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Ohio Ranked 7th In Nation For Hate Crimes - News - -

Ranked 7th in the US on Hate Crimes....hmmmmmmmm

I saw this on the Local News Tonight Ohio #7 in

the US for Hate Crimes.......hmmmmmm, but didn't they also find that

many of these so called Hate Crimes Where in fact some of the ones they

talk about I can almost bet they where found out to be Hoaxes. Do you

think they would mention that....Heavens no. I know I'm going to email

the reporter/writer of this story and encourage others to do the same

even if you don't live in Ohio, but maybe in your states, countries,

towns, cities they are boohooing about this kind of thing as well not

in fact telling the truth about Hate Crimes on White Victims.
By Denise Yost
E-mail | Biography

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- From a noose on a high school campus, to a swastika at a local college, racial prejudices are fueling rising crime statistics.

Nationwide, hate crimes are up 8 percent, and the FBI said 12 percent of hate crimes from 2006 happened at colleges and schools. Nationally, Ohio ranks 7th in the number of hate crimes, NBC 4's Amy Basista reported.

Two men accused of being white supremacists were arrested this week in Central Ohio. Jon Carr and Jason Gregg are alleged members of the Blood and Honour Gang.

They were charged with felonious assault and abductions for allegedly shooting at an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations agent in Thornville in 2006.

But the arrests aren't the first alert to what police all a growing culture of hate.

Last year, a man and his family looked out their front door to see a cross burning outside their Dublin home. It's something he didn't think would happen, and says it needs to stop.

"My people are different, but they are the same. I doesn't matter how they look," the victim said.

The statistics about hate crimes in Ohio are startling. Of the 844 active hate groups in the United States. 31 are in Ohio and in 2005, 60 agencies reported a total of 176 hate crime incidents.

While the number of hate crimes decreased in Ohio from 443 in 2005 to 350 in 2006, the numbers in Columbus increased from 50 to 81 -- that's more than four times the number of hate crimes in Cleveland and Cincinnati combined.

Most recently, a swastika drawn on a piece of paper and slipped under a student's door at Denison University incited outrage on the campus in Granville.

"Whoever put this under my door ignited the fire. They made this even a stronger fight that we will not tolerate this on Denison's campus," said LaForce Baker, a victim.

Students rallied on the campus and faculty called for change.

Freshmen at the school are now required to take a cultural diversity class.

Stay with NBC 4 and refresh for additional information.


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