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BIG HUGE Difference in what a FLASH MOB is don't Confuse the two

Mmmmm, got to love screaming first thing in the morning! :-o like about 8ish am  Thats exactly what I did when I heard on 610AM this morning, when they where talking about the Flash Mobs* attacks as not being a racial thing...... HFS  They need to come up with a new name to besides flash mobs, A flash mob are those stupid zombie, dance things in a public place, not when mobs of thugs attack innocent white people!  I'm talking about the sheeple who are being misled by the MSM calling these attacks Black Flash Mobs. (most sheeple would think OH it's a M.J. 'Thriller' kind of thing, when that is furthest from the truth.

response I received earlier about this:Honestly I havent heard much else about it. They target whites down in that area because they know the whites over there wont fight back, not that most whites will anyway but I mean thats higher class yuppies in those areas mostly who depend on the cops to save them. The nigs come from over in the projects and know the…

Someone please tell me again how and why this is a United $tates Problem?

How U.S. Budget Cuts Prolong Global Slavery
Three days before the U.S. congressional elections last fall, Hillary Clinton stood halfway around the world from Washington, pledging to young victims of human trafficking at Cambodia’s Siem Reap Center that they would continue to enjoy the support of the U.S. State Department, which then provided some $336,000 to the shelter. The acclaimed center, situated near the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, was an oasis of peace for some 50 survivors who, before they were rescued or escaped, had endured slavery in brothels, where they were forced to have sex with as many as 30 men a day. At the shelter, they received counseling, studied hairdressing, learned to sew, and otherwise worked to rebuild their lives and reclaim their humanity. In the evenings, they did aerobics together. On Monday afternoon, some eight months after that visit, as she unveiled the State Department’s 11th annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report to a packed room in the dep…

When the lifeboat is overloaded

Our nation’s first immigration law in 1882 specified that nobody would be allowed into our country if that individual expected a free ride. Anybody expecting to live off public money was turned away. Not anymore. The United States has become a deluxe retirement home for the elderly of other countries.  Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has discoveredthat most of the one million non-citizens in the United States are living off you. Forty-five percent of all elderly immigrants in California are getting cash from you. Among Russian immigrants, 66 percent are taking your money.At today’s rate of immigration, there will be 3 million noncitizen immigrants costing you — over the next ten years —$328 billion. Publications that are widely distributed among immigrants in all languages tell them how to get your money. Homegrown Americans expect parents to provide for their own children, yet immigrant families can bring immigrant elderly to the United States and expect taxpayers to suppor…

Confederate sub (The H.L. Hunley) upright for first time since 1864

Confederate sub (The H.L. Hunley) upright for first time since 1864
— The first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship is upright for the first time in almost 150 years, revealing a side of its hull not seen since it sank off the South Carolina coast during the Civil War. Workers at a conservation lab finished the painstaking, two-day job of rotating the hand-cranked H.L. Hunley upright late Thursday. The Hunley was resting on its side at a 45-degree angle on the bottom of the Atlantic when it was raised in August 2000 and scientists had kept it in slings in that position in the lab for the past 11 years. But they needed to turn it upright to continue with the job of conservation. Scientists hope the hidden side of the sub will provide clues as to why the Hunley sank with its eight-member crew in February, 1864, after sending the Union blockade ship Houstonic to the bottom. While there was no immediate clue from a first look at the hidden hull but “we are seeing some tantalizing clue…

Muslim woman sues Abercrombie & Fitch over hijab

Muslim woman sues Abercrombie & Fitch over hijab

) — A former stockroom worker for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. sued the clothing retailer in federal court Monday, saying she was illegally fired after refusing to remove herMuslim headscarf while on the job. Hani Khan, a former stockroom worker for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Hani Khan said a manager at the company’s Hollister Co. store at the Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo hired her while she was wearing her hijab. The manager said it was OK to wear it as long as it was in company colors, Khan said. Four months later, the 20-year-old says a district manager andhuman resources manager asked if she could remove the hijab while working, and she was suspended and then fired for refusing to do so.