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It's a Crime and could offend Immigrants for being Proud and Flying your own Countries Flag~

Motorist Told Flag Could Be Racist (from This Is Wiltshire)

How much longer before this happens here in the United States, you figure these Immigrants, Refugees whoever are being allowed everything else, while our rights as Citizens who were born here are trampled over and over again, and bound to get worse from the way things are looking.

I think that "WE" need to set up a special fund or something to help those that are fined for showing pride by waving their countries flags in their own lands sort of group showing support for the Proud People Flying Their Respective Countries flag.

I'm sick of seeing Brown Pride, Black Pride, and all that On a daily basis....

You figure we have to have all these other countries flags,colors and customs shoved down our throats and we are supposed to Welcome them. Now we might be fined for showing our pride. INSERT FOUR LETTER WORD, THAT!

Wake Up, Can't You See!!!!!

WAKE UP......Can't you see

WHAT KIND OF CHANGE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA(notice they hardly ever call him by his Full Name, to Terroristic sounding and get People thinking) HAS IN STORE and no it's not going to be anything Nice like so many of the voting Americans think. It is so sad how Blind what was it 40 or 80 thousand came to see him in Oregon and it looked like almost all White Supporters.

My God, Read what the New Black Panther Party Wants who are in full support of Obama. Just being on this page is Pissing me Off. I think they also need to set up a Scholarship in the names of the Tragic,Car Jacking, Beating, Torture, Rape and Murder of Christan Channon/Christopher Newsome who where both savagely taken by these Animals~

Welcome to the Official Website of The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense

1 of 6 caught, Haisson Woody..and who would have thought!?!

Like I said in the title Who would have thought.....You know that is what I thought, all I can say is I hope Haisson Woody Get's the Book thrown at him because what he did was a FEDERAL offense, not just your garden variety KNOCK OUT GAME....that is apparently alright in the Animal Kingdom of Columbus. I for one am so sick of these little POS getting away with this with the excuse of "It's a Black Thang, you wouldn't understand, or Myzzzzzzz baby got ADD or some other lame Nigg excuse~

I know there have been a few that keep chimping up and down the street casing cars, my dog was growling the other night so I went and looked out the front door and Lo and Behold walking in the middle of the street by the cars in front of my house slowing down to get a peek in the Car Windows thinking loudly I was like "YOU, NEED TO KEEP MOVING" and of course I got a nasty dumb look like what Bitch, and I said it again even louder YOU NEED TO KEEP MOVING. The next day a group of…

6 Teens beat, rob mail carrier

I can only hope that these idiots get caught. They apparently are very very dumb, seeing how stupid they where jumping a US Postal worker, automatic felony just for doing anything to hold up mail delivery. This is just getting to be intolerable in Columbus and all over Ohio. Please go to the link below, where there is News Coverage of the Story.

The Columbus Dispatch : 6 teens beat, rob mail carrier: "6 teens beat, rob mail carrier
Saturday, May 10, 2008 12:57 AM
The attack on the mailman was prefaced with a request to bum a cigarette.

Carrier Greg Nelson later decided that the question thrown at him by a group of boys as he delivered mail Thursday on the East Side likely was an attempt to size him up.

Within minutes, the youths chased, assaulted and robbed Nelson in what the U.S. Postal Service said is only the third such attack on a mail carrier in Columbu…


Every True American needs to see this!! Please take the time to get an education !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a poignant, yet chilling message. It's a 'must watch' video, that
lasts about 3 minutes, and needs to be forwarded all across America!

Notice at the bottom right you can reverse-stop- play the video.

I had to stop it several times in order to read what was being put up
rapidly on the screen.
It left me with a feeling of impending peril, because I felt like, as one
person, I cannot stop this .

I just pray our politicians and world leaders will open their eyes and know

What kind of world are we leaving to future generations?

If you can't open this from where you're at, send it home and watch it ...

After the video finishes, click on "Enter The Site" scroll down halfway
to see a map of the United States, that clearly def…