Assaulting African-American Man In ‘Knock-Out’ Game; You Know Sort of Testing the Racial Waters?!

A man in Katy, Texas, has been charged with federal hate crime after assaulting an elderly African-American man. Investigators have determined that the attack was racially motivated.
The “knock-out game” involves an attacker attempting to “knock out” an unsuspecting victim with a single punch.
Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, had reportedly been trying to work up the nerve to play the “game ” for about a week before the attack.
Barrett (pictured) is white, a federal law enforcement official told CNN. According to investigators, he chose the elderly Black man as his target for a very specific reason.
“The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?” Barrett said in a cell phone video. Barrett reportedly shared this video with an off-duty police officer after the attack, adding that he felt guilty for what had happened.
“The complaint alleges Barrett made several videos, one in which he identifies himself and another in which he makes a racial slur,” said the U.S. Justice Department.
Barrett added that he would never harm “defenseless people.”
According to CNN, Barrett was charged with one count of violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. MORE 

FILE - newly elected Brooklyn councilwoman Laurie Cumbo at Chabad Sukkot Festival In Crown Heights 2013. (Facebook)

New York Councilwoman Blames Jews for Knockout Game Attacks

Gangs of black teens (both girls and boys) have been coursing through our big cities sucker punching white people–often the aged and many times Jews–in the so-called knock out game. These crimes are happening from coast to coast and the story is always the same; black kids attacking whites without warning. But one New York Councilwoman has an explanation for it all. It’s the Jews’ fault.
Newly elected New York City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo of Crown Heights thinks she knows why gangs of criminal blacks are beating up whites and Jews in obvious hate crimes. It’s those darn Jews causing all her poor black constituents to feel “threatened.”
Cumbo released a letter explaining how none of this could be the black criminals’ fault and it all has to be the Jews fault because, she says, Jews in her area has been prospering and growing of late.
“Many African American/Caribbean residents expressed a genuine concern that as the Jewish community continues to grow, they would be pushed out by their Jewish landlords or by Jewish families looking to purchase home,” this racist wrote on her Facebook page.
Racist Cumbo went on to say that Jewish accomplishments “triggers feelings of resentment” in her black constituents and made excuses for the crimes saying she hoped to “offer possible insight as to how young African-American/Caribbean teens could conceivably commit a ‘hate crime’ against a community that they know very little about.”
Now, notice that she put hate crimes in scare quotes to denote that she doesn’t really think that roving gangs of blacks beating up whites for no reason is really a hate crime. MORE

Please read comments at the links

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Chicago Public Schools’ African American studies: An outdated approach and Michigan charter schools '. . . turned into ghettos of poverty'

US schools attempted to ban 49 books in 2013   <

Andrew Burton / Getty Images / AFP


Since 1995, Ray has been an English teacher in the Chicago Public Schools.
CHICAGO – Wednesday, Chicago Public Schools announced a new curriculum that, according CPS officials quoted in the Chicago Tribune, “will allow teachers to incorporate African and African-American studies into core subjects throughout the year, bringing the district into compliance with the state requirement.”
apple and chalkboard
Around 9:15 a.m. Thursday, the Chicago Teachers Union sent out a tweet quoting a DNAInfo news story that emphasized how charter schools are exempt from this policy.  Those opposed to charter schools will surely fuel the criticism against this exception.
The journalists reporting this situation and the voices rising in opposition of the charter-school exemption miss the true story.  Chicago Public School’s 2013 attempt to carry out this 1991 law (passed one year after I graduated from high school) proves to be a 1960s approach to diversity that, while well-intentioned, does not address the context of today’s world.
In 2006, I was hired at one of the city’s top selective-enrollment high schools to teach Latin American Literature as an elective.  With standards-aligned lessons, challenging writing instruction, and complex texts, my instruction and students’ engagement with the class helped me convince the school’s administrators to offer this class as a core English option—yes, students were able to take Latin American Literature as their official junior or senior English class.  It counted toward graduation.
Critics and reporters who emphasize the charter exemption of the law need to change their view.  The true problem with the “new” CPS policy is that it does not take into account the needs of today’s world.  The race conversation remains grounded in a black-white context as if there were only two sides.   Unfortunately, this is usually what loud voices in Chicago’s ed policy debate do; it’s either this or that.
CPS’s Chief Officer of Teaching and Learning Annette Gurley needs to recall her decision to carry out the 1991 law and, instead, devote her efforts to ensure that schools engage students with the complexity of 21stcentury issues:

