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Living in the Great State of “Your House”

Living in the Great State of “Your House”

This is the best example I’ve heard cut and dry to Those that support Illegal Immigration.  It’s inspired me to make it a post to make sure all see and read it.    I also added an example of Living in the Great State of “Your House”   Thank you for such a wonderful way of putting it ‘djsteff’  shera~
To all that support illegal immigration,
Let us ponder this scenareo for a moment.
Let’s say we ratified a 51st state to our great nation, we’ll call this the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”. Now in the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”, there were five legal residents (It’s a really small state). They are, You, your wife/husband and your three beautiful young daughters ages 3, 5 and 9.
Now imagine for a moment that one day some person snuck into the the back door of the great state of “YOUR HOUSE” without your permission and decided to rape your beautiful young daughters and your wife in front of you. Now when they finished having their way with your loved ones (the citizens of the great state of YOUR HOUSE),they demanded that you cook dinner for them and demanded all the money in your wallet and your cookie jar that you were saving for groceries, rent, medical care and your childrens education? You were then told that without your permission, they were going to be moving into the great state of YOUR HOUSE whether you liked it or not and you could do nothing about it.
Now my first question is, would you try to intervene and try to stop your beautiful young wife and kids (the legal residents of the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”) from being raped? Or would you call out to invite 50 more non residents of the great state of “YOUR HOUSE to sneak into to the back door (without your knowledge) to gang rape and pleasure themselves with your loved ones and take from you whenever they wanted? If this were to happen to you, would you be willing to advocate more people comming into the great state of “YOUR HOUSE”? Would you be posting about the human rights of the people who violated your family in this way? Would you look kindly on those who violated your family or would you cry out against it? Would you look kindly on those that supported more people sneaking into the great state of “YOUR HOUSE” to pleasure themselves with your wife and kids and take what is yours?
Stop and ponder that for a moment! My example is meant to be extreme to get the point across.
Our country is being gang raped by millions of uninvited people sneaking in our back door and fools like you have the nerve to complain about us wanting to stop it!
Dont forget this is “YOUR HOUSE” too and those persons sneaking in the back door are raping and stealing from your (legal citizen) family as well. The people speaking out against this are not the problem. The people violating OUR laws are the problem. If you support their actions you are part of the problem too!
by djsteff
America’s Most Forgotten is dedicated to the all of the innocent people and their families who have been victimized by illegal aliens as a result of the refusal of our elected officials to enforce United States immigration law and to secure our borders. 
 Georgia – Jordin Paulder
9 year old from Georgia – Jordin Paulder
9 year old from Georgia – Jordin Paulder
Nine-year-old child dead after an illegal alien slammed an ax into his forehead twice.
“Ax Embedded in Child’s Head by an Illegal Alien in Georgia”
 Did you see this front page headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or insideThe New York TimesUSA Today, or anywhere at all in the print media?
You most likely did not read about this child’s barbaric and senseless murder at the hands of a Honduran native. Local media only carried the story for a few days.
No New York Times editorial has been written on the hardships and the suffering of Americans who have lost family members to the actions of violent criminal aliens. The writers have not demanded border security and enforcement of immigration law by the President and the United States Congress because of the loss of this small, defenseless boy and the many, many other Americans dead at the hands of illegal aliens.
The story I included with ‘The Great State of Your House’ is just one example there are countless others. It has happened to White, Black, Asian, ‘legal’ Hispanic families all across The United States of America, Europe, African countries. Lets start treating this issue as it is ‘The Great State of Your House’ shera~


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