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FDA rejects petition to ban BPA in food packaging, due in part that humans seem to rid their bodies of toxicins quicker the lab rats.

Timeline: BPA from Invention to Phase-Out Bisphenol A (BPA) is a plastics chemical invented nearly 120 years ago and currently used in enormous amounts to manufacture hard plastic water bottles and to make epoxy linings of metal food cans, like those for canned infant formula. Although its long-time use in consumer products has come with assurances of its safety from industry, studies conducted over the past 20 years now show it to be not only a ubiquitous pollutant in the human body – it contaminates nearly 93% of the population – but also a potent developmental toxin at very low doses. The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it was denying a petition to ban BPA from all food and drink containers, saying the science does not show an immediate cause for such action. However, the federal agency cautioned that this ruling does not declare bisphenol A, or BPA, as safe. The agency says it is continuing its assessment of the chemical, which is used in the lining of most canne…

NAACP direct tie to Black Panthers

July 14, 2010, 11:49AM **UPDATE Below (Response from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund) In the past 24 hours, more than a few pundits and writers have noted that the NAACP resolution accusing Tea Partiers of racism is hard to swallow when the NAACP seems unconcerned with the New Black Panther voting intimidation case. Their points would be valid by analogy only. Their points are even more valid, though, because of a direct, rather than just analagous, tie between the NAACP and the Panther case. It was first reported here at the Washington Times that “Kristen Clarke, director of political participation at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in Washington, however, confirmed to The Times that she talked about the case with lawyers at the Justice Department and shared copies of the complaint with several persons. She said, however, her organization was ‘not involved in the decision to dismiss the civil complaint.’”

White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin’s Email Account, Leaks Messages Online, As an alleged ‘smear campaign’ makes him out to be a thug.

The racist smear campaign against Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teen shot to death last month in Florida, has reached a new level of ghoulishness. A white supremacist hacker says he’s broken into Martin’s email and social networking accounts, and leaked his private Facebook messages. The hacker, who goes by the name Klanklannon, posted what he said were Martin’s private Facebook messages to the politics section (NSFW) of the anarchic message board 4chan—called “/pol/”—Tuesday afternoon at around noon. The messages were posted on four slides, strategically arranged to back up the insane racist argument that Trayvon was a Scary Black Teenager and so somehow deserved to be killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman that night.  A slide titled “Trayvon Martin Used Marijuana Habitually,” features an exchange between Trayvon and a friend about getting high. Another slide, “Trayvon Martin was a Drug Dealer” features Facebook messages and photos that supposedly prove Martin dealt…

Fed’s find Hutaree militia NOT GUILTY and it has Mark Potok a little concerned.

DETROIT — The stunning acquittal of seven Michigan militia members charged with conspiring to go to war against the government could make federal agents reluctant to pursue certain investigations at a time when the number of so-called patriot groups is increasing nationwide, experts said Wednesday. The FBI ran an 18-month probe of the Hutaree militia, placed an informant and undercover agent inside the group and emerged with major charges of conspiring to rebel against the government and use weapons of mass destruction. After six weeks of trial, however, a judge this week said the case didn’t even deserve to go to the jury and declared all seven not guilty. “It’s an embarrassment to the government to lose this case,” said Mark Potok, who tracks extremist groups at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a noted civil rights organization in Montgomery, Ala. “I very much worry this could discourage officials from moving forward on the most open-and-shut cases in the future. I’m not trying to …

What is HAARP: Full HAARP Documentary

Miami based Haitian rapper calls for race war over Trayvon

The song was released by Miami based Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean. Think murderous hatred of white people is not commonplace in the black community? This guy performs at large venues in southern Florida and has multiple albums. This song was released on his official youtube channel and the sound quality suggests it was recorded at a studio by professionals. Source

U.S. blocks Canadian tuna fisherman from American waters

VANCOUVER – The U.S. government has suspended a 31-year-old agreement that allowed Canadian vessels to fish for tuna inAmerican waters, two British Columbia industry groups confirmed Wednesday, with one warning the decision could have a domino effect across the entire West Coast fishery. Both countries signed a treaty in 1981 that allowed cross-border fishing for albacore tuna, but it expired in 2011. Negotiations to renew the treaty have been overshadowed by concerns from American fishermen, who have complained they were being outfished by Canadians. American negotiators flew to Ottawa last week and surprised Canadian officials by announcing there will be no reciprocal fishery for 2012 while talks for a revised treaty continue, according to theCanadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation and the B.C. Tuna Fishermen’s Association. Both groups say they were informed about the decision earlier this week.
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“We got a phone call Monday from Ottawa saying the U.S. delegation visit…