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Nine meals(closer to Six) from anarchy.

The phrase ‘nine meals from anarchy’ sounds more like the title of a bad Hollywood movie than any genuine threat.
But that was the expression coined by Lord Cameron of Dillington, a farmer who was the first head of the Countryside Agency  -  the quango set up by Tony Blair in the days when he pretended to care about the countryside  -  to describe just how perilous Britain’s food supply actually is. Long before many others, Cameron saw the potential of a real food crisis striking not just the poor of the Third World, but us, here in Britain, in the 21st Century. The scenario goes like this. Imagine a sudden shutdown of oil supplies; a sudden collapse in the petrol that streams steadily through the pumps and so into the engines of the lorries which deliver our food around the country, stocking up the supermarket shelves as soon as any item runs out. If the trucks stopped moving, we’d start to worry and we’d head out to the shops, cking up our larders. By the end of Day One, if there was st…

House Passes HR 4133-RFS / S. 2165-IS Binding the US to Israel and Their War Agenda, Right Under America’s Noses

House Passes HR 4133 Binding the US to Israel and Their War Agenda “Without any mainstream media coverage at all, the House of Representatives passed the United States – Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 (USIESC). (*) The USIESC, written by Eric Cantor, claims there is a need to provide Israel with unlimited military and financial aid as a result of the disturbances caused by the Arab Spring. Israel will have an essentially unlimited amount of funds allocated to them through the Federal Reserve Bank. The country will also enjoy an “expanded role of NATO” that consists of an “enhanced presence at NATO headquarters and exercises”. The USIESC pledges the US government’s “commitment” to assist Israel in remaining a Jewish State; as well as protection from the UN if the UN Security Council resolves to hold Israel accountable to international laws.    thank you Stacie
HR 4133 RFS-United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 112th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 413…

Porn star ‘Luka Rocco Magnotta’, named suspect in Canada body part mailings

Warning! Warning!  Graphic Detail Do Not Read Or  Go  Any  Further  If  You Have  A Weak  Stomach or  Under 18 .   shera~ OTTAWA — A porn actor is wanted in a gruesome case of a dismembered body whose parts were mailed to different places, including the headquarters of the Conservative Party of Canada, police said Wednesday. Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, is wanted for homicide, Montreal police said at a news conference. According to an official close to the investigation, Magnotta worked as a porn actor, and there is video of the crime. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly about those details. Magnotta, believed to originally be from Toronto, was renting an apartment in a working-class Montreal neighborhood. It was behind that building that police found a man’s torso in a suitcase Tuesday, police said. That same day, a foot was found in a package mailed to the Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa, and a hand was found at postal wa…

Conservative bloggers harassed with potentially deadly prank: SWATting

The Left’s Dangerous New Line of Attack: SWATting What does the far left do when they disagree with conservative bloggers? They call the police from a phone program pretending to be (insert conservative blogger here), say something horrific such as “I just shot my wife,” hang up and then laugh as a local SWAT team descends on the house of (insert conservative blogger here) for no real reason. This ladies and gentleman is not a joke, it’s what far left activists are doing to silence conservatives. Brett Kimberlin is a convicted bomber, perjurer and left-wing attack dog. He’s attacked — in no particular order — conservative bloggers like Andrew Breibart, Patterico, Liberty Chick, Aaron Worthing, Stacy McCain and others. This is no war of words; Kimberlin is a serial litigator who has filed over 100 lawsuits by his own account and he takes people to court, claiming they are harassing him. He calls their employers.

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Is History Repeating Itself Right Now?

Most educated Americans are aware of the mistreatment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Both naturalized and native-born Japanese Americans were rounded up along with Japanese aliens and placed in camps. Their constitutional rights were ignored; their property was confiscated and they became, in the eyes of America, the enemy. These same educated Americans are mostly unaware of the mistreatment of naturalized and native-born German Americans during World War I. They were not placed in camps, but their constitutional rights were also shelved; some were tarred and feathered, and two were actually lynched. Anti-German Hysteria during World War One When most Americans and West Europeans living today think of book burning, they think of May 20, 1933 in Berlin. Because it was filmed, the book burning has become part of every documentary about the Nazis. However, there were other book burnings that were not filmed. They happened not in Berlin, Germany, but in American cities from Ci…

Know Your Rights: Photography in Public

Nearly every modern phone has a camera attached to it and subsequently more and more people are taking photos in public places than ever before. The shot might be as simple as snapping a picture of a parade or as tricky as recording video of a riot. Regardless of the reasons, the rules for photographing in public places are the same. For the most part, your right to take photographs and video in public places in the United States is protected under the First Amendment under free speech. This includes snapping pictures of your favorite monument when you're on vacation or taking part in a little citizen journalism. It's not as cut and dried as you may think and it's good to know your rights and the caveats that come with them. The General Rule: If You Can See It You Can Shoot It
Your basic right is actually pretty simple: if you're in a public place and you can see it, you can shoot it. This means as long as you're in a public location you can legally take almost an…

Friends, Family, Readers or just anyone young or old may I have your attention please.

I just wanted to write a little something explaining how absurd things are really getting in The U.S.A., and World how the Department of Homeland Security has made everyone that uses the internet a criminal without you even knowing it, even violating Freedom of Speech. 

You would no longer for example write a blog reportingCURRENT EVENTS, or  about your latest vacation to the SOUTH WEST  USA  like the AIRPORTor AIRLINEyour flying in and out of or that fact that you may be taking AMTRAK to check out the scenery providing it's not to CLOUDythe WEATHERor potential TWISTERS or HURRICANE.  Of TUSCON, YUMA, SANDIEGO down to TIJUANA,MEXICO.  Or tell you to visit the U.S. CONSULATE if you run into any problems with GANGS and VIOLENCE like from MS13, orLos Zetas having a SHOOTOUT.  DRUGS; COCAINE, MARIJUANA ,METH LABS get SICK with an INFECTION because of Bacteria or FOOD POISONING, or to get you medical help after drinking water or somehow feel you've been exposed SMALL POX or FOOT and…

Dad removed from Pregnancy booklet ‘Ready Steady Baby’, in UK for fear of offending gay and lesbian parents.

London The Health Service has removed the word “dad” from a pregnancy handbook for fear of offending gay and lesbian parents. Officials decided to use the term “partner” throughout the 200-page guide, titled Ready Steady Baby, after receiving a complaint that “dad” was discriminating against same-sex couples. “This is all part of an agenda to present as natural a type of family that cannot be created by natural means”  Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust But the omission of the word has angered some campaigners who claim that traditional family values are being undermined. Squandering taxpayers’ money’ “The NHS should not be squandering taxpayers’ money to advance the cause of a minority interest group. “No matter how much effort is made to present positive images of families headed by same-sex couples, the fact remains it takes a man and a woman to create a child.” Only given to pregnant women in Scotland Although the guide is published by the NHS, it is given only to pregnant…

Ya wanna buy a Chevy?

Thank you John~
Anthony Tolda for Congress-Agenda 21: We are the new 
Anthony Tolda for Congress-Agenda 21: We are the new Native Americans.