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K12 Date Safe Project with “Can I Kiss You?”

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K12 Licensed Trainers

In this video, you are watching over 600 students at 8am in a School Assembly of the “Can I Kiss You? program engaged, thinking, opening their minds, and making decisions to change their actions.
Bring the “Can I Kiss You?” program to your community and witness your students talking nonstop about the positive changes they WANT to make. You’ll hear them saying how much the presentation “blew their mind” and “really has me thinking about how I need to change the way I date.
SPECIAL OFFER: By calling 800-329-9390 today, you will rec
Receive the Instructor’s Guide and the 30 books for the classroom
when you bring the “Can I Kiss You?” presentation to your schools!
Imagine your students immediately implementing the lessons they discovered in your classroom into their own dating lives and for helping their friends in unhealthy relationships. You will be sharing a curriculum that inspires students to take the proper actions to best protect themselves and peers at parties and in relationships.
You and your students will enjoy the powerful exercises included in each chapter and find quizzes which reinforce the learning of material (verses simply checking on memorization).  The curriculum often leads to students becoming more socially active in the community!

25 May I Kiss You? Paperback Books for classes.
1 Instructor’s Guide to May I Kiss You? Book.
Set of 17 “Do You Ask?” Posters. Post throughout school.
12 White “Can I Kiss You?” T-shirts to promote lessons through students.
200 “Can I Kiss You?” Tattoos to handout throughout the year.
1 Voices of Courage E-book for a fantastic resource for students who are survivors.
1 Voices of Courage Audio CD Set which is perfect for playing chapters to your classes.
1 Lessons from the Road Paperback Book to help further cultivate student leadership.  MORE

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