Reasons the public education system has become increasingly centralized


Michigan Capitol Confidential is the news source for Michigan residents who want an alternative to “bigger government” remedies in policy debates.
MIDLAND, Mich. – In his newspaper blog, Battle Creek Enquirer reporter Justin Hinkley stated that because school choice doesn’t provide transportation, low-income families often are unable to access choice while wealthier families take advantage and leave their home districts.
New York Charter School“That’s turned some schools into ghettos of poverty,” Hinkley wrote.
However, a 2013 study on Michigan charter public schools done by Stanford University, and a recently released study by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy proves Hinkley’s claim is wrong.
The Stanford University study found that charter public schools had significantly more “economically disadvantaged” students than traditional public schools.
Dev Davis, research manager at CREDO at Stanford University, said they found that 70 percent of the charter students were economically disadvantaged, meaning they were eligible for free or reduced price meals. She said 55 percent of the traditional public school students were economically disadvantaged.
Also, the Stanford study found that black and Hispanic students did “significantly” better in reading and math when in charter schools than their peers in conventional public schools.

State of Ohio considering more discriminatory rules for gun owners who foster children in need; Comment period closing December 27, 2013.

The State of Ohio is holding an open comment period on rules regarding foster care. While you may not be interested in becoming a foster parent, you should understand that rules in one government agency are often used to justify similar rules in a different place. In short, everything is related.
Current foster care rules are covered in the Ohio Administrative Code. Rules regarding firearms state:
5101:2-7-12 Site and safety requirements for a foster home.
(F) A foster home shall comply with the following requirements regarding weapons:
(1) The following weapons kept on the grounds of or in a foster home shall be stored in an inoperative condition in a locked area inaccessible to children:
(a) Firearms.
(b) Air rifles.
(c) Hunting slingshots.
(d) Any other projectile weapon.
(2) All ammunition, arrows or projectiles for such weapons shall be stored in a separate locked space.
(3) Any foster caregiver who is also a law enforcement official and can document that their jurisdiction requires them to have ready and immediate access to their weapon shall be exempt from the requirements of this paragraph.
Consideration is being given to making the rules even worse by requiring people to disclose that they have a concealed handgun license and put restrictions on how they carry concealed.
If you disagree with the idea that gun owners should lose their right to self defense for volunteering to foster children in need, now is the time to make your thoughts known. You'll need to hurry because the open comment period ends in just three days on December 27, 2013.
To comment, click here.
Under the "Families and Children" section, click on the "Comments" box. Keep your comments polite and professional.
We thank you for your assistance in helping all Ohioans be able to fully exercise their Second Amendment rights and to have the option to use all legal tools for protection of their family.
Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association President, and recipient of theNRA-ILA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award" and the CCRKBA's 2012 "Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award."

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Parents lose custody of 15 year old daughter after seeking 2nd medical opinion; girl indefinitely detained in psych ward until 18, Oh and btw this is in the USA

“I truly believe she is being used as a guinea pig for medical experiments."

