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Who is (R) Jim Russell, someone the ADL doesn’t want you to know or vote for.

Who is (R) Jim Russell, someone the ADL doesn’t want you to know or vote for.

In no way was the title to this article to denounce  this canadite  or in no way denouncing White European/American values, It was posted that way because the ADL/Dems want New York/Americans to think that what Jim Russell stands for is bad, when it’s not. He is the type of Politician we want in office.

Shame on anyone for not being able to see that~ ‘Someone the ADL doesn’t want you to Know or Vote for’
There have been times when I wanted to label a politician a “Nazi.” For obvious reasons I have demurred. That ends today with Republican Congressional candidate Jim Russell. That word actually applies to him.
Jim Russell is running for Congress in New York’s 18th District, which is an area just north of New York City with parts of the district bordering on Connecticut. Russell, who is challenging longtime Democratic incumbent, Rita Lowery, has been endorsed by the state’s Republican party and the state Conservative party.
Jim Russell
Jim Russell

In 2001, he wrote an essay titled “The Western Contribution to World History”, which was published in the Occidental Quarterly, Russell rallied like-minded people against interracial relationships and school integration. In that essay, he praised anti-Semitic theories. He praised and touted studies linking race to IQ. He has said parents need to teach their children “appropriate ethnic boundaries” for marriage and socializing.more

His own party leaders are repudiating the Republican candidate seeking to unseat 11-term incumbent Rep. Nita Lowey in Westchester, and the Anti-Defamation League is calling him a “white supremacist with anti-Semitic overtones.”  The candidate, Jim Russell, 56, ran against Lowey two years ago and was soundly defeated by a 37 percent margin. But Russell’s long-held views on race and Jews did not surface until last month when the Politico website carried a story about a 2001 article Russell wrote in the Occidental Quarterly, described by the ADL as a “racist journal.”

  The ADL said Russell is just one of six bigots running for office in November and that the Internet is empowering these people to run.  In the article, Russell quoted from T.S. Eliot to describe conditions for an optimal society: “The population should be homogeneous. What is still more important is unity of religious background, and reasons of race and culture combine to make any large number of free-thinking Jews undesirable.”

In another section, he quotes the following passage: “There is now afoot a conscious effort to de-Europeanize and to re-Judaize Christianity … One possible strategy to counter these efforts is to encourage a re-Europeanization of Christianity into a European folk religion.”

And Russell decried “media moguls who deliberately popularize miscegenation in films directed toward adolescents and pre-adolescents. In the midst of this onslaught against our youth, parents need to be reminded that they have a natural obligation, as essential as providing food and shelter, to instill in their children an acceptance of appropriate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage.”more


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