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A well nourished Sudanese man steals maize from a starving child during a food distribution at a feeding center in Sudan in 1998. Photo by Tom Stoddart.
Thank you once again toAangirfan for another excellent article I would share with my readers. AangirfanDecember 31, 2011
The CIA runs the USA, and other countries, using the 'Deep State'.

According to John Glaser (The American Deep State by John Glaser -

"The US defense budget is the largest piece of the budget...
"The intelligence community is ... as a Washington Post investigation put it, 'so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs...

"The 'deep state' in America seems more threatening and out of control than does Pakistan's".
The 'Deep State' aims to keep the elites in power. . According to peter Dale Scott (The "Deep State" behind U.S. democracy [Voltaire Network]): "The t…

See how easy it is, just fill in the most stars or thumbs up, or even add the words racist

Clive Thompson on How Group Think Rules What We Like
Can you persuade someone to like a product by telling them that it’s popular? Do teenagers like Taylor Swift because she’s good or because everyone else they know likes her — so hey, she must be good, right? Sociologist Robert Merton dubbed this tendency to base what we think we think on what other people are doing the “self-fulfilling prophecy” in 1949, and since then social scientists have tried to measure how powerful it actually is. Now, based on some studies conducted with the help of the Internet, it seems clear that we’re often just sheep. A few years ago, Duncan Watts — a network-theory pioneer and scientist at Yahoo and Columbia University — wanted to test the strength of self-fulfilling prophecies in pop culture. The problem, he realized, was that to really explore the phenomenon you’d have to rewind history. For example, I could argue that Madonna is famous because she’s uniquely talented. You could counterargue that she’s…

What do you think about this?

What the F~?K are they talking about. I don't understand. 

I was searching the net the other day looking for some nice pics of Hitler for a new poster I am working on. And I came across this photo. I don't get it... Its a photo of Obama holding a pic of Hitler with the heading "Were a culture, Not a costume" and it also says "This is NOT who I am, and this is NOT okay." 

What the FUCK are they talking about. I don't understand. 
Posted December 30, 2011 by Christena R

Warning: Tweeting and Twitting, Facebooking words like ‘drill’, ‘human to animal’, or ‘outbreak’ will have the DHS spies watching you.

Tweeting the word ‘drill’ could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies The Department of Homeland Security makes fake Twitter and Facebook profiles for the specific purpose of scanning the networks for ‘sensitive’ words – and tracking people who use them. Simply using a word or phrase from the DHS’s ‘watch’ list could mean that spies from the government read your posts, investigate your account, and attempt to identify you from it, acccording to an online privacy group. The words which attract attention range from ones seemingly related to diseases or bioweapons such as ‘human to animal’ and ‘outbreak’ to other, more obscure words such as ‘drill’ and ‘strain’. The DHS also watches for words such as ‘illegal immigrant’. The DHS outlined plans to scans blogs, Twitter and Facebook for words such as ‘illegal immigrant’, ‘outbreak’, ‘drill’, ‘strain’, ‘virus’, ‘recovery’, ‘deaths’, ‘collapse’, ‘human to animal’ and ‘trojan’, according to an ‘impact asssessment’ document file…

TEPCO is washing it’s hands of all ‘Fallout’, ‘It’s no longer our responsibility.’

IN terms of sheer chutzpah, Tokyo Electric Power Co’s claim that it no longer owns the radioactive isotopes that spewed out of its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March takes some beating. In defending a lawsuit from a Fukushima Prefecture golf club, lawyers said the radioactive cesium that had blighted the Sunfield Nihonmatsu golf course’s fairways and greens was the club’s problem. The utility has taken a similarly hard line defending claims from ryokan (inn) and onsen (spa) owners. TEPCO’s lawyers used the arcane legal principle of res nullius to argue the emissions that escaped after the tsunami and earthquake triggered a meltdown were no longer its responsibility. “Radioactive materials (such as cesium) that scattered and fell from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant belong to individual landowners, not TEPCO,” the utility told Tokyo District Court. The court rejected TEPCO’s argument, but ruled it was the responsibility of local, prefectural and national governments to clean …

Babysitter ’39-year-old Michael Plumadore’ beat, dismembered Indiana girl

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (AP) — A babysitter and trusted neighbor has confessed that he bludgeoned a 9-year-old Indiana girl to death with a brick then dismembered her, hiding her head, hands and feet at his home and dumping the rest of her remains nearby, police said Tuesday.

Michael Plumadore Allen County sheriff’s investigators said in an affidavit that 39-year-old Michael Plumadore admits he killed Aliahna Lemmon on Dec. 22. Plumadore told police that after beating Aliahna to death, he stuffed her body into trash bags and hid her in the freezer at his trailer. He said he later chopped up her body and stuffed her remains into freezer bags. Police said Plumadore told them he had hidden Aliahna’s head, feet and hands at his trailer and that he had discarded her other remains at a nearby business. Police obtained a warrant to search his trailer on Monday and found the body parts. A judge ordered Plumadore held without bail or bond at an initial hearing Tuesday, sheriff’s department spokesm…

So who winds up paying for accidents 'Illegals' cause and what should or can we do about it?


After the post I put up last night concerning California and them not towing unlicensed driver, mainly 'Illegal Immigrants' I decided to look into it here goes!

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — It was just another suburban fender-bender. A car zoomed into an intersection and braked too late to stop at a red light. The Georgia woman driving it, an American citizen, left with a wrecked auto, a sore neck and a traffic fine. But for Felipa Leonor Valencia, the Mexican woman who was driving the Jeep that was hit that day in March, the damage went far beyond a battered bumper. The crash led Ms. Valencia, an illegal immigrant who did not have a valid driver’s license, to 12 days in detention and the start of deportation proceedings — after 17 years of living in Georgia. Like Ms. Valencia, an estimated 4.5 million illegal immigrants nationwide are driving regularly, most without licenses, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Only three states — New Mexico, …

California to stop towing unlicensed drivers, mainly due to ‘illegal immigrants’ need a car and don’t have the money.

Thousands of cars are towed each year in the state under those circumstances, ESCONDIDO, California (AP) — Delfino Aldama was fixing a customer’s brakes this month when his smartphone chimed with a text message that tipped him to a police checkpoint more than an hour before officers began stopping motorists. The self-employed auto mechanic frantically called friends with the location and drove an alternate route home. The Mexico native had reason to be alarmed: He does not have a driver’s license because he is in the United States illegally, and it would cost about $1,400 to get his Nissan Frontier pickup back from the towing company if it got confiscated at the checkpoint. He has breathed a little easier since he began getting blast text messages two years ago from activists who scour streets to find checkpoints as they are being set up. The cat-and-mouse game ends Jan. 1 when a new law takes effect inCalifornia to prohibit police from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints if a mot…