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Caught on video: Anti-gun Columbus, Ohio Mayor Coleman has ‘Melt-down’ Live, remember elections are coming up,

As many of our readers are aware, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has consistently worked against the Second Amendment and the Constitution during his long term as mayor. The Ohio chairman of the anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), Coleman and his city council enacted an unenforceable assault weapons ban in 2005, which caused the NRA to pull plans to hold their annual meetings in the city in 2007, which would likely have poured upwards of $25 million dollars into the Ohio economy. Coleman also drove the Ohio Gun Collectors Association out of town with unreasonable demands he put upon the association and its vendors.
Now, on the eve of his latest re-election bid, Coleman has been caught on tape exhibiting exactly how fanatical he is in opposition to the Second Amendment.
In the video, taken by BFA-endorsed Columbus city council candidate Mark Noble and posted on YouTube, Coleman claims “gangsters” are going to gun shows to buy guns without a background check. But according to the most recent federal study, a Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report on “Firearms Use by Offenders,” only 0.7% of U.S. “crime guns” came from gun shows, with repeat offenders even less likely than first-timers to buy guns from any retail source.
The truth is, Coleman is using the issue to distract from the fact that his administration has failed in its obligation to detect and prosecute illegal gun purchases and thefts.
In the video, Coleman also rants about the recent passage of Ohio’s restaurant carry legislation, shouting “somebody help me!”
This isn’t the first time Coleman has suggested allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns would cause problems. On April 8, 2004, Coleman staged a press conference next to a jungle gym, lamenting the fact that the city was unable to protect children by posting signs banning concealed handgun license-holders. Coleman called Ohio’s concealed carry law “a travesty for our city and for our state.”
His opinion clearly hasn’t changed since then. In the video, he talks about his position on gun control.
“I’m passionate about this,” he said. “Too many guns. Too available,” Coleman shouted.
After claiming he’s not against the Second Amendment, he continued, “But you don’t need an Uzi to shoot deer on Broad and High. You use a Uzi to shoot people!
“Now, having said that, we also need a, a, uh, automatic, uh, anti-automatic, uh, Uzi-type…what’s it called now?” (audience member responds off camera) “…Assault weapon, assault weapon. Used to have that. But what’s happenin’ is, what police are pickin’ up now are guns that people use in battle…in Iraq…in Afghanistan.”

Woodland Meadows 'Uzi Alley' Formerly Greenbrier Where Uzi Alley Got It's Name


The complex is called Woodland Meadows. It is almost mandatory to mention that during one of it’s earlier incarnations the Columbus Police nicknamed it ‘Uzi Alley.’  I’ve intended to make a series of posts on Woodland Meadows my first big post-election blogging project. I still might, but recent events have caused the Dispatch to start covering the story again.
The basic outline is this: Woodland Meadows is the most recent name of an apartment complex that was primarily providing subsidized low-income housing. It has never been a chic address, and it has changed hands numerous times. The most recent owner is Jorge Newbery, who paid more than double what local real estate pros thought it was worth.
After the ice storm in 2004, many apartments were damaged directly, and others became unlivable due to secondary problems caused by situations as prolonged loss of heat and burst pipes. These problems were publicized, they were not fixed, and the apartments were de-certified for housing subsidies. The complex could not operate without subsidy revenues, and very quickly was shut down.

By Michael Edwards
Contributing Writer
Columbus Post
The once regal Beverly Manor, constructed in 1951 to house workers at what is now the Defense Supply Center, became Chesterfield Apartments, then Greenbrier, and finally Woodland Meadows, is no more.
Franklin County Environmental Judge Harland H. Hale declared the complex a nuisance in December 2006 and gave the owner until last February to bring the property up to code. He didn’t or couldn’t, and as a result, Hale gave the city permission to bulldoze the property.
For many nearby residents and homeowners, the wrecking ball could not have come too soon.
“ The rotting core that was left of the complex after it closed adequately symbolizes what we (the residents) felt living next to ‘Uzi Alley,’” said Lowell Avenue resident Robert Dirke. “To say it’s in 
‘ total disarray and disrepair’ is an understatement.” 
Dirke, a retired laborer from the nearby Defense Construction Supply Center, would know. He lived in the complex when it was Beverly Manor shortly after graduating from high school and getting a job on the base. 
It’s easy to understand if it seems like the complex has always been there but it hasn’t. As the base grew, so did the area and the need for housing.
The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps made the first purchase of land, 281 acres, to construct a government military installation in April, 1918. Primarily a combination of swamp and farmland, the site was selected because it afforded immediate access to three railroad lines, which are still in use today.
Named the Columbus Quartermaster Reserve Depot, the 281.7-acre facility was used to facilitate the routing of equipment for overseas shipment. Due to increased activity at the installation, expansions were made during both WWII and the Korean War. Some of the warehouses were turned into secured barracks to house prisoners of war.

Coleman then pointed at Noble's camera and said, "I know you're takin' that for somebody. You gonna prob'ly use it for the NRA. That's ok."
The outcome of Coleman's re-election bid will be decided on November 8.

Mayor Coleman really needs to stop patting himself on the back, Woodland formerly Greenbrier was a crime ridden area that was nicknamed ‘Uzi Alley’ Long before he was Mayor of Columbus, Ohio.  

Granted he had that place torn down but that was most likely because it was right across from the Columbus International Airport and surrounding communities complaints of a few if not more like; Columbus, Gahanna, Bexley  and police records to back that,  and Bexley  has a lot of Old Jewish Money, Capital University  and State of Ohio  Governors Mansion in it.

Now you need to start tearing down other ‘High Crime’ areas, instead of spending Millions on bridges, arches everywhere and bring jobs back to Columbus, that is your job.  Not trying to make the downtown area look like it's a 'NYC Times Square'    Criminals will get guns no matter what you do, so don’t make law abiding Gun Owners need a Permit to purchase a Firearm at a Gun Show. shera~
Compare the size of Woodland Meadows (in the upper right, shaded red) to the Campus of Capital University (lower left, shaded blue).


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