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The Big House

Fantastic Pictures

the big house

Ohio State Penitentiary

Where: Columbus Ohio

When: Late 1990's

Status: Demolished

The state Pen was one of the first places added to the site. I visited the pen on a few occasions over during the years leading up when it was demolished to allow room for the Nationwide Arena. Today there is very little to even remind us of where the prison once stood. The area has been rebuilt and the landscape has changed. Here is what I wrote about the prison upon building the site in the 1990's...

The prison was built in Columbus, Ohio in 1834. It was the second Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus, with the first being in Scioto Street in Franklinton along the banks of the Scioto River. The prison was large enough that it held over 5,000 prisoners at one point. By the late 1970s newer and better equipped facilities were built and the Ohio Pen was becoming obsolete. In 1984 the pen closed its doors sending most prisoners to Mansfield's new pri…