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Friends, Family, Readers or just anyone young or old may I have your attention please.

I just wanted to write a little something explaining how absurd things are really getting in The U.S.A., and World how the Department of Homeland Security has made everyone that uses the internet a criminal without you even knowing it, even violating Freedom of Speech. 

You would no longer for example write a blog reporting CURRENT EVENTS, or  about your latest vacation to the SOUTH WEST  USA  like the AIRPORT or AIRLINE your flying in and out of or that fact that you may be taking AMTRAK to check out the scenery providing it's not to CLOUDy the WEATHER or potential TWISTERS or HURRICANE.  Of TUSCON, YUMA, SAN DIEGO down to TIJUANA,MEXICO.  Or tell you to visit the U.S. CONSULATE if you run into any problems with GANGS and VIOLENCE  like from  MS13, or Los Zetas having a SHOOTOUT.  DRUGS; COCAINE, MARIJUANA ,METH LABS get SICK with an INFECTION because of Bacteria or FOOD POISONING, or to get you medical help after drinking water or somehow feel you've been exposed SMALL POX or FOOT and MOUTH DISEASE, or to Tuberculosis, Polio, Anthrax or see a DECAPITATION while their.  Or  talk about the crime in  your city how there has been an increase of SHOOTOUTS since ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have moved into your area where you reside and more POLICE, LAW ENFORCEMENT and even SWAT is needed or prevalent.  How GANGS, huge HEROIN problems, share a recipe perhaps all because it might contain one of the words in the new list  DHS is screening for possible terrorists. I will highlight some of the words throughout this in my simple conversation (some fact BBQ part and alot of fiction or a for instance) and add the list of the other words to NOT SAY.

I wouldn't be able to tell you about the incredible BBQ I had this past weekend celebrating Memorial Day we had chicken breasts, and PORK ribs from a SWINE with this amazing homemade BBQ sauce I made, salad with HOMEGROWN tomato's.  I wouldn't be able to give my friends from out of town directions to my house because I couldn't tell them what INTERSTATE to get on and avoid the FLOODED BRIDGE and aviod the accident with the overturned tanker truck it either has a GAS SPILL or some other HAZARDOUS MATERIAL,CHEMICAL spill I wouldn't want you to get any EXPOSURE to it hopefully HAZMAT will have everything RECOVERED and once they got to the correct exit I couldn't say be on the lookout for those Amber Alert signs that talk about KIDNAPPED children.

Alright I think I pointed out enough of the words for now and if I keep going who knows how stupid or silly the post would get......LOL, I'm going to end this with the link to the list of words, etc to watch out from saying......I wouldn't want them to call a STATE OF EMERGENCY or something you may or may not have said.


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