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ARN, SPLC, ARA groups to counter march on March 21 WPWW

More Proof That Whites Are Forbidden To Have Pride In Their Race, Culture or Trying To Preserve and Celebrate it.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—International Day for the Elimination of Racism coming up on March 21 could see a clash between protesters as neo-Nazis plan to rally in Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria.
According to the Anti Racist Network (ARN), white-supremacist demonstrations are planned for B.C.’s Lower Mainland and Victoria on Sunday. What is traditionally the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, the neo-Nazis have declared White Pride Worldwide Day.
ARN, the activist group No One Is Illegal (NOII), and others are preparing a counter-rally to confront white supremacist groups such as Blood and Honour Canada, and Advocates for White Civil Rights.
ARN says it expects hundreds to show up in support of multiculturalism.
In Calgary, the neo-Nazi/white pride groups Aryan Guard and White European Bloodlines are also expected to rally. At last year’s event in Calgary, an estimated 500 anti-racists confronted 30 white supremacists, resulting in violence and three arrests.
White pride demonstrations have taken place on the day in Calgary and Toronto in recent years, but observers say gatherings have not occurred in British Columbia for some time.
“It is unfortunate to see that this kind of open display of intolerance would come to the streets of any place in Canada,” said Bromberg. “To watch these guys march down the street if you were, for instance, a holocaust survivor—it’s a pretty scary moment.”
March 21 has been recognized the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination since 1960 after the massacre of demonstrators demanding an end to apartheid in Sharpesville, South Africa.
It has only been since 2000 that neo-Nazi and white nationalist organizations have claimed March 21 as White Pride Worldwide Day against what they call multi-racial supremacy.
The white pride movement has been growing alongside a burgeoning music business worth more than $3.4 million, according to Interpol and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Ironically, although white power music has been driven underground due to bans throughout Europe, the United States has become a Mecca and haven for the industry due to First Amendment protections.
Power music song lyrics fan feelings of anger, blind rage, and violent tendencies, and frequently include exhortations to kill.
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Brer Wulf said…

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