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UN global disasters forum opens with condolences for Oklahoma City tornado victims, celberties offer prayers and 10 Great things happening in Moore thanks to other Americans.

UN global disasters forum opens with condolences for Oklahoma tornado victims
21 May 2013 – A United Nations forum dedicated to building resilience to disasters and making communities safer opened today in Geneva with expressions of sympathy for the people of Oklahoma City over the loss of life caused yesterday by a deadly tornado.
“Our thoughts and hearts go to the people of Oklahoma and we hope that help will reach those in need soon,” Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson told participants at the opening of the 4th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, which is on the theme: “Invest Today for a Safer Tomorrow.”
The tornado, one of several over the past few days to hit various cities in the Midwestern United States, damaged schools and took many lives, including those of at least 20 school children.
Separately, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced his sadness at the news of the death and destruction in Oklahoma City as a result of Monday’s tornado, and sent his deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones and to everyone affected by the storm.

Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry Send Prayers To Oklahoma
The massive tornado that tore across central Oklahoma on Monday and killed at least 51 people, nearly half of them children in a school, has elicited an emotional response from stars, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood and Chris Brown.
The images of devastation caused by the twister, reportedly two miles wide, were hard to fathom, as the town of Moore was lashed by 200 mile-per-hour winds for more than 40 minutes.
Beyoncé posted a message on Instagram with her thoughts, writing,“Prayers for #Moore Oklahoma,” while little sis Solange wrote, ”Oklahoma, you are in my thoughts.”
Rihanna posted the words, ”Praying for Oklahoma” on her account and Alicia Keys tweeted, ”So much going on in the world … I’m saddened by the devastating news … My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected #PrayForOklahoma.”  >>more<<

10 Unbelievable Acts of Kindness Following the Oklahoma

In the aftermath of the devastating tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, we have seen incredible acts of kindness and heroism. Preliminary reports from the National Weather Service have given the tornado a rating of at least an EF4. As residents and authorities continue to search for the missing, the full destruction of the storm has just started to be realized. Local hospitals are treating 145 injured people, at least 70 of whom are children. On May 21, the medical examiner’s office revised the death toll down to 24. In the midst of such incredible sadness and destruction, we take some time to report on those going above and beyond the call to help out a devastated community.
1. OKCMetro Lost and Found Pets:  A virtual bulletin board for your missing pet. A project of the Oklahoma Media Group and Oklahoma Animal Welfare Division. These two companies, and a few others, teamed up to provide individuals with a web-based service to help post and locate their missing animals.
2. Home Depot Creates $1 Million Relief and Recovery Fund: In response to the tornados, Home Depot quickly set up a fund dedicated to providing additional monetary resources to people in need.  (see FOX business video)
3. Samaritan’s Purse Sends Help From North Carolina
4. University of Oklahoma Opens As a Shelter:  
The University of Oklahoma is opening up spaces in Housing for the displaced families! Call 405-325-2511
5. Feeding America to Mobilize 200 Food Banks and 61,000 Agencies
6. Team Rubicon Military Veterans Will Help to Rebuild Homes:  Team Rubicon is an amazing organization of military veterans dedicated to providing disaster relief wherever it is needed. Volunteers from all around the country will deploy as part of Team Rubicon’s Operation Starting Gun.
7. Salvation Army Providing Shelter and Supplies:  The Salvation Army began to mobilize directly after the storms hit. They have teams on the ground dedicated to locating and providing shelter, food, and water for the residents of Moore.
8. American Red Cross Helps Find Loved Ones

OKListen: A hashtag being used by crisis counselors looking to donate their services to victims of the massive tornado.
#OKMissing: Used to help locate loved ones
#OpOK: Providing information about where to find help and other resources 

10.  This Facebook page is dedicated to individuals posting and sharing photos of loved ones. The page was created as a way for people to connect with loved ones in the aftermath of the storm.

 Short URL:


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