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SAProject ‘Stop SA Genocide’ Protest: Occupy Oakland Assault 2 Police & SAP-CA

See everyone that isn’t aware of ANYTHING and want to remain that way.  We have a group from California who happen to be ‘neo-nazis’ abiding by the laws of this nation to non-violently  protest a real Genocide no one is aware of to educate others of the situation going on to the whites in South Africa. Meanwhile as seen in this news report, we have a bunch of uneducated idiots there to counter protest Violently.  Not only attacking the peaceful permit holding ‘neo-nazis’ but the law enforcement who are there to protect against these idiot counter-protesters, who as seen hurt a law enforcement officer.  shera~

Bishop Williamson wins appeal against conviction in Germany

On Ash Wednesday, 22nd February 2012, the courageous British Bishop Richard Williamson won the latest round in the struggle for free source-critical opinion in Europe, when the German appeal court quashed his conviction for “holocaust denial”. Bishop Williamson had been under tremendous pressure from within his church, including the leadership of his traditional Catholic Society of St Pius X (SSPX), to abandon his defence and meekly accept criminalisation, following a prosecution which originated in an interview he gave to a Swedish television journalist in November 2008. Fifty-five minutes into this interview, which had focused on religious matters as the Bishop had expected, the journalist suddenly sprang the question: “Bishop Williamson, are these your views?” and quoted comments made by the Bishop several years earlier in Canada Bishop Williamson had then stated that – on the basis of the historical evidence as he understood it – he did not believe there had been any homicidal gas ch…

Effects about 1.7million a Year, killing almost 100,000 a Year and that is just the USA.

Between Dirty Hands and Dirty Surgical Equipment, MRSA, Nosocomical Infection= Effects about 1.7million a Year, killing almost 100,000 a Year and that is just the USA.

An Early History of Nosocomial Infections  Renaissance Europe had birthing centers, places where women went to deliver their babies under the guidance of people with medical training. Even as late as the 1840s, the birthing mortality rate (then calledchildbed fever) sometimes reached 40%. This was because some birthing centers were attached to medical schools, as many are today. Medical universities perform autopsies of cadavers as a part of medical training. The doctors and medical students would interrupt the dissecting of cadavers to deliver babies. While they might wash their hands between dissections and deliveries, they often didn’t change clothes, and disinfectants were unknown at the time. Tiny particles of decaying flesh and germs from the cadavers were taken to the delivery room with terrible results. Birthing c…

Change on federal benefits payments could leave child support debtors with no income

WASHINGTON — Thousands of poor and disabled men stand to lose their only income next year because of a change in government policy that will allow states to seize every dollar of federal benefits from people who owe back child support. Previously, states could capture only 65 percent of benefits from people who opted to be paid by paper check. Advocates estimate that 275,000 men could be left destitute as a result of the change. The concern is an unintended consequence of the Treasury Department’s decision to pay all benefits electronically, including Social Security, disability and veterans’ benefits, starting next year. A separate Treasury Department rule, in place since last May in a preliminary form, guarantees states the power to freeze the bank accounts of people who collect federal benefits and owe child support. By allowing seizure of the remaining 35 percent of benefits, the rules could cause thousands of poor men to lose their only income. In many cases, the bills are decade…

Texting is bad for your brain: University of Calgary study

Friday, June 4, 2010
The Art of Spelling And Telling Time, Lost! When Is ‘Enuf is enuf’Remember when MTV came out and the first video they played was ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’, by The Buggles? 
Since the creation of MTV amongst other things so much has been lost.  How much further can America and  the world be dumb ed down.  I know speaking from growing up in the MTV generation and seeing for myself the dumbing down  take place.  What happened to being able to read a clock with hands is gone to the ‘digital’, along with many other things and the article below is just one more nail in the coffin of intelligence.  shera~

'Protesters in bee suits outside Spelling Bee want to make English simpler'

Texting is bad for your brain: University of Calgary study People who write and receive a lot of text messages are hurting their ability to learn new words and communicate, a University of Calgary study has found. Researchers studied the effect text messages had on student’s lingu…

Laurelville, Ohio Mother Accused of Shooting up Kids with Heroin.

A Hocking County woman was arrested last night after she was accused of injecting her 14- and 16-year-old children with heroin before sending them to school.  Parker also has an 18-year-old, birth records show. Shantel A. Parker, 35, of Laurelville Shantel A. Parker, 35, of Laurelville was charged with two counts each of felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs and endangering children, county Sheriff Lanny E. North said in a news release yesterday. The children have been placed in the custody of the county children’s services agency. A warrant was issued for Parker, and she was arrested about 5:30 p.m. at the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University by campus police.  It was not explained why Parker was at the hospital, though one person said she had admitted herself because she was suicidal. Detective Caleb Moritz of the Hocking County sheriff’s office said last night that Parker’s children said she had injected them with heroin 50 to 80 times in the past few months. …

Christian Clubs Told to ‘Stop Whining,’ Meet in Homes Like in Communist China

Wait a minute, arrests have taken place in the United States too already for trying to hold services at someones home, and not that long ago either.  Here is a few for now. 1.  A southern California couple has been fined $300 dollars for holding Christian Bible study sessions in their home, and could face another $500 for each additional gathering.  City officials in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. say Chuck and Stephanie Fromm are in violation of municipal code 9-3.301, which prohibits “religious, fraternal or non-profit” organizations in residential neighborhoods without a permit. Stephanie hosts a Wednesday Bible study that draws about 20 attendees, and Chuck holds a Sunday service that gets about 50. 2.  Last Thursday, a swarm of police officers descended on Michael Salman‘s northwest Phoenix home. Armed officers herded Salman, his wife Suzanne, their five young daughters, and their visiting friends into the living room — and kept them under watch for 90 minutes while other city offic…

Pennsylvania Judge: Muslims Allowed To Attack People For Insulting Muhammad, The Mediocre Carpenter Turned Prophet

Jonathon Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, reports on a disturbing case in which a state judge in Pennsylvania threw out an assault case involving a Muslim attacking an atheist for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Judge Mark Martin, an Iraq war veteran and a convert to Islam, threw the case out in what appears to be an invocation of Sharia law. The incident occurred at the Mechanicsburg, Pa., Halloween parade where Ernie Perce, an atheist activist, marched as a zombie Muhammad. Talaag Elbayomy, a Muslim, attacked Perce, and he was arrested by police. Judge Martin threw the case out on the grounds that Elbayomy was obligated to attack Perce because of his culture and religion. Judge Martin stated that the First Amendment of the Constitution does not permit people to provoke other people. He also called Perce, the plaintiff in the case, a “doofus.” In effect, Perce was the perpetrator of the assault, in Judge Martin’s view, and Elbayomy the innocent. The Sharia law t…