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There is a big scandal in France

Big Scandal In France(must see)

Hailsa Kinsmen!

There is a big scandal in France about a racist attack vidéo took in a bus in Paris. A White guy was assaulted buy 4 non-Whites and no-one did nothing to help him, even the bus driver. You can see the vid here:

A cop put this vid on his Facebook account and one of our comrade saw it and stated to share it on many nationalist websites. It was truly a huge “buz” even on normal websites.

At the begining all the media try to say it was a fake and the cop was even put in jail because he had spread this material.

Lots of French people reacted again this and the cop was released quickly. Of course Jewtube had deleted every track of this video but it is now available via a Russian website.

Do not hesitate to spread the word in States.

All the best to you,

130658 Comment from FromQuébec 4/10/2009, 11:25 am

I am french canadian and I thought you guys could use some translation there. I can barely understand myself however, since their parisian accent, on top of an arab accent, slang talk and the poor quality of the video makes it very hard even for me. Here’s what I can get however, starting at the moment where the guy tries to take his wallet back:

Arab: Hey you, son of a whore, Who the fuck do you think you are, who the fuck do you think you are?

** too much noise while they beat the shit out of him **

Good white guy trying to help: Stop! Stop it! Its enough! ( Thats were he gets punched too ).

Arab that punches the good guy says rish after very clearly “French is shit” “Your country sucks”.

Lots of noise and people yelling, cant get a word.

Bus driver: We hear him in the background on the phone say to his superiors “I got a fight in my bus”

Wounded guy: Right after the good guy gets punched a 2nd time for no reason, we can hear him tell to the bus driver: ” Please drive me to the hospital…”

Someone in the street: He asks the bus driver “Whats happening?!”

Bus driver: Whats happening? Isn’t it obvious?

** when we see from the front camera **

It goes back a few seconds in time when it switches cameras but we can hear some more things that happen in the front and less of what is happening in the back

arab: So you can’t stand up? You cant stand up anymore? What do you think we are, some kind of ( can’t understand what he says there ).

The arabs go out from the rear door. The drivers takes the phone and says “I have a fight in my bus” while the wounded white guy falls on him. Then we see the arabs come back from the outside and punch the wounded guy, he yells “aaaah fuck” while getting beat on.

Bus driver: Stop stop, its enough, its enough, stop stop!

Arab in the back: “French is shit, your country sucks!

Then they go away and he falls unto the driver again

Wounded white guy: Can you bring me to the hospital…

“Driver ignores him”

Guy with motorcycle helm from outside asks “Whats happening”

Driver: Whats happening? Isnt it obvious?!

Random passenger: Do something!

Driver: What do you do you want me to do! I can’t do anything about it!

Passenger: You the call the police!

Video cuts there.

Hope that helps, did my best.


Brer Wulf said…

fucking sub-human niggers! I wish to hell I had been there! There would have been 3 dead niggers on that bus!

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