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Vancouver BC Love It Part 1 t

Never thought I'd get here, well I've been here almost a week now but the flight getting out here.  Crazy  lol 

The flight between my hometown to Chicago O'Hare airport was a breeze, when we landed the plane, airport employees pointed us on to our connecting flights.

 I walked forever to get to my terminal went to the airline desk to check in and make sure I was in the right place.  Waited waited waited, a woman was behind the counter finally and I went to ask her and she was like I work here but not here wait she should be right up.  Cool I did, took some pictures of downtown Chicago from the window walked around a bit.(not as good as the ones I got on the plane when in Denver) Sat down next to and elderly couple who where also waiting to talk to someone.

That's when a large black woman  came strutting in with overcoat looking like don't bother me, I was like  i finally got her attention showed her my ticket and asked if i was in the right place and why I had not received my ticket to Vancouver, she said I'd get that at seatac, i said ok thank you everything is alright then she said yes.  I sat back down next to the elderly couple and they both where like she's rude huh.  I reread my ticket and I wasn't even at the right terminal after everyone said I was.  I was so pissed.  So i ran all the way to the other side of the airport  to the terminal i was supposed to be at to find out the flight i was supposed to be on left 2 mins to me getting there.  The lady at that counter said well we don't have another flight to Seattle until 5 tonight and you wouldn't be able to get a connecting flight to Vancouver until tomm.  The woman from Alaska Air told me to go back to where I just came from to see if they could get me on the flight to Seattle and then I would be able to make it to Vancouver.  

i was like that woman is not going to help me, it's because of her that I missed this flight after I asked if everything was alright.  She smiled and said well that is the best thing I can tell you is to go and talk to the woman at the desk you just left, I'm sorry.Let me know if you have any problems with that and we will just have to put you on the other flight.  Soooooo, I had to grab all my stuff again and go tromping across the airport again.  I reached the desk where she was still standing at but this time her boss was with her.  After I explained what happened again the boss was like sorry this flight is all booked, but we can put your name on the stand by list, or go back and talk to the lady at Alaska air.  I was like WHY so she can send me back to talk to you.  She said yes, every word imaginable was about to come out of my mouth at this time, I started to walk back but turned around because they started boarding for this flight and  by the time I walked back down there and knew I'd be turned back around I stayed and said calmly Look I have people expecting me in VC, what can you do for me.  She was like I know she made a few calls, messed around with the computer a little and both women where like come with us.  So we walked down the boarding ramp thing and they where like WAIT here.  I was like ok, and enjoying fresh air coming through the gate/ramp thing.  They motioned me to come on down!  Yeah I was the next contestant on US Air  Flight blah blah blah.  I got a window seat!!! yeah we  where taxing down the runway when all of a sudden the pilot comes on and says the plane was having problems with it's fuel tanks and we would have to turn around and wait for another flight.  We all got off the plane and made are way back into O'Hare after about another hour we where aboard a plane headed west!!!!  We even had to get permission to fly in Canadian Air so that we could make better time.....

Alright we had to fly over Canadian Air to make better time so everyone could make there connecting flights at Seatac, which was a relief but I still had a few hours to waste.  Mind you if I would have got my orgianal flight I would have already been there.  We boarded a puddle jumper landed at Vancouver airport, which was nice.  I had to locate my luggage that had been there long before me, found it.  Went and exchanged money for Canadian money then thank the Gods found a cart I could load my luggage on headed towards the customs line and realized I left the piece I had to find somewhere.  I spoke to a customs agent and told her what had happened, she then pointed a male customs agent out that I had to talk to and told him the same thing.  He of course was questioning of why and where I left it.  I explained the whole ordeal to him and he was like alright lets go find it.  We found it at the currency exchange place, where the women there where  like Oh there you are happily.  The Customs agent was like is that it, I said yes and he said well lets go.  We walked back to customs where I had to empty all my suitcases, thank god I only had a small suitcase and a gym bag with me.  He asked what my business was in Canada, wanted to know names numbers etc.  I wrote them all down he was gone for a while I was so hungry and tired and knew I stunk so bad from all the running around that had taken place all day and from being on a total of 4 planes when he came back and was like start repacking your suitcase with a troubled look ( I was thinking lovely now what)  and that's when he smiled and said  Welcome to Canada Jennifer, enjoy your stay and your boyfriends waiting for your call.

I called my MoW, to let him know I was there finally and he was happy yet kinda upset because he had ordered food for us and it was cold so we had to reheat it.  We where so happy to see each other again.  Needless to say We ate and I took a very very long shower...... the rest is not open for

i'll write more later


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