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The Year was 1920, written April 26, 2009

The year was 1920.
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I was at the doctors office with my mom this morning for her post op apointment and there was some magazines in the actual office and I got to reading about the 9/16/1920 bombing in New York at the JP Morgan Bank. So to say the least I came home and googled it to see what I could find out, etc and Holy Crap reading that article it was like taking some headlines from today! I'll post some signifigant key words and please check out the link. I copied just a wee bit I have added here!

Out of a clear blue sky, a deadly terrorist attack in New York City
But critics said that the government was using the terrorist threat as an excuse to curtail civil liberties.

J.P. Morgan's bank , Stock Exchange, The American economy was wracked by both high unemployment and sharp inflation. ,

The Red Scare
President Woodrow Wilson faced trying times. The nation had come through the slaughter of World War I, followed by the even more deadly Spanish Flu pandemic. Returning soldiers clashed with immigrants for jobs, the newspapers were full of stories of labor unrest and general strikes, wages didn't keep up with inflation, deadly race riots broke out in Chicago and St. Louis, wartime shortages for essentials like sugar persisted and crime was rapidly on the increase. As if that wasn't enough, small but vocal groups of socialists, communists and anarchists fervently preached the downfall of the corrupt capitalist system and the coming revolution of the proletariat.

The 1917 Espionage Act was followed by the Sedition Act of 1918 which forbid ''disloyal, profane, scurrilous or abusive language,'' against the U.S. government. These laws were still in force in the summer of 1919 when Wilson appointed fellow Democrat A. Mitchell Palmer as his attorney general.

Carbon Copy of History Past, almost

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While historians of the ''Red Scare'' describe American reaction to radical movements as ''hysterical'' and ''draconian,'' it might be added in fairness that those who most fervently believed that radicals could overthrow the government were the radicals themselves. Galleani's eloquent, almost mystical rhetoric urged them on:

Thou hast seen

the Passion, the Sorrow, and the horrid slaughter

of undefended right.

Thou hast curst, thou hast wept

Harvesting prison, misery, and affliction.

Cursing is sterile; weeping cowardly,


History directs you; Science arms you.

From unavenged tombs,

killed by disease and gunshot

your fathers entrust you with their vengeance

Be Bold! Redemption springs from audacious revolt!


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