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At least we have White Squirrels in the neighborhood!

At least we have White Squirrels in the neighborhood! My Brother took this picture this past summer and I just found it! 

I would not want to live in a world with out squirrels...or for that matter all nature and wildlife has it's purpose and it's a beautiful thing. I know the last time they where clear cutting trees in the woods behind my house, it was so so sad watching all the little animals scurrying towards my backyard. My dog was even sad you could tell. Deers have come up to our fence and they have been seen walking down sidewalks in the morning or late at night. It's so sad

It breaks my heart how destructive this world is as far as nature and wildlife etc. I mean I know they have clear cut everything they can all in the name of the $ for some stupid cookie cutter BS house, while wiping out entire species of animals and nature. It makes me so sad and angry. I know they where clear cutting woods behind my house to build 'green' crap houses and you could just see all the little critters running towards my house in total fear. I started to cry and was so poed.  All in the name of $$$$.

  I know there are several of these in Westerville and Minerva Park, but that was a while ago, I'm sure they still exist.  Not real sure though.  This one has been around for a few years or one just like it. 
That one is an ornery little, he would be hard to catch. Oh my dog is always after them he absolutely hates squirrels or any other animal in the yard. Although they mess with each other pretty good I think they like to play catch me if you can or something like that :) and he has got a few, although he doesn't even bark at the one above, he just sits and watches it.


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