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Offended By Yard Art. . .

“Say no to the ghetto. White Power. Mt. Greenwood, the next Englewood.” He also hung a white noose next to the sign. When confronted by a reporter with Fox-TV, Corrigan claimed the display was “yard art.”

Apparently, Corrigan has not broken any laws, even though plenty of people will see his sign as offensive and racist. Although the City of Chicago’s Commission on Human Relations has contacted Corrigan with the hope of persuading him to remove the racist sign, the agency has no authority to impose any fine.
Since the story broke Tuesday night, Corrigan’s house in the 9900 block of South Fairfield has been picketed by angry black protesters.
On Wednesday afternoon, Corrigan covered the sign with a tarp.
Frankly, I’m more outraged by Corrigan’s white noose than I am his racist sign. Corrigan’s ugly words were meant to insult prospective home buyers.
But hanging a white noose, along with the racist speech, can only be interpreted as an act of aggression and intimidation.
Because there is no law against someone being racist, Chicago Police are unable to charge Corrigan with any crimes.
Unfortunately, you cannot arrest someone for being mean-spirited.
But neither the police nor the Commission on Human Relations should let the noose slide. Corrigan should be told to remove it or face charges of disorderly conduct.
As for the racist sign, Corrigan did prospective homeowners a favor. There is nothing worst than not knowing you are living next door to someone who does not want you there.More


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