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Golden Dawn Sweeps Into Second Place in the Polls with 16% of the Vote! As NBPP starts chapter in Greece.

The secret can no longer be contained. For a while now, Golden Dawn has stated that previous polls purposely underestimated the real support of the nationalist movement, but as we’ve seen time and time again: we do not tell lies!  In a new poll published by, Golden Dawn has surpassed the US State Department endorsed Marxists of world usury- SYRIZA.
New Democracy maintains its position as the number one party, but with a 2 digit % of voter migration to Golden Dawn it is unlikely they will clutch to this for long. There have been other polls that place Syriza as the number 1 party, but the consistent trend seen in polls but also in the streets is that Golden Dawn is the second most popular party in Greece.
Lack of access to mainstream media, Left-wing paramilitary violence, and brutal state repression dictated by anti-Hellenic forces of great wealth have been unable to destroy the superb leadership, passion, and character of Golden Dawners inside of parliament and outside.  >>MORE<<    thank you Brian

After having brainstormed and evaluated their options, Jews decided to deploy the invading African migrants of Zion in order to combat Golden Dawn. Greek nationalists don’t look very alarmed. On the day of the rope, Jewish proxies can be sure that they will be twitching at the end of the noose together with their Jewish pimps.

Illegal Immigrants in Greece Form a ‘Black Panthers’  group.

A group of Black and immigrant Greeks have banded together to form a self-defense group to counter the attacks of a gang that targets citizens of color in the country. Nicknamed the “Black Panthers,” the group uses cell phones, social media, and neighborhood patrols to record any activity perceived as a threat from the far-right neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party.

Regarding the massive economic crisis in Greece, the Golden Dawn Party has risen in power and blame immigrants for the high unemployment and crime. According to reports, more than 150 hate-fueled attacks occurred over the past year alone. Michael Chege (pictured), a 28-year-old of Kenyan descent, told Britain’s Channel 4 that he and his Black Panthers are taking on the Golden Dawn faction without fear.
“You cannot be living your life in fear because of some stupid neo-Nazi group,” said Chege to Channel 4 reporter Jamal Osman. “In WW2, they were crushed. In WW3, we will exterminate them out of the face of the earth.”
Chege added, “And me personally? I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. And I am giving them [Golden Dawn] a straight warning – don’t mess with Black people, anyhow.”

New Black Panthers report on historic South Africa pilgrimage

On a side note; Malik Zulu Shabazz, I truthfully didn’t think anyone in America was stopping you all from going back to Africa!

BROOKLYN - Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, recently traveled with a delegation to Southern Africa. He returned calling for support of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and the establishment of a Pan-African united front.

“Africa and Pan-Africanism” was the title of the activist’s keynote address in early April at the House of the Lord Church, with pastor Herbert Daughtry present.
“This was a welcoming home,” said Atty. Shabazz of his trip. “This was to let the Black man and woman here in America know the conditions of their people in Azania (South Africa) … It was also to make our intentions known that we support the presidency of Robert Mugabe, and that we will do everything possible to help him win.”
President Mugabe, a veteran of guerilla struggle, fought against the White-led government of what was then called Rhodesia. In 1980, he became prime minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe. In 1987, he was elected president of Zimbabwe. Due to a power sharing deal struck with former political rival Morgan Tsvangirai in September 2008, a referendum on the constitution must be held before presidential elections can take place. Mr. Tsvangirai serves as prime minister and coordinator of government affairs for Zimbabwe.
“I always knew I would go to Africa but not as a tourist; it would have (to be) a political tour just about the liberation of our people,” said Atty. Shabazz.

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