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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Twisting The Truth. . .

In commemoration of Adolph Hitler’s birthday, Neo-Nazis preached to a group of hostile counter-protesters in front of City Hall Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.
Considered “the most dangerous domestic threat in the United States” by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Socialist Movement, a Neo-Nazi organization, is anything but peaceful. They advocate the elimination of all American minorities, including those of African, Mexican, and Asian descent, homosexuals, disabled people and more. Violence is common, and there have been at least nine murders by NSM members since President Obama’s election, The goal of the Los Angeles rally was to “battle illegal immigration,” said Charles Wilson, public relations specialist for the NSM. “Last time I checked, if you do something illegal, you go to jail … we’re here to say enough is enough.” Counter-protesters arrived around 10 a.m. at First and Spring Street. Participating groups included the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets and the anti-NSM group, No Nazis in L.A.
No serious injuries were reported and a total of five arrests were made.
Counter-protesters were also angry with the LAPD, arguing that tax dollars shouldn’t be used to fund such a racist demonstration.
Estella Ayala, member of La Raz Unida, said, “I know that the government will say they have the right to assemble, but the government… needs to be sensitive to the minorities that make up this city.”
Around 50 Nazis arrived at 10 in front of City Hall. With LAPD standing between them and the counter-protesters, they were safe to rally.
The counter-protesters were screaming at the Nazis in fits of hatred. The NSM spoke for a little over an hour after which they were escorted to a private parking lot. Counter-protesters followed but were cut off by police. That didn’t stop them from hurling rocks, bottles, trash, and even a metal wrench at the Nazis’ vehicles. When one of the windows was shattered by a rock, the crowd cheered with victory.More<

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