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Ohio Crime Statistics, 2005-2009

I found this and I desperately need a hobby and a new one fast! lol,

I am putting something together to prove a point and as a joke kinda, towards some friends that moved to Ohio and them saying it's ghetto in the small town where they moved. (i'm sure they are joking? find the Mafia!) and I'm just going to list some of the cities in Ohio.
pfft I'm sorry but I know there was way more in Columbus then reported and I'm sure else where too! I guess I'll comment about stuff to'm getting kinda carried away here I think I'll just add a few more to this and the link below can tell you  other cities in Ohio

Violent crime fell by 8.3 percent in Columbus while property crimes (burglary, larceny, vehicle theft and arson) increased by 1.1 percent in Columbus in 2009, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program.
The FBI annually releases statistics on violent crimes like murder, rape and robbery and on property crimes such as burglary and vehicle theft. Not all agencies participate in the voluntary UCR program and therefore are not reflected in the data.

East Main Street in downtown Ashland in 2007.
Ashland Ohio:  (Scott no wonder you get major headaches when you come to Columbus, but we always have lots of fun),_Ohio
Ashland - Ohio   2009    14                                 521 More information
Ashland - Ohio   2008    19                                 600
Ashland - Ohio   2007    19                                 551
Ashland - Ohio   2006    21                                 612
Ashland - Ohio   2005    23                                 606

Ohio University
Athens - Ohio (Home of Ohio University),_Ohio
Athens - Ohio     2009    33                               458
Athens - Ohio     2008    21                               485
Athens - Ohio     2007    40                               481
Athens - Ohio     2006    26                               569
Athens - Ohio     2005    35                               502

Bullitt Park section of Bexley, Ohio.
Bexley - Ohio (Predominately Rich Jewish burb of Columbus, Ohio that is surrounded by  high crime areas),_Ohio
Bexley - Ohio    2009       21                                       396
Bexley - Ohio    2008       28                                       408
Bexley - Ohio    2007       27                                       441
Bexley - Ohio    2006       33                                       421
Bexley - Ohio    2005       34                                       468

Municipalities and townships of Franklin County.
Blendon Township - Ohio,_Franklin_County,_Ohio
LOCATION                     YEAR      VIOLENT CRIMES           PROPERTY CRIMES
Blendon Township - Ohio  2008          11                                         257
Blendon Township - Ohio  2007          11                                         285
Blendon Township - Ohio  2006           08                                        249

Bowling Green Ohio
Bowling Green - Ohio,_Ohio
LOCATION              YEAR            VIOLENT CRIMES            PROPERTY CRIMES
Bowling Green - Ohio 2009               41                                            735
Bowling Green - Ohio 2008               25                                            971
Bowling Green - Ohio 2007               30                                         1,121
Bowling Green - Ohio 2006               32                                         1,056
Bowling Green - Ohio 2005               34                                            930

Municipalities and townships of Franklin County.

Clinton Township - Ohio,_Franklin_County,_Ohio
(anyone that lives in Columbus and has been to or thru Clinton Twnshp knows these stats are BS)
LOCATION              YEAR            VIOLENT CRIMES            PROPERTY CRIMES
Clinton Township - Ohio 2009              38                                       393 More information
Clinton Township - Ohio 2008              46                                       395 More information
Clinton Township - Ohio 2007              26                                       555 More information
Clinton Township - Ohio 2006              28                                       537 More information
Clinton Township - Ohio 2005              42                                       449 More information

Columbus Ohio

Columbus - Ohio

LOCATION              YEAR            VIOLENT CRIMES            PROPERTY CRIMES

Columbus - Ohio              2009                    5,340                                            48,813More information
Columbus - Ohio              2008                    5,821                                            48,282More information
Columbus - Ohio              2007                    6,269                                            51,491More information
Columbus - Ohio              2006                    5,948                                            52,098More information
Columbus - Ohio              2005                    6,111                                            54,141More information
Steubenville-Ohio /wiki/Steubenville,_Ohio During its heyday in the period of the 1940s-60s, Steubenville was popularly known as "Little Chicago," a nickname that, on the one hand, evoked the city's prolific industry and downtown bustle, while on the other hand suggesting Steubenville's reputation for crime, gambling, and corruption. It is the birthplace of legendary singer and actor Dean Martin, actress, producer and director Traci Lords,
Steubenville - Ohio 2008         102                                            1,058 More information
Steubenville - Ohio 2007           79                                               929 More information                  Steubenville - Ohio 2006           77                                               976 More information
Steubenville - Ohio 2005           80                                            1,015 More information


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