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Columbus City Council In Immigrants Back Pocket

A resolution urging for national immigration reform is now headed to Washington D.C. Monday evening, Columbus City Council approved the resolution. While many supporters of reform couldn’t be happier, the question remains – what does Columbus City Council have to gain by sending a resolution to the federal government?
The resolution that was approved Monday, among other things, urges for tighter security at the border and a path to citizenship for those who are currently in the United States illegally. “It is the federal government’s responsibility. We want consistency throughout the 50 United States of America,” said Councilwoman Charleta Tavares.
To support comprehensive immigration reform and urge action from Congress and the Ohio General Assembly to support the needs of Columbus as well as other cities and towns as we integrate immigrants into Ohio and American communities.

WHEREAS, immigration is a federal responsibility and a comprehensive approach to solve our broken immigration system is necessary to meet the goals of ensuring a thriving and secure community and economy in Columbus and throughout the State of Ohio and the nation; and
WHEREAS, protecting the human and civil rights of immigrants and citizens is paramount to the success of Columbus, the State of Ohio and all communities in America as we move forward in the 21st Century; and
WHEREAS, the inability of government at all levels to reach consensus on a solution to immigration has created financial, cultural and political strains in communities across America; and

WHEREAS, immigration reform must occur in a comprehensive, thoughtful manner that focuses on improving homeland security, helping integrate immigrants into the community and alleviating the costs of providing services such as public safety, language services, housing, health, education, and social services;
That this Council requests that Congress enact comprehensive immigration reform that addresses: (1) border security and interior enforcement; (2) workplace enforcement; (3) guest workers; (4) legalization of undocumented workers currently in the U.S.; (5) a path to citizenship for immigrants now in the country; and (6) resources to local and state jurisdictions to alleviate the local impacts of delivering services to new immigrants.
That this Council requests that Congress provide adequate federal funding to help communities integrate new residents into their communities.more from nbc4i

Columbus City Council
City Hall
90 West Broad Street, Room 231
Columbus, OH 43215-9015

Main Switchboard (614) 645-7380
a244 22 June 2010 at 3:48 am
No good! Praise your friends and ignore your enemies.
Do not communicate with this people!

why is that a244 they are traders and elected by the ppl, and if i’m not mistaken it’s their job too i didn’t know they were immune from the same laws the feds went by. I’m sick of all this passing the buck crap it’s not my job, she needs to get her black ass working if they want to hold the office they were elected in but never mind all them ‘illegals’ illegaly help vote them into office while we pay for them and what they aren’t doing as they take and take from us and destroy. You ain’t got to rite your name and stuff just put that u are an amerikan citizen and voter. Freedom of speech


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