BOSTON, MA — A judge has ruled that a Boston teen may continue to be held captive in a hospital and forcibly drugged… indefinitely.  The tragic series of events began when a doctor discarded an earlier medical diagnosis and declared another, prompting objections from her parents and threats to discharge her from Boston Children’s Hospital to take her to get a second opinion.  An epic battle of egos ensued, and the hospital decided that the parents’ insolence in challenging the doctor was tantamount to child abuse.  Without a trial or having broken a specific law, the girl was stripped from her parents’ custody and the state of Massachusetts has kept her indefinitely detained in a hospital since February 2013.  Based on the latest ruling, the girl may very well be locked in a psychiatric ward until she turns 18 years old.
This past December 14th marked exactly ten months since 15-year-old Justina Pelletier was taken from her parents and placed in the custody of Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). Local news station,FOX CT, alleges that internal documents that they have obtained show that doctors called in child protection specialists (DCF) at the first sign of disagreement between the Pelletier family and their medical experts. Boston Children’s denied that this is the case in an email to FOX CT (Connecticut):
“The Hospital is not the custodian or the legal guardian of the patients in its care, nor is it affiliated with any state agency. Our staff are caring and supportive professionals who aim to provide the best and most appropriate care for each and every child, regardless of diagnosis.”
Justina Pelletier enjoyed ice-skating before being confined to Boston Children's Hospital. (Source: Daily Mail) 
Justina Pelletier enjoyed ice-skating before being confined to Boston Children’s Hospital.
(Source: Daily Mail)
Justina was diagnosed three years ago by respected medical experts from Tufts Medical Center with mitochondrial disease, which causes muscle pain, weakness and loss of coordination. Despite her condition, she led the active life of a normal 15-year-old and enjoyed ice-skating, hiking and spending time with her family.
That was before February, when Justina came down with the flu and was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital to see her gastroenterologist, who had recently transferred from Tufts.  A mere three days later, other doctors — primarily neurologist, Dr. Jurriaan Peters — dismissed her previous diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, and instead diagnosed her with somatoform disorder. This, in essence, changed her diagnosis from a physical condition to a stress-related mental illness – a psychiatric disorder that causes sufferers to feel pain, although there is no physical cause.
Doctors and hospital psychiatrists wield such power that merely suggesting that a patient’s problems are more psychiatric than physical paves the way for the hospital to call in the state child-protection agency. Once medical child abuse has been alleged, the state agency is legally obligated to investigate all complaints. Unfortunately, as the Boston Globe points out:
“Many parents and their advocates complain, however, that the state agency, because of its lack of in-house medical expertise and its longstanding ties with Children’s, is overly deferential to the renowned Harvard teaching hospital.”
When Justina’s parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, challenged the diagnosis by insisting on a second opinion, they were told that they could not take her from the hospital and were promptly escorted out of the hospital by security. Four days later, a judge awarded custody of Justina to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).
Justina Pelletier's sisters: From left to right, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessica. (Source: listwns.com) 
Justina Pelletier’s sisters: From left to right, Julia, Jennifer, and Jessica.
(Source: listwns.com)
“They came in, and they said we cannot take Justina out of the hospital. They called DCF,”says Linda Pelletier, Justina’s mother.

thank you michael

'I made it to protect the motherland. Mikhail Kalashnikov' Renowned AK-47 inventor dies at 94

I had to gain experience as I did not have a technical education.
Mikhail Kalashnikov 

This man aged so good, Vodka I guess does the body good!

Obituary: Mikhail Kalashnikov

Mikhail KalashnikovMikhail Kalashnikov developed the AK47 to match the firepower of German weapons
Mikhail Kalashnikov's automatic rifle became one of the most familiar weapons on the planet.
It was employed by the armies of dozens of countries, and incorporated in several national flags.
But the AK47 also became a symbol of revolution around the world. It saw action on battlefields as diverse as Angola, Vietnam, Algeria and Afghanistan.
It was also heavily utilised by Palestinian groups and famously appeared in the hands of Osama bin Laden.
It's comparative simplicity made it cheap to manufacture as well as reliable and easy to maintain in the field. It became the most widely used assault rifle in the world.
Yet Kalashnikov, although honoured in Russia, made very little money from his gun and once complained he would have been financially better off designing a lawnmower.
Mikhail Kalashnikov was born on 10 November 1919 into a Russian peasant family in the village of Kurya, Altai Territory. He was one of 18 children, of whom only six survived.
He was called up by the Red Army in 1938, and his design skills were used to improve the effectiveness of arms and equipment used in Soviet tank regiments.
It was after he was wounded in October 1941, when the tank he commanded was struck by a German shell, that Kalashnikov began to design the firearm that was to make his name famous.

Corrupting Influences are taking a Toll on this Hemisphere

Corrupting Influences are taking a Toll on this Hemisphere

By Jerry Brewer

Corruption in Mexico and many Latin American and Caribbean nations has been a major destabilizing force to homeland security, tourism, and overall fiscal development. Erosion of public trust has come not only from the perceived lack of safety and security due to astronomical homicide rates for some, but also the saturation of organized crime.
Transnational organized crime and its seemingly endless financial resources is the lifeblood of corrupting police, government officials, the military, business leaders and others. Few expenses are spared to undermine the forces directed against them, as well as the ramifications of what the rule of law could do to them.
According to some estimates, the illegal economy accounts for eight to 15 percent of world GDP.  This includes the illicit networks involved in human and sex trafficking, arms brokers, narcotics trafficking, counterfeit consumer goods, human organ trafficking, oil theft, and a myriad of related services and products.
Estimating the annual costs and revenues generated by transnational criminal networks has been the strategic and proactive work of the US State Department's Crimes Program Division - Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). Part of this effort is for building up law enforcement capabilities of foreign governments to combat the increasing linkage between drugs, crime and corruption.  

Looks like Ohio Sen. Capri Cafaro, D-Hubbard, withdrew her homeschooling 'Teddy's Law' off the floor.

Worst-Ever Homeschool Law Proposed in Ohio by Sen. Capri Cafaro

Sen. Capri Cafaro, D-Hubbard, announced her decision to pull Senate Bill 248, also known as Teddy’s Law, late Thursday.“SB 248 was never meant to be a policy debate about educating children in the home. It was meant to address weaknesses in the law pertaining to child protection. Unfortunately, the true intent of the bill to curtail child abuse has been eclipsed by the issue of home schooling.”

The language in the bill would have required all parents who home-school to undergo a social services investigation, including interviews and background checks, to determine if home schooling would be permitted. If parents didn’t pass the investigation, an ‘intervention’ would be recommended before further consideration of their request to home-school.The proposed law was intended to honor Theodore “Teddy” Foltz-Tedesco, who was tortured and murdered by his mother’s boyfriend earlier this year. His mother had withdrawn Teddy from school, saying she was going to home-school him after teachers initiated an investigation into his potential abuse. Both adults were convicted of charges relating to his death and are serving time in prison.

She sent a letter to the Senate president requesting that all further action on the bill be suspended, noting an official motion to withdraw the bill will be made when the Senate returns to session in 2014.
Cafaro also requested field hearings next year to address child welfare in Ohio.
“It is our hope that this new focus will bring the discussion back to where it was always intended to be: protecting children,” she said in her statement.  “I will not include any content related to education in the home in a new bill, or in any other bill.”

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What the heck did I just watch and hear? Is McCain Totally full of it or what!

Alright, having a c-Span kinda day, first I watched the Russian State of the Union Address with President Vladimir Putin from Dec 12, 2013

please note the person speaking english in the above clip is not the translator of this 

speech shown on cspan

  first,while doing some baking, of course they don't 

have the whole 1 hour 10 minute speech to show here 

but I'll give you the link with transcript of translation to it from cspan 

then I watched Senator John McCain on Ukraine 56 minute speech from Dec 19, 2013, which of course is completely 

embeddable. . .GO FIGURE must keep the sheep dumb, with little news clips and 

news twisted to the politicans best interest.

  All I have to say Is WOW McCain a lot of what you said is so far off.and what 

the MSM is saying WOW... IDK you can make your own call