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BIG HUGE Difference in what a FLASH MOB is don't Confuse the two

Mmmmm, got to love screaming first thing in the morning! :-o like about 8ish am  Thats exactly what I did when I heard on 610AM this morning, when they where talking about the Flash Mobs* attacks as not being a racial thing...... HFS  They need to come up with a new name to besides flash mobs, A flash mob are those stupid zombie, dance things in a public place, not when mobs of thugs attack innocent white people!  I'm talking about the sheeple who are being misled by the MSM calling these attacks Black Flash Mobs. (most sheeple would think OH it's a M.J. 'Thriller' kind of thing, when that is furthest from the truth.

response I received earlier about this:   Honestly I havent heard much else about it. They target whites down in that area because they know the whites over there wont fight back, not that most whites will anyway but I mean thats higher class yuppies in those areas mostly who depend on the cops to save them. The nigs come from over in the projects and know they have easy targets.
I assumed you were talking the recent attacks in Chicago lol...either way I dont feel bad for any whites who dont fight back. You deserve what you permit

My reply to the above:
I'm talking about the attacks everywhere across the USA , there might just be one of those needless savage attacks on my mother, who most certainly doesn't deserve that and will fight back, but she shouldn't have to due to the injustice system around here. Trust me and we certainly aren't upper crust yuppies. The main reason I wrote what I did was I hate  how they call them flash mobs bc the sheeple think they are those gay ass dance things when innocent and possibly even aware people are being hurt.  It might be your mother, grandmother or sister, daughter.  I mean be honest not everyone in the world is a prize fighter or black belt.  Especially when attacked by a tribe of blacks that are out to hurt someone!

Carter Strange was the victim of a near fatal attack by eight young black males in Columbia, SC

MSM admits covering up Black Crimes towards Whites

I know this is from the LA Riots, that took place almost a 2 decades ago but this is insane, all because they wanted to hurt a 'White Person' Considered a Riot, but I see the same thing.


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