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Alleged ringleader in horrific racially motivated torture/slayings gets only 18 years.

Christian and Newsom murders are one of the most gruesome slayings in US history. The young white couple was abducted by a group of black thugs. They were both gang raped and tortured. The female victim was kept alive for days so she could be gang raped over and over. One initial report on the local Knoxville news even stated that the perps took viagra so the gang rapes would last longer.

The mutilated bodies were found barely recognizable. One had been set on fire and one mutilated. The so-called “mainstream” media initially tried to censor the story. However, it gained major traction on websites like,, and sites that picked it up from the local Knoxville news. Then the “mainstream” media claimed that “racist websites” were lying about the details of the case. Many “mainstream” media sources insulted the victims of the crime by claiming it was a “carjacking gone bad.” Some “mainstream” sources even blamed the victims for “being in a bad neighborhood.”

However all of the sickening details originally reported by so-called “racist websites” were proven true when the trial started. There can be no doubt that had the races been reversed in this case, it would have been the biggest news story in the United States for weeks. There would have been huge marches and memorials for the victims. Politicians would have been making public statements about it. Instead, everything was done to keep it quiet.
The perpetrators were motivated by hatred of white people and simply wanted to do horrible things to two promising young white youths.
The trials have finally ended, and parents say the ringleader got the lightest sentence.
From WATE Knoxville…
The parents of murder victims Channon Christian and Chris Newsom will always hold on to the memories of their children, but they’re also seeking more justice in court.
The couple was carjacked at gunpoint, robbed, tortured, raped and killed in January 2007.
Christian, a 5’7″ student at the University of Tennessee, was bound, put in garbage bags and stuffed in a trash can where she suffocated.
Newsom was bound, taken to a set of railroad tracks, shot three times and then set on fire.
A massive investigation eventually brought four defendants to trial. Vanessa Coleman was sentenced to 53 years on lesser charges in the case.
Coleman’s boyfriend, Letalvis Cobbins, and his friend, George Thomas, will spend the rest of their lives in prison.
And Cobbins’ half-brother, LeMaricus Davidson, received the death penalty.
Still the parents of the victims say they have unfinished business.
“They kept saying Davidson was the ringleader. Well he may have been the ringleader, but he wasn’t the most evil of them all. He may have been the ringleader, but he did everything Eric Boyd said,” Deena and Gary Christian said.
Boyd is serving an 18 year prison sentence in this case. He was convicted in federal court as an accessory after the fact for helping Davidson hide from authorities.
However, Boyd was never charged with rape or murder. “I will always feel like Boyd is getting away with murder,” said Chris’ mother, Mary Newsom.
Cobbins told investigators it was Boyd and Davidson who launched the crime spree that started with the couple’s carjacking.
“They jump out of the car and run to a white SUV and, um, there was two people, a man and a woman at the SUV. They jump in, pointing guns at them and, and um, they carjacked them I guess,” Cobbins said during one interview by authorities.more


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