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When the lifeboat is overloaded

Our nation’s first immigration law in 1882 specified that nobody would be allowed into our country if that individual expected a free ride. Anybody expecting to live off public money was turned away. Not anymore. The United States has become a deluxe retirement home for the elderly of other countries.  Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has discoveredthat most of the one million non-citizens in the United States are living off you.
Forty-five percent of all elderly immigrants in California are getting cash from you. Among Russian immigrants, 66 percent are taking your money.At today’s rate of immigration, there will be 3 million noncitizen immigrants costing you — over the next ten years —$328 billion. Publications that are widely distributed among immigrants in all languages tell them how to get your money.
Homegrown Americans expect parents to provide for their own children, yet immigrant families can bring immigrant elderly to the United States and expect taxpayers to support them.The triage law of the sea prescribes a legal limit for thenumber of people in each lifeboat. Any others seeking to fight their way aboard must be refused — in any way necessary — in order to keep the lifeboat afloat.
The triage law of the sea prescribes a legal limit for thenumber of people in each lifeboat. Any others seeking tofight their way aboard must be refused — in any waynecessary — in order to keep the lifeboat afloat.Economics Professor George Borjas computes the costof jobs lost to foreign-born workers to be $133 billion a year.Dr. Donald Huddle of Rice University projects the netcost of legal immigration will exceed $400 billion in the nextdecade. And this figure is in excess of any taxes thatemployed immigrants might pay.Those who contend that mass immigration is aneconomic asset do not compute all the costs of services rendered free to immigrants. Also, they omit the children of immigrants from their fiscal analyses.  A Roper Poll reveals that 54 percent of Americans want annual immigration to be less than 100,000. But each year— as more immigrants, legal and other, arrive — thehomegrown Americans in the lifeboat will be further outnumbered, out-shouted and overwhelmed.It seems inhospitable — cruel — to turn others away. But when our own Ship of State is sinking in a sea of red ink, the alternative to triage is Titanic.
— Paul Harvey, April 9, 1996.By permission of Paul Harvey and Creators Syndicate.


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