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It looks as if our history is falling into place, or they are doing their damnedest to make it happen.

 After  years of reading, watching, listening and living it’s as if our lives are just a game for the Politicians, Economists , Jews, and Religious players  and we are their pawns or puzzle pieces.  
Look at how our Local Elected Governments and what they are doing to our cities, countries and that all adds up to what they are doing Nation and World Wide.    Wouldn’t you say?  shera

Obama Picks Skull and Bones Member and Ex-CFR Employee to Head his Council of Economic Advisers

The neoliberal Milton Friedman disciple, Austan Dean Goolsbee, has been picked as chairman of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers.
Goolsbee is a pure neoliberal; an insider’s insider. Not only was he a member of Skull and Bones along with George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry… but he is the ultimate neoliberal fanatic. He didn’t go to the University of Chicago’s School of Economics, but he teaches there. In fact, he was the head of their business school. His life-long loyalties to the financial and corporate elites are clear. He is a member of the “New Dem” Democratic Leadership Council, set up by globalists Bill and Hillary Clinton, to drive the Democratic party to “the center” and by that I mean far to the right of what the vast majority of what the people in this country, left and right, actually want.

Core Publications
Agenda 21

• Education Reform: Meeting President Obama’s challenge to end the high school andcollege dropout crisis. Designing a new approach to vocational education and workforce training. Rewarding performance and reinventing accountability after No Child Left Behind.
• A New Agenda on Trade: Preventing protectionism, expanding markets, armingAmerican workers to compete, and launching a new debate on trade in the post-boom era.
• Health Care Reform: Finding common ground on the pivotal issues that will be central to enacting a health care reform plan that works.
• The Hybrid Economy: Making a cap-and-trade bill a reality. Fulfilling the potential of high-speed rail.
• Fiscal Responsibility and Spending Reform: Reforming government all over again. Designing new tools to restore fiscal discipline.
• Economic Reform: Designing the new financial architecture to revitalize the private sector and restore conditions for economic growth. Reinventing 401(k)’s to make retirement secure.
• Tax Reform: Developing a post-partisan plan to lower rates and close loopholes.
• Civic Responsibility: Charting the path to universal national service. Enacting a nationwide plan to prevent partisan redistricting.
On education reform, we can clearly see what the DLC/Obama administration have done there. They privatizing the school systems just as fast as they can and they are focusing on pushing most children of poor or working class families into vocational training or “workforce” training, which is why you can find mock-up fast food chain stores and Wal-Mart training facilities in charter high schools these days. Of course, you won’t find that in the schools where the children of the elites go to school, just the poor folks.
Their “new agenda on trade” speaks for itself; protect the world from “protectionism”.  In fact they are just protecting the global corporations and the banks that finance them from protectionism, at the direct cost of each and every one of us. See NAFTA and GATT for more info on that.
The “common ground” on healthcare reform meant that Big Pharma and the insurance industries got everything they wanted including the Hillary Clinton mandatory insurance purchase plan for every single American.
The “Hybrid economy” is simply the “cap-and-trade” bill… no mention of reducing pollution for that would scare off the big business donors to the DLC supported candidates and would eventually mes up the bank’s future carbon credits derivatives bubble which will again collapse the economy and justify more bailouts in the future.
One of my favorites is their idea of “civic responsibility” which clearly translates to forcing the kids of poor and working class families to serve the empire in some fashion, for next to nothing.
Goolsbee is also not one to be trusted.  While he was helping with the Obama campaign, he had him feign that he was opposed to the unrestricted free market approach like NAFTA but only because it was politically expedient at the time.


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