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You Still Don't Get It?

The Somali and other Third World Nations are taking over the United States bit by bit, and it will only get worse now that Obama an admitted (Muslim) is President of the US. I have been trying to point this out for a few years now showing different ways that they are gouging the American Citizen not only monetarily but taking away our rights because things seem offensive to them and their religion or way of life. We as Americans should not have to assimilate to them. As I’ve said in many other things I’ve written and posted,

Minnesota: America's First Somali-Muslim State?,2933,259761,00.html

Somalis in America are "very, very rude, inconsiderate, very demanding"

Great the Somalis are celebrating there independence, but what I want to know is there independence of what taking more from us? (Somalis regardless of age get $1,000 a month for 7 years) Shouldn’t they be celebrating in Africa?

'Thou hast seen

the Passion, the Sorrow, and the horrid slaughter

of undefended right.

Thou hast curst, thou hast wept

Harvesting prison, misery, and affliction.

Cursing is sterile; weeping cowardly,


History directs you; Science arms you.

From unavenged tombs,

killed by disease and gunshot

your fathers entrust you with their vengeance

Be Bold! Redemption springs from audacious revolt!'


RobinHood said…
We few who do care are providing a free service for the featherless bipeds. I am at the point Beautiful Nightmare where I truly believe we should only be discussing matters privately. If the odd biped wants in, he/she must pay membership to prove they ready for action....and no more free lunch. We have volunteered hundreds of hours. The free lunch is over. Once we appear exclusive, then the cypber freeloaders might think twice.
Brer Wulf said…

Ahhhh...there's nothing that says diversitah like importing 13,000 non-English speaking, turd world kaffirs! Diveritah = American tax-payers paying for their food, education, housing, medical and children.
Instead of some filthy dirt-hut living piece of shit who doesn't even know what a fucking door knob is, we should be importing Swedes, Nords and Danes!
Even after 170+ years after slavery, the fucking kikes are STILL bringing niggres here! Just another reason to hate those fucking pieces of shit!
ere is no religion higher than the Truth...there is no god above the Law."
Honey...take the whole ball of wax...this is the Change.
We have lost...completely and decisively.The invading hordes have sub"jew"gated the complacent and ever so guilty Christian Tenets and Virtue...that,hell,there's nothing left to defend.

Go to Revilo Oliver.

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