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Anyone that has been convicted of driving under the influence knows it's more then desk duty.

A longtime friend and a resident of Indiana where this crime took place  asked me to write something about it due to the fact he was in complete outrage of the special treatment officer David Bisard received.
My friend from Indiana has one DUI on his record.  He served 2 days in jail and lost driving privileges and his license for 15 months and he didn't register anywhere near this.

This also reminds me of Two lifetime friends that where pulled over, did the walk of shame, and blew into the Breathalyzer.(they both blew clean and both were charged, fined, served jail time and lost driving privileges. 

After much thought and finding a few other articles to compare this to, I will.

#1 An investigation into a fatal crash involving officer David Bisard.
Motorcyclist Eric Wells, 30, died in the Aug. 6 crash at 56th Street and Brendon Way South Drive on the city's Northeastside. Two other riders, Mary Mills, 47, and Kurt Weekly, 44, remain hospitalized.Police officials initially did not suspect Bisard was drunk, but testing of a blood sample drawn two hours after the crash showed he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19, more than twice the level at which a driver is considered intoxicated in Indiana.  However, prosecutors have dismissed drunken-driving charges against Bisard because a medical assistant who lacked proper certification drew his blood.Bisard, who has been suspended pending termination,
Bisard faces one count of reckless homicide and two counts of criminal recklessness. Prosecutors dropped all DUI-related charges.
SWAT team officer could lose his job

#2 An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department SWAT team officer, involved in what's being called the cover-up of a hit-and-run crash with his patrol car, learned Wednesday he could lose his job.But the wait to learn whether Matthew Elam will face criminal charges likely will take weeks or longer,
An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department SWAT team officer, involved in what's being called the cover-up of a hit-and-run crash with his patrol car, learned Wednesday he could lose his job.
An internal affairs investigation found that Elam damaged property June 15 when his take-home car was in an accident at an undetermined location, said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, an IMPD spokesman. Elam left the accident without exchanging information with others involved, as required by state law.  The investigation also found Elam took his car to a private auto repair shop instead of the city's maintenance garage and had it repaired with after-market parts, both actions that violated IMPD policies and procedures.No accident report was filed, so it was unclear what the officer hit or whether anyone was injured; police declined to provide more specifics. Also, earlier news reports about the crash said Elam had been drinking alcohol, but Duhamell said the internal investigation made no reference to that.  The internal affairs investigation has been handed to the prosecutor for a criminal investigation. A spokeswoman for Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi has said he can't comment on a pending grand jury investigation.

Elam had been assigned to desk duty until his suspension without pay Wednesday. The 17-year veteran, who was based in the Downtown district, is at least the eighth IMPD cop to face a firing recommendation since Paul Ciesielski became the chief Feb. 22.

#3  Florida man gets 10 years for hate crime
[I know Mr. Cosby wasn't drunk, in anything I've found, just using as an example]
A Port Orange man who slammed his car into a bicyclist then shouted racial slurs at her has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of a hate crime.  A Volusia County judge sentenced 58-year-old Thomas Cosby, who is white, on Thursday. He was convicted last month of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery evidencing prejudice. He had faced up to 35 years in prison.

Authorities say Cosby veered his car off the road in 2008 to strike then-25-year-old Nekedia Cato, then yelled derogatory names at the black woman. Prosectors say its rare to pursue assault charges as hate crimes because it's difficult to prove the defendant's motivation.

#4 Firefighter Convicted Of Killing Dogs Back In Court
David Santuomo was found guilty of animal cruelty and other charges, after admitting to killing the dogs to avoid paying boarding costs while he took a cruise with his girlfriend.
The bodies of the dogs were found behind a Columbus fire station.  At his sentencing for those charges, a judge ordered Santuomo to perform 200 hours of community service and stop drinking. He still has not completed the community service and was arrested for drunk driving,
This time, he will spend 30 days in jail.


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