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Perfect Example Of Double Standard In America

Perfect Example Of Double Standard In America

(this story isn't about just religion, I used that as an example to show another form of double standard that whites deal with)

Alright here is another prime example of a Racial, Religious, Free Speech  double standard facing Whites today, in the United States.  We already saw it on the Ninth anniversary of Sept 11th.  The country is all up in arms that we may offend the Muslim/Islamic religion if the Quran is burnt.  Never-mind that Americans might be offended if anything that America holds scared in their hearts [their race, their religions, the flag, the Constitution, liberty  is stomped on.  I forgot we would be violating their ‘civil’ rights and right of ‘free speech’ .
Among various other incidents recently posted and  throughout the years, not only from Blacks, Mexicans,   Muslims/Islam, buy Jews as well as other whites.


“This rally was very big today and everybody was very angry at the American devils who burned the Koran,” Mohamed Suleban, a demonstrator, told AFP.
“I saw some pictures that were posted on the Internet showing two white guys burning the Koran. You cannot imagine how my heart felt,” he said.

“We will kill Americans over this, we will make them regret it,” said Shueyb Hasan
If anything is done or spoken in defense of the White Race, hero’s honored, Religion, Beliefs we are labeled and crucified by all including other whites.  My question I guess is where was homeland security, and all the other government  organizations while we where being threatened etc?  Oh they are right here instead:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, the Delaware State Police and the Bethany Beach Police Department are aware of the event, said Sen. George Bunting, D-Bethany Beach.”This is a sad part of our society,” Bunting said. “It is unfortunate that any town would be tainted with this.”
“Our organization supports the advancement and survival of the white race,” he said. “We are proud of who we are, and we’re proud of our European heritage.”

An upcoming rally hosted by the Aryan Nations Church of Jesus Christ Christians, a white patriotism group based out of Chillicothe, Ohio, has local officials and police agencies on alert.
The group has been distributing flyers advertising a “White Patriot Day” to be held on the beach Sept. 18.
Paul Mullet, national director of the organization, said various topics — including illegal immigration and the proposed mosque at Ground Zero in New York City — will be discussed at the rally.

“Our organization supports the advancement and survival of the white race,” he said. “We are proud of who we are, and we’re proud of our European heritage.”
Mullet said the group is often incorrectly labeled as “a bunch of racists.”more